Money-Saving Maloof… or Who’s She Kidding???

Adrienne Maloof from the Real Housewives of  Beverly Hills has some big-time, never-thought-of-that-before money-saving tips… the most shocking surprise in this interview is that Adrienne actually bought jeggings…

Q: What is your favorite cheap meal?

A: Oh, I’ll get down and dirty with a fast food meal with the kids every now and then. As much as I try to make sure my family eats healthy, there’s nothing like some salty french fries out of a paper bag every once and while.

Q: Are there any more affordable cosmetics or personal care products you love?

A: I think any woman that discounts the makeup aisle at the drugstore is missing out. Open my makeup bag and you’ll find things like Maybelline mascaras and Sally Hansen nail polishes — there’s just so much variety in those aisles!

OK, Adrienne… quick, name the drug store where you buy your mascara.  Uh…uh…uh.  Here’s an easy one, Adrienne… what would you use if you lost your lip gloss?   Uh… well my personal assistant handles lip gloss… errr, uh… I’d just borrow Kyle’s, ’cause it’s the same as mine.  Oh, what kind is that?  Oh, it’s just Khiels… just $85, but it lasts for months…it’s such a great buy… 

Q: Is there anything you still scrimp on?

A: Yes, absolutely. If you aren’t getting the best deal that you can, then you aren’t using common sense, no matter how healthy your bank account is.

Q: Is there a recent purchase that you regret?

A: I’m actually someone who really thinks before I spend, so I don’t make a lot of careless purchases. I did buy some of those jean leggings lately from a big name designer and then found pairs I loved far better at a department store for one-fifth the cost.

I think it’s so important to pay attention to the quality of something as opposed to just going by the label.  I’ve seen shoes, for example, that cost an average mortgage payment (excuse me, Adrienne… who are you BS’ing?  You don’t just see those shoes, you WEAR those shoes…) that just don’t measure up to that price tag when it comes to the construction or materials used.  So I think people have to trust their instincts, and not just simply buy into a label.

Adrienne’s $2795 Gianmarco Lorenzi ‘Gregory’ Shoes that she wore on the RHOBH finale…

Q: What was your first job, and did you learn anything valuable?

A: I worked for my family’s business — I started as a gofer for my dad on the weekends when I was 14. I remember showing up to work one time in warm-ups because I was going to play tennis afterward. My father took one look at me and immediately set me straight — he told me that work was something to take pride in, and that I needed to show respect for the job by dressing appropriately. Showing a great respect for the business in every way has really stuck with me.

Q: Most people would assume you have very little down time. Is there a TV show or other guilty pleasure you like to relax with?

A: I really don’t have much down time and my free time is usually spent with my boys. So my TV shows tend to be of the kid’s variety — I’m a big fan of “Phineas and Ferb.” Ask me anything about that show, and I promise I’ll be able to tell you.

Q: Any other money habits you have that people might be surprised by?

A: I educate myself before I make a lot of purchases. People obviously comparison shop when they are buying a car or a home, but with the ability to shop online, it doesn’t make sense not to shop around all the time when you know what you are looking for.

Adrienne Maloof NBC Universal 2011 Winter TCA Press Tour All-Star PartyWhat do  you consider ‘a lot of purchases,’ Adrienne?   Hmmm… well, I guess it would be the four times a week that I spend over $50,000 when I ‘drunk-shop’ online at night…

In a few minutes of searching online you can save really significant amounts of money. Look at it this way — if half an hour of research can save you $100, and you aren’t making $100 an hour, then that time is incredibly well spent.