Real Housewives of Orange County… Eddie Judge, Peggy Tanous and Tamra Barney

rhoc tamra eddie                                                                   Tamra and Eddie blissfully happy.   Uh, Tamra, what does Eddie do?   He’s a judge.   That’s his NAME, Tamra… what does he do??    Yeah, I know…he’s a judge.    Oh my god…just forget it…

One question that has remained unanswered is that of Tamra’s new boyfriend, Eddie Judge, and that question is:  What exactly does Eddie Judge do? A recent commenter on SH “cleared up” that question by stating that Eddie is an attorney.  LOL!   Eddie was last connected somehow in real estate, but hey, maybe the commenter was correct; however, the California State Bar Association is not in agreement… there is an ‘Edward Judge’ practicing in San Francisco and there is an ‘Edward Torres’ (Eddie’s birth name) practicing in Pasadena, but there is no Eddie, Edward, Ed, Edard or Eduardo Judge or Torres practicing in or around the Orange County, CA area. There is The Judge Law Firm in Irvine, which is Eddie’s dad’s law firm… here.  But, there is no information re staff.

Therefore, when it comes to Eddie Judge’s occupation, hopefully Tamra will ask him before they get married and have all those little Eduardos…

                                                  What do you do all day, Eddie?    I’ll tell you later, baby.  Right now I just like to kiss you so I can be on RHOOC…

The following written by LBG1… in which he/she brings up some very interesting questions about the Real Housewives of Orange County.

“It is just me or has anyone else noticed a ‘Sex in the City’ vibe going on in season six of Real Housewives of Orange County?   One of the unintentionally funny scenes this season, Tamra Barney gushing to Vicki Gunvalson–the Cabo trip–Tamra and Eddie made love for FIVE WHOLE HOURS to Lady Gaga, the longest, according to Tamra, she’s ever made love.   One could imagine Samantha from Sex in The City with Tamra and Vicki and Samantha’s reply: ‘Five hours? I’ve made love for 24 hours and that was just the appetizer.

Which leads to Tamra and Eddie’s trip to Spain.  Since Eddie Judge is an enigma–no one seems to know what Eddie’s occupation is–and Tamra isn’t exactly flush with cash, the mystery of who paid for the trip?  Was it Eddie, Tamra, or was it the Bravo production crew who went with Tamra and Eddie?  (Of course, Bravo picked up the tab…)

After the episode aired comedian and actor Jay Mohr appeared on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with RHOOC cast member Peggy Tanous.  Jay told Andy he’d hooked up with Gretchen Rossi and Slade ‘Smileypants’ Smiley at a club. Jay also told Andy, Gretchen and Slade said something about Eddie being ‘gay’ which was a surprise to Jay who told Andy that Slade is the ‘most sexually ambiguous guy I’ve ever met’. (See WWHL video Part I… after ‘Archives’ on SH homepage.)

Peggy was shocked to hear BFF Alexis Bellino’s catty remark about the size of Peggy’s new breast implants which Peggy proudly displayed on WWHL.  (What wife wouldn’t want her husband in the OR giving advice on what size of implants and their location.) Super-cool Micah, Peggy’s husband, gave Peggy a pair of major bling earrings in the recovery room. (But SH readers all know he probably took them back, ’cause her house is in the foreclosure process and he better be saving money on a place to live…) On WWHL, Peggy explained the implant replacements were necessary after one of the implants had ‘torn away from the muscle’.  (See WWHL videos with Peggy Tanous/Jay Mohr Part II on right of SH homepage after ‘Archives’)

From November 20, 2008… Tamra’s listing mentions that Tamra is a real estate agent…  what the hell does Eddie do????

Real Housewives of OC house — Tamra Barney
3 Pointe Circle, Ladera Ranch, CA
For sale: $1,599,000
Tamra Barney, who happens to be a real estate agent, has put her house on the market.  Tamra is the listing agent of the house and wants to sell for a little more security and privacy, plus to take advantage of this down market. “We’d (like to) pick up a foreclosure, or a vacant lot — wherever. We know we can get a hell of a deal,” Tamra told the OC Register.   Update:  Tamra’s house sold for $1,120,000 in 2009 in a short sale.

How Tamra met Eddie:

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36 comments on “Real Housewives of Orange County… Eddie Judge, Peggy Tanous and Tamra Barney

  1. Really. What does Eddie do? I’ve been wondering that for a long time. Maybe he holds the same job as Slimey…pleasing Tamara in the bedroom. I don’t think he’s attractive.

