OMG! The Lynne Curtin Doll…

What will the Real Housewives think of next to ‘brand’ themselves?

Lynne Curtin, the founding, current and only member of the Stoopid Housewives Club, thus far, is no longer a part of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and Lynne has, for the most part, stayed out of the public eye.  Yes, she has her cuff jewelry that she sells during appearances around the country, but the jewelry and her appearances aren’t bringing in the bucks.

Yeah… the jewelry sales have hit their high point in sales. Wow, Lynne, you must have had a great year.  How many did you sell?   Well, I sold three of the pink ones and four silver and two white… and maybe four of the gold ones. Uh, Lynne.. that doesn’t even total twenty pieces.   Yeah…. I know..

You really have to give it to Lynne for thinking of something that none of the other Housewives were bold enough to do… we’re all tired of Housewives crap: cookbooks, undergarments and books giving tips on how to live your life.   At least Lynne had a different idea and went with it by making a doll in her image…

Lynne Curtin Doll… Lynne Curtin

NOTE: Lynne doesn’t have enough money to front production for a doll… the doll is supposed to be Kate Middleton, future Queen of England…  but it sure looks like Lynne!

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  1. I’ve been giving it alot of thought (yea, I have no life) And when you announce this years winner of Stoopid Housewife, in July, it can’t be someone we all hate. I always liked Lynn, hated those damn BRATZ of hers (who are popping up nude all over the internet) but I never got bothered by her picture. The housewives in the running are not liked. I can’t even think of one housewife as stoopid as Lynn. Kelly is clearly the most stoopid, but I don’t want to look at her pic everytime you comment. I can’t stand Kelly!


    • cc/mc: Kelly is really in another world and in reality, really should seek professional help. When Jilz was explaining to her about how she was anxious about flying because it’s like being in a tin can, Kelly looked at her like she had never hear of that phrase before and then she told Jilz to think of the airplane as a long can of diet Coke. Kelly’s got probs. Anyway, there will be nominations and a vote for this year’s Stoopid Housewife… and nominations are being accepted. The nominees have to be stoopid, just plain stoopid. Example: Peggy Tanous is in the running for these reasons: overpaying for a house at the peak of the market, taking out two mortgages to buy it, then re-mortgaging, falling into foreclosure and trying to hold on to it… she agreed to pay $4,000 a month for 10 years in interest payments ONLY! That’s stoopid. But, she also has dreams of modeling again, her kids modeling, her phoney post-partum depression (she’s in denial) and she named her kids London and Capri… there’s more, but that’s enough for her nomination. So, again, nominations are being accepted… think more about it!!! SH


  2. IMO, If Kim Richards returns to RHOBH, it should be her. Everyone likes Kim and she is stoopid, or drunk. She’s not hateful, and Jill has an entire website dedicated to hating her.


  3. MS.SH, I still don’t know why Bravo got rid of Lynn. She seemed harmless and her husband Frank seemed like a nice guy. Do you know MS.SH?


    • cc/mc: There was no official reason given by Bravo. Lynne wrote this on her facebook page: “Rumor has it that I will not be returning for ‘season 6.’ That rumor is true! Further rumor has it we will be back somewhere else on our own show! Hmmmm! ‘Watch what happens.’ Life is so unpredictable! Enjoy!” IMO, Lynne had so much going on in her two less-than-two-seasons on the show, that it really looked bad for Bravo to bring her back. She tried desperately to stay young, trying to keep up with her teen daughters who liked to get drunk (underage) and party. Lynne and her husband were evicted from all of the homes that they rented while on the show (she claimed that they owned them) and again, IMO, the last straw was when she opted to spend money that she didn’t have on a facelift for herself and a nose job on her daughter instead of trying to keep a roof over her head. Also, she was always so mellow that all of the other RHOOC said that Lynne was always high on weed. After her ‘firing’ rumor was verified, Lynne wrote again on her facebook page: “I am broken hearted! I was so let down the way this came about! We were the last to know! I guess Bravo has to do what they have to do! I thought we had a great relationship! I guess I was wrong! Its funny how fast offers came to us from other places! Thats how we found out we were not returning! Funny how life can be!” IMO, Bravo fired her because she was just so completely stoopid… SH


        • LOL!! Lynne IS stoopid, otherwise she would not be the founding and only member of the SH Club thus far. If you can find why Bravo actually let her go, let me know, but one can only come to the conclusion, based on her actions in her short time of being a RHOOC, that she was let go for being stoopid. Your vote for Teresa is duly noted. However, Teresa is a big-time scammer who knows what she’s doing… Teresa’s ‘stoopid’ act is just that, an act. She knows exactly what she’s doing… her ‘love, love, love’ and ‘fabulicious’ crap is just that, too. SH


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