Real Housewives of… Canada? A PS About Bethenny

How can this indie production company have a development deal with NBC Universal (the Bravo mothership) and then state that a Canadian Real Housewives series has not yet been green lit?  Rumor has it that casting is underway… is getting the green light dependent upon the cast?  If so, they better choose some wonderful, kind-hearted, charitable, devoted Toronto wives… uh, don’t listen to that advice… cast women who have a voice and aren’t afraid to use it; and women that actually have personalities… and try not to let the producer-induced shows so through so easily.

Yo, Canada… you can’t do a Housewives show without a Canadian version of Andy Cohen…  just sayin’

“TORONTO – Cue the catfights: Indie producer Lark Productions is casting for a Real Housewives of Toronto series.  Vancouver-based Lark, led by former CTV development head Louise Clark and with a development deal with NBC Universal in hand, in February first put out the call for connected Canadian women to summon their inner-Bethenny Frankel for a local spin-off series.  The U.S. Real Housewives franchise airs here on the Slice channel.

Lark said the Canadian Real Housewives reality series has not yet been green lit, and is still in the early stages of casting.


And, speaking of lil Bethenny, it was announced today that her show, Bethenny Ever After was picked up for season three.

Bethenny Ever After Renewed for Third SeasonWhere’s the nanny?  Jason, get the nanny, now.  I’ve had Bryn for 23 minutes now… where’s the damn nanny!?