    • Eddie runs a law firm, unlawfully as an owner.

      Eddie is only with her because he wants to be on tv. She is not his type because she is not a Gay man. Eddie has been hooking since his early teens when he use to do favors for his Gay Neighbor, James Judge. Later, after Eddie became an adult, he took on James Judge’s last name and took over his law practice.

      Eddie is not a lawyer. He doesn’t have an education. He is a scammer and a thief. He illegally takes money from people.

      He is now using Tamara and looking for a way to exploit her. It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

      • I thought I read somewhere that his mother was an “illegal alien,” so I guess he was an “anchor baby” as well.

    • the judge law firm is in irvine and it is a collection firm that rips off people, they are scam artists over there and running under the guise of a law firm. eddie judge and james judge are the biggest scam artest ever and get away with it every day against innocent people like me.

      • His name is Edward Judge and he is the CEO of the Judge Law Firm. The firm does more than just collect hoa dues. I use to work there. James Judge is not his real dad. Edward really runs the firm. He is not a lawyer but thinks he is. I agree with you ChristaCosta, they prey on non-represented parties. I never met Tamara, but his ex-girlfriend worked in our office and Edward was very abusive to her. It was hard to watch! Watch out Tamera, once he is done using you, he does not play fair.

        p.s. we knew him as Edward, not Eddie. why so many identities? or was that to just intimidate which he did so well

  2. It’s good Tamra has a wild imagination else she’d have to face reality and realize her boyfriend is using her same as Slade does Gretchen. These housewives really know how to pick ‘em.

      • Eddie appears to me to love the face time he gets in front of the camera. And, if he’s doing this gig for Tamra, god help them both because the two of them come off as soft porn stars. Give me a break, Eddie is loving his new found fame.

        Donn, btw, never looks to me like he’s playing to the camera – quite the opposite, actually. Eddie should take note.

        • Loved Donn! He willingly took the back seat the MAN/ops wife of his and her ego. He let her put him down and boss him about. Raised her two children. You know he’s who probably took them to school and went to events ect. Not working Vicky. You know she has a JOB the rest of the world should try it. I hope she made tons of money and I hope Donn gets most of it! But being the sweetie he is he’ll probably fade away and not want anything. I would love to read he did though. I hope Vicky and Trashy Tamra get all they have coming to them and hope they are kicked repeatedly while they’re down too.

          • Totally agree!! Karma will come around for the worst two hypocritical, backstabbing, ignorant, selfish women on the show. They sure can talk and impinge on others, but they turn around and suddenly want others to play fair when the tables get turned on them. Ha!

  3. Love how no one asks what Donn does. Maybe that’s because it’s called the Real HouseWIVES – the husbands/boyfriends/children aren’t the focal point anymore. Who cares what he does?

    • BRETT: It’s known that Donn was a manager of a home improvement-like store, a job that he either quit or was let go from. Donn is not front and center like the mysterious don’t-know-what-he-does-for-real, except be Tamra Sue’s boyfriend, Eddie. Big difference. SH

      • In some of the 1st shows Donn told how he was a manager of Lowes store there in town and kinda up the chain of the store management. Then he was downsized and lost his job. But went back to work somewhere else within a year. He constantly cleaned the yard,cars ect and always took a back seat to what his wife wanted! She will never find another real man who will be like that and her not have to pay his way. He raised her two children while she being the only worker in America was busy. I hope he’s able to get what he deserves putting up with her and her ego. But he probably won’t even try. He loved her not her show and was there years before anyone else knew her name.

    • That’s bcuz Don is genuine & we know he is not in it for fame or money. Don is a worker. He would feel bad not contributing. Eddie on the other hand just seems off.. suspicious. You can see he loves the camera. Plus there is a woman who worked at the Judge Law Center of whatever it’s is who said Eddie is abusive to women due to being a closet gay. It’s bound to happen where people are going to know a person who appears on TV. Eddie seems to good to be true & you know the old saying…. when it’s to good to b true it usually is. ON TV he gazes lovingly into Tamara’s eyes & says whatever she wants he supports, he always is the “perfect” boyfriend. Also Tamara isn’t officially a “housewive” anymore. I do get why u could state about it being everything (hubby, boyfrnd, kids etc.) but since those peole are in there lives what would the show be about. Just the women getting togther & chatting or starting drama for an hour each week. Opps my bad they do that anyway. These shows are like train wrecks…. u don’t want to watch but u r drawn to the flames. All I know is when a persons life is truly full & happy they don’t watch noer want to watch shows like this. I know several people who don’t & they could give 2 sheets about these mindless fools. I guess that doesn’t say much about where I am at this point in my life, but at least I’m honest which is more than I can say for these Reality TV shows.

