Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:Shana/Taylor… Tryin’ to Sell S***

                                                                                                                            What’s my name today?

A while back I posted that, along with her job as a scammer on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,  Shana/Taylor got a new job as ‘beauty consultant’ for an internet company.  Anyway, Shana has done internet infomercials for this company and you’ll find one below.

                                             A Piper Cub and two Cessnas use Shana’s mouth as a hangar…

Shana is teeth-grindingly irritating as she talks about the great beauty kits that she’s recommending… who ever heard of this brand?  And the price is no bargain.

                                                                  I was told there would be lots of cameras here and the only one here is you with a cellphone camera!?  Oh, well… that happens a lot.  You want me to laugh hysterically???  Anything else???

The best part about Shana’s infomercial:  check out the makeup artist and the two 20-year-olds who had their makeup done.  The makeup artist could be Ashley Holmes’ twin… like this company is in CA… why in the hell is this girl wearing that slouchy yarn ball on her head?

                            My look will be hot in 2012… you’ll see…

The two cosmetic models look like they work for the company and were told that if they didn’t want to sit and be filmed then they could find the door, open it and never come back.  The one on the right looks like she is scared sh**less of Shana and the one on the left looks like she’s about to nod off any second… and they both have full makeup on!

I thought they were going to get a makeup lesson or the makeup artist was going to apply their makeup, but they are both fully made up… pretty terrible and funny at the same time… actually, the video is more pathetic than anything else.  Wonder why she didn’t get a couple of her co-Housewives to help her out with this video venture…