Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle Richards… KYLE TALKS ABOUT RHOBH… WHAT Waste of 2.5 Minutes

“Kyle Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2” was the title that suckered me in to watch her talk (with a brand-new-graduate of the Don Pardo School of Broadcasting) for over two minutes, hoping to hear a … Continue reading

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Could it Be… A Nicer Nene?

The Real Housewives of Altanta‘s Nene Leakes has been making the rounds of talk shows spilling spew about Star’s nasty behavior on Celebrity Apprentice. Star Jones stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to say that she’s ‘too educated’ and ‘ladylike’ to … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Kyle and Camille… Photo’d Friction

Photos say so much… The UK’s Daily Mail is no Dr. Lillian Glass (body language expert), but they pretty much analyzed correctly the photos of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer: “There’s no hiding the … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Juicy Says, “I Ain’t Guilty”…

Is this guy serious??? ‘Juicy’ Joe Joo-dice is planning on pleading ‘not guilty‘ to the fraud charges that were leveled against him when he appears before a Passaic County, NJ judge Monday morning.  How is Juicy gonna explain possessing a drivers … Continue reading


NeNe and Al… Uh, OK…

Does anyone really believe that Star Jones’ ex, Al Reynolds and ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes are ‘seeing each other’, ‘dating’, ‘hookin’ up’, whatever?  Come on, Nene… this is very disappointing, but no one ever accused Nene of being … Continue reading

Scary Island… Real Scary

Who can ever forget Scary Island?  The episode of the Real Housewives of New York when ‘Koo-Koo’ Kelly Bensimon was reported to have had a nervous breakdown, which Kelly herself later called a (cough, cough) ‘breakthrough?’

During a recent appearance, Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy took questions from the audience and was asked about Scary Island…

… and Bethenny did go into detail about it…

She says it was “SO MUCH WORSE” than what we saw on TV, and said that Kelly was experiencing “truly, in what seemed to her, producers and others as a complete medical breakdown, meltdown, she just needed professional help,” she said.

Andy swore to me that there would be no chefs at this villa; he’s trying to make me look insane.

Bethenny continued… producers placed security guards outside her (Bethenny’s) door, until they “removed Kelly from the Island.”  Bethenny also said that Kelly was “chanting”… one of producers is named Matt, and Kelly starts “chanting” Matt-matt-matt-matt, over and over, up in his face.   They were all freaked out, scared and worried about Kelly’s behavior and health.  They finally got Kelly off the Island the next morning.

Yeah, Andy, the island was great.  Let’s stop the bulls***… either I get my own show or I spill everything that went on during that trip AND I sue you and Bravo for attempted assault, malicious intent and I’ll even try attempted murder…

And, FYI… if anyone is following Bethenny’s new show, Gina no longer works for Bethenny.  Gina had undergone a partial hysterectomy and needs to take care of herself and other personal issues.  However, Bethenny speaks with Gina all the time.  Bethenny now has a nanny, not a live-in nanny, but she’s there 4 days a week, 8am to 5 pm.


Was Lynda Smokin’ Somethin’?

Mary, Stacie, Cat, Lynda and Messy… nice knowin’ you…
Lynda Erkiletian had proven herself to be the most interesting of the Real Housewives of DC… she ran a ‘modeling’ business, has a wonderful younger boyfriend, is into astrology, shooting clay pigeons, riding ATVs, cooking fried chicken and indulges in weed every now and then… but it takes more than just one HW to develop enough storylines for a second season.   Lynda recently talked with about coming back for season two and after reading her interview, maybe Lynda had imbibed in some recreational drug smoking beforehand:
Lynda and Ebong Eba… awww… say ‘bye’ now…

“There’s no official announcement,” said Lynda.  “There’s no way. [Cast member Cat Ommanney] is going on ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ on the 28th. One might wonder why [Andy Cohen is] having a DC housewife as a guest [if the show is canceled].”  (Here’s why, Lynda:  Cat has a book to sell.  Andy was at her book release party last month.   Andy probably invited her on WWHL as a consolation knowing that DC was not coming back, as she was looking at her book release to coincide with a new season of RHODC to promote her book sales, which aren’t doing all that great…)

Who and for what reason would someone want to start the rumor that the show was canceled? I think we certainly have people out there who like attention, thrive on it, make stuff up, and are habitual at it. So, my first thought was that a team who had something to gain, which is a firestorm, leaked it. I’m perfectly happy living my real life in the real world while negotiations are taking place. (Lynda, what ‘team’ would have formed to purposely ‘leak’ what everyone already knows… that the DC Housewives cannot pull off a second season without major retooling of the cast. Her reasoning just does not make sense.)