  4. It’s always been a given in my book that Donn was a bum. Vicky makes her own money. Donn washes the cars…and let’s her tell him what to do. Tamara doesn’t seem to like working. We just want to know if he can support her lifestyle. Hey, I still wonder if Simon still has his thriving tequila company.

  5. Eddie is not an attorney, he admittedly “owns” a law firm. In reality, he “works” for his foster father’s law firm in some unknown capacity. His name is not Judge; his real name is Eduardo Navarro. See below:

    According to Eddie Judge’s sister, Shalimar Torres, Eddie Judge is originally from Mexico. Eddie arrived in America at a young age after Eddie’s mother took off from her family in Mexico, taking Eddie with her.

    “When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,” Shalimar disclosed. “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge from Navarro.”

    Eddie’s sister also made the following claims about Tamra’s relationship with Eddie, including how Bravo inadvertently initiated the relationship between Tamra and Eddie.

    How did Tamra and Eddie meet?

    Shalimar says it was originally staged by the Bravo production team of Real Housewives of Orange County. “When everyone was having a hard time because of the economy the show wanted to make it look like Tamra was trying to downsize so they met through her realtor,” Shalimar said. “They came and asked if they could use our house to make it look like Tamra was interested in buying it.

    • So, their meeting wasn’t “REAL?” I thought Tamra was SO angry that Alexis is phony and not a “true person,” yet her whole relationship started off staged by Bravo.
      I thought I read somewhere that Eddie was a friend of Simon’s. That was probably a lie as well.

  6. Eddie is only with her because he wants to be on tv. She is not his type because she is not a Gay man. Like his sister said, Eddie has been hooking since his early teens when he use to do favors for his Gay neighbor, James Judge. Later, after Eddie became an adult, he took on James Judge’s last name and took over his practice.

    Eddie is not a lawyer. He doesn’t have any formal education. He known as a scammer and a thief. He illegally takes money from people.

    He is now using Tamara and looking for a way to exploit her. It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

  7. Lol, Tamra won’t think it’s so funny when he comes out of the closet. Actually, isn’t Tamra gay too? She was making out with a girl on the show.

      • Tamra is always “up” for anything, threeways, porn, lies, deceit…….she is the ultimate MEAN girl. What a conniving bitch…….stupid women let her pit one against another while she sits back and smiles. Eddie is just plain yuck, what decent guy would watch her attack anybody and everybody and then goo all over her……..a jerk.

  8. Eddie admittedly “owns” a law firm, BUT is not an attorney! I personally know this because the judge firm manages our HOA’s cases. It seems Eddie “works” at James Judge’s, his adopted father’s, law firm in some unknown capacity, but he runs the firm and even dictates on legal matters. One thing is clear, his name is not Judge or Eddie; his real name is Eduardo Navarro and to clients at “the judge law firm” he is EDWARD JUDGE. It’s very puzzling to us why he has several identities.

  9. Tamra is a very devious woman, she does not have a sincere nice bone in her chubby body. She likes to stir up controversy, then tries to act so innocent. You’re not fooling anyone you little Troll (my husband calls her a troll), and her boyfriend who is living off his father’s law firm is nothing but an office administrative assistant. Tamara will never be as hot as Gretchen. Tamara is just a ruthless mean person

  10. Tamra is a very vicious, two faced, insecure individual. Simon constantly said to her to “show a little class”, and he was so right. With her foul mouth, inappropriate clothes for her age & young children, she is a disgrace. She constantly smirks & rolls her eyes when someone is talking. She was out to destroy Gretchen, accusing her of cheating on Jeff, using him as her sugar daddy & then ripping apart Slade for being a deadbeat dad. Then she starts crying, with no tears, apologizes to Gretchen & plots to turn everyone against Vicki & Alexis, just like she did with Gretchen. Let’s not forget her love scene in the bathtub with Eddie, nice role model for her children – Not! This marriage to Eddie (disbarred) Torres,Navarro, Judge (whatever), will never last & smug little Tamra will be divorced yet again. Karma is a Bit*h Tamra.

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