Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… Teenager in Her Own Mind

Really, what is wrong with these two chicks… especially Kelly Bensimon, one of the Real Housewives of NY???  Does Kelly know that she is over 40 and she needs to stop trying to compete with younger women… especially in the couture department?  Kelly still thinks she’s a teenager… and that’s sad… and disturbing… and stoopid.  Do we have a nominee for the upcoming Stoopid Housewives Club Award?

                             Kelly Bensimon or Paris Hilton… which one looks better?  Neither.

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19 comments on “Real Housewives of New York: Kelly Bensimon… Teenager in Her Own Mind

  1. She went to one of Charlie Sheen’s show. Wendy Williams (no I didn’t vote for her on DWTS because I don’t like her anymore) said that Kelly was the only “Celebrity” there.

  2. Kelly is just plain crazy. The more she tries to convince people she isn’t crazy, the crazier she appears. Why Bravo renewed her contract is a mystery, especially after she lied saying the producers “made” her go to scary island and that they had to have an “intervention” with Bethenny and told her to lay off Kelly. Interesting – because it was Kelly that had to be escorted off the island because of HER antics.

  3. I definitely back the nomination of Kelly for the SH Club Award!! She is soooo crazy and really, really stoopid.

    • What’s your problem? This isn’t the place for a HWs lovefest, so if that’s what you’re looking for, especially for seriously mentally malfunctioning Kelly and brat-of-the-decade, Bethenny, you at the wrong place, rahrah. Now get your rahrahs and rahrah out of here. Oh, just so you know rahrah, you don’t want to get clickclickmycat on your bad side. So, go on now and git outta here.

      • Seriously!! Exactly what Bitter Kitten said! What a freak…
        On a side note: Anyone who defends Kelly’s mental capacity is obviously just as sick in the head as she. Hear that Rah Rah?

        • No hate… I watched you and another commenter take care of that Adriana-loving person. You’re awesome!!!

          • Bitter Kitten, Wasn’t she a piece of work? Did you read all that? WOW! Thank God MS.SH reined her in. She must really have a filthy mouth. Adriana so badly wanted Miami to “Rock” and it didn’t.

          • Well then, Thank You. I just felt like Vanessa, the ex-sister-in-law, needed someone to have her back. She was kind enough to fill us all in on Adriana’s antics.

  4. That’s it, you nailed it! Kelly looks and, even worse, acts like a teenager. More than her craziness that bugs me most about her. Valley Girl Kelly needs to grow up. And maybe file down those teeth just a tad, too, would improve her looks.

    • She’s get run over and she would probably get up and meet Jill for lunch… with her body, she’s looks like she’d do damage to the cab.

  5. Why does Kelly always look like she forgot her pants? That even looks like a dress on Paris Hilton but on Kelly, left the pants at home.

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