There are evil forces out to get rid of RHODC.  An evil team somewhere off the coast of Rhode Island is texting messages and emailing press releases about DC not coming back.  They are evil and are out to get me… us… everyone that lives in DC.

The show should be shooting by now. Is that true?
That’s not true. Basically, we’re four months on, four months of promoting and finalizing interviews, and that sort of thing, and normally four months off.   And when you say we’re supposed to be filming right now, we’re obviously filming when we’re supposed to be filming. And if we’re not filming right now, that means we’re not supposed to be. It’s just craziness.  (Huh???)

How do you feel about the reports that your show failed in the ratings?
The thing that I really hated about what was going on yesterday was that people kept talking about the ratings. Our ratings were double, triple what Bravo had anticipated. Our ratings, basically as I heard it from Bravo and [the show’s production company] Half Yard, we were only second to New Jersey as a freshman show. Our first episode had 1,700,000 or 1,600,000 viewers. Beverly Hills didn’t have that on their first episode.
So, the idea that people were saying we were terrible in the ratings? We weren’t. We exceeded everyone’s expectations. We knew that the [White House] incident may affect our viewership and some people wouldn’t want to watch. So, we came from a disadvantage and we managed to run over a million viewers for every single episode.  I was very proud of our ratings considering the circumstances, but most importantly because we were a new show.
Hey, Bobby Trendy… where’s the weed?
Some viewers felt your season wasn’t entertaining enough. Why do you think they feel that way?
I think the reason that happened was we only had nine episodes and I believe that what occurred was that much that we had was posted on video, because Bravo had no choice but to showcase what led up to the White House incident. They had no choice, but to allow that to unfold. So, by tweaking two plus episodes, they cut a lot of material that would have shown people to be much more interesting than they were. It’s not that they’re not interesting, it’s that you can’t show a snippet of a story and not follow it to the end. In production, you have to follow it to the end.  There were tons of material that Half Yard and Bravo just weren’t able to use primarily because everyone wanted an answer to the White House incident and Bravo had to give it to them.
If you were to go on to a second season, what can the viewers expect?
I think that there are some dynamic, incredible women in Washington and you merge women and Washington and you’ve got a great second season. And I hope the fans and the naysayers will give Washington the opportunity to really show itself for what it has.  (Um, excuse me… Lynda… Bravo merged women and Washington the first season and it tanked… that’s why there will be no second season.)

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Juicy Joe Arrested at Home…

Well… we all now know what Juicy is doing this weekend…

Juicy is in deep, serious trouble and they want him kept in jail… Tree needs to come up with $50,000 straight, no percentage bail money will get him released.  Wonder if she kept her cooking demonstration/book signing engagement at Mt. Airy Casino she had scheduled for tonight…

Goin’ to the big house…

“Passiac County Prosecutor Camelia M Valdes announced in a release that Giuseppe Giudice, husband of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast member and Montville resident Teresa Giudice, was arrested at his home in Towaco on Friday for fraudulently obtaining a state driver’s license.

“Mr. Giudice was arrested at his home earlier today as the result of an investigation this office did with assistance from the state Motor Vehicle Office,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay W. Mc Cann said.

According to the release, Giudice, 40, allegedly obtained a driver’s license from the Patterson branch of the Motor Vehicle Office using his brother’s identifying information in June 2010.  Giudice’s license was suspended at the time and still is, according to the statement.

Giudice is charged wrongfully using ID of another person and forgery and, if found guilty, could face more than 10 years in state prison, according to the release.

Mc Cann said that bail is set at $50,000 with no 10 percent option.

The arrest was made by members of the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office Financial Crimes Unit with assistance from the Montville Police Department.”

NOTE:  There has to be something else going on here for the police to dig this deep to find something on Juicy to arrest him.  Law enforcement doesn’t normally spend the day researching citizen’s drivers licenses and the documents used to obtain them.  (Juicy used his brother’s birth certificate and marriage license.)  He’ll get out after Tree arranges his straight $50,000 bail money, lawyer up and get this charge reduced.  The County’s Office of Financial Crimes was in on this, so could it be connected somehow to the Joo-dice’s ongoing bankruptcy case???

