OMG! The Lynne Curtin Doll…

What will the Real Housewives think of next to ‘brand’ themselves?

Lynne Curtin, the founding, current and only member of the Stoopid Housewives Club, thus far, is no longer a part of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and Lynne has, for the most part, stayed out of the public eye.  Yes, she has her cuff jewelry that she sells during appearances around the country, but the jewelry and her appearances aren’t bringing in the bucks.

Yeah… the jewelry sales have hit their high point in sales. Wow, Lynne, you must have had a great year.  How many did you sell?   Well, I sold three of the pink ones and four silver and two white… and maybe four of the gold ones. Uh, Lynne.. that doesn’t even total twenty pieces.   Yeah…. I know..

You really have to give it to Lynne for thinking of something that none of the other Housewives were bold enough to do… we’re all tired of Housewives crap: cookbooks, undergarments and books giving tips on how to live your life.   At least Lynne had a different idea and went with it by making a doll in her image…

Lynne Curtin Doll… Lynne Curtin

NOTE: Lynne doesn’t have enough money to front production for a doll… the doll is supposed to be Kate Middleton, future Queen of England…  but it sure looks like Lynne!