Source… here.

Shana/Taylor’s Therapy Being Filmed… Russell Reluctant

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty (everyone is entitled to their opinion…) Taylor Armstrong and her husband, Russell, showed signs of strain in their marriage on the Bravo hit show and now has exclusively learned the couple is in therapy.  Audiences watched the first season of the show as the pair seemed to become more disconnected and a source close to the situation (Shana/Taylor) tells that the couple is trying to work through their issues with the help of renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy.

And while the couple takes steps to repair the breakdown in their marriage, we’re told several of the sessions with Dr. Sophy will be filmed for the upcoming season Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although Russell is not quite as receptive to the cameras as Taylor.

                  “He’s so much different at home without the cameras.”  

“Dr. Sophy has seen Taylor and Russell together, and separately.  Some of Taylor’s sessions with Dr. Sophy will be filmed and featured on the second season.  Russell hasn’t decided yet if he wants to participate on camera.  Russell comes across on camera as being very aloof, and reclusive, that just isn’t who he is.  Russell wants to work to improve the marriage, it just isn’t Taylor, which is a very, very good sign for the future of their marriage.”

                                              I will go anywhere, do anything as long as it’s photographed or filmed, but you are required to publish all images.  If my projected goal of making people think that I am everywhere at all times is not met, I will consider a sex tape; however, Russell is camera shy, so I will be auditioning older, silent guys for his part.

The Armstrong family also welcomed a new addition into their home and their daughter, Kennedy, couldn’t be happier about it.  “Last season, viewers watched in horror as Russell bought Kennedy, a puppy, named Snowball. Yet, Kennedy was extremely allergic to the dog, and Taylor decided that Snowball had to go. There were a lot of feelings of anger because Taylor felt that she was the bad guy for giving the dog away, and Russell hadn’t consulted her before buying the dog. They wanted to get Kennedy another dog that she wouldn’t be allergic to. They recently adopted a Chihuahua and named her Jax. Kennedy isn’t allergic to the new dog, and she loves having a puppy in the house,” says the source.

Source:   here.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… What’s Juicy Doin’ ?

Last week, the scammer/bankruptcy queen who still appears on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tree Joo-dice, heard some talk about Juicy having a very private dinner with a younger version of herself and she immediately took to her Fake-a-licious Fabulicious site to post that she and Juicy are more in love than ever… quick, grab me a bucket!

When you leavin’, Tree?  You don’t wanna disappoint yer fans… howz about leavin’ now, just so ya git there in plenty of time… naw, Tree, two days won’t be too early…

Anyway, out of curiousity, just rechecked her site to see if she had posted any further gag-inducing ‘love, love, love’ crap about her and her million-dollar bankruptcy buddy and found that she and Juicy are off to a mini-honeymoon in the Poconos.  Or so I thought.   Tree is actually off to the Poconos by herself.  According to her schedule, she will be cooking her mother’s recipes from her latest cookbook and, of course, staying to sign books for the nitwits that really think that her book is somehow unique… probably the same people who actually paid to sit in the audience at the Learning Annex where she gave advice on how to live.

So what if I took Bethenny’s ‘skinny girl’ idea… you have to read my cookbook… you can’t read a drink, Danielle.

Since she wrote her rebuttal to the Juicy-being-seen-out-with-a-cuter-Tree rumor, there has been no mention of Juicy on her site.  S0… where’s Juicy gonna be while Tree’s at the Mt. Airy Casino pumping these poor individuals for their cash?  Out with Tara D or G or F?  Why do the rumors about Juicy hit a distinctive nerve with Tree?  Maybe someone who is familiar with Juicy could speculate intelligently about Juicy’s activities.

                                                     …yeah, I changed it to: “Happy Wife…Goodbye Happy Life”   NO!  He’s just kidding.  Right, Joe?  Ain’t that right, Joe?  Joe?

So, here is what Joe Mastropole, Juicy’s ex-business partner who was almost screwed out of over $500,000 in the Joo-dice’s ongoing bankruptcy case had to say about Juicy and his private activities:  “i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone  not a partner wife or friend    he will rot in hell.”

Well said, Joe… well said.

Tree’s Rebuttal Post:   HERE

Thanks to Joe Mastropole…

Kelly’s Losing It…

Poor Kelly!  This really is not my style of post, but ex-model Kelly is always so full of herself, I just couldn’t resist.

She is running a very weak third in the race between Julie, Tinsley and Kelly in one of TMZ’s disgusting poll questions, ‘Who’d You Rather’?  If you’d like your vote to count, click on the ‘source’ link at the bottom…  Wonder why she’s doing so terribly in the poll???

From TMZ:

Julie vs. Tinsley vs. Kelly: Who’d You Rather?

Former “Dexter” beauty Julie Benz, 38, socialite Tinsley Mortimer, 34,and “Real Housewives of NYC” enigma Kelly Killoren Bensimon, 42, all lounged around at the same event in NYC on Tuesday.  (Dontja love it that Kelly is described as an ‘enigma’?)


Question is …

Who’d you rather?

  • 46%  Julie
  • 44%  Tinsley
  • 10%  Kelly

Total Votes: 90,065


Nene and Shana/Taylor… 14:59

When will their 15-minutes of fame end?  Real Housewives of Bevery Hills‘ photo-bomber Shana/Taylor Armstrong was out last night with Real Housewives of Atlanta aspiring celebrity Nene Leakes… they had dinner and then for a weird photo-op, held hands as they exited.  If only Nene would have been caught holding hands with Al Reynolds…

NeNe Leakes Heads To Boa With Taylor ArmstrongCome on, Nene… I can show you how to change your name, get new ID and scam your way into Bravoland.   But, I’m already on Bravoland.  We’ll bleach your skin and you’ll fit right in with those Jersey girls…


…before you get to Jersey, Nene, you gotta downsize the booty pads…

Quick Picks with Andy, Sonja and Danielle…

The girl that gave everyone a semi-tour of Ramona’s apartment ( is back, but this time she’s playing ‘Pick One’ with ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub (uh, why?), Bravo Big Boss Andy Cohen and Real Housewives of New York‘s Sonja Morgan.

Andy’s pick of Aniston?  What is wrong with him???

Kelly Bensimon on Meds…

The Real Housewives of New York will begin their fourth season in less than two weeks and we all know the frenzy that happens when a Housewives franchise is about to commence a new season… the cast is in hibernation until that anticipatory time, which happens in spurts around the month before airing and then they will all come out to talk with any media source about anything.   However, the ever-diligent Kelly ‘Koo-Koo’ Bensimon likes to make sure that she is scorched in the minds of RHONY viewers by issuing original videos of educational value.  Here’s Kelly taking drugs her flu medicine:

It’s All About Andy…

Bravo insiders are snickering about an expensive ad campaign green-lighted by network president Andy Cohen hitting New York buses, phone booths and taxis — featuring the perma-tanned face of, you guessed it, Andy Cohen.

I made those Housewives, so this time it’s ALL ABOUT ME!  ME!  ME!  ME!  I approved the ad campaign, so it’s all about me!

One told us, “It’s all about Andy Cohen. Even though Season 4 of ‘Real Housewives of New York’ is about to start on April 7, the ads to promote Cohen’s show, ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ are all over town.” A Bravo source said the campaign will appear here and in Chicago and was green-lighted by the marketing department.  Bravo declined to comment.


NYC Transportation Photos:  Courtesy of AL

Elaine Lancaster, ‘Lost’ Miami Housewife Dishes the Dirt

James/Elaine… did Miami lose out by dumping Elaine?  Uh-yeah!

James Davis aka Elaine Lancaster, the ‘lost’ Miami Housewife (Elaine was scheduled to be a Housewife, but was pulled at the last minute) spoke with Maddy Marr of the Miami Herald about all the Real Housewives of Miami… he likes Lea, but that Crispy Rice chick doesn’t bring much to the show; he also says that Crispy was a reject from Basketball Wives…  he snarks on them all:

Gretchen and Slimey… PR Time

Awwww… cute!  They’re going to go on the Brad and Angelina plan for kids…

On the Real Housewives of Orange County show’s fourth season, Gretchen Rossi was branded a gold digger for dating the much older Jeff, who was dying of cancer.  Now Gretchen Christine is snuggling with Slade Slimey Smiley, a guy who’s been around the block with the O.C. Housewives:  He was engaged to Housewife Jo De La Rosa in the show’s first season and had a previous rendezvous with yet another Housewife, Lauri Waring.

Both Gretchen and Slade have such a bad rap from their appearance on RHOC, it looks like they are trying to improve their image with interviews such as this: