LaToya on Star and Nene on Ellen

LaToya Jackson was on the Ellen show today, and spoke about her experience with Star Jones and Nene Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice.  LaToya reinforces the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene’s opinion of Star:

NOTE:  Nene can be rough; however, IMO, her actions toward Kim Zolciak on RHOA are based more on jealousy.  When Nene, again IMO, does not know how to handle a situation, she resorts to her big mouth and violence to get her point across… she just doesn’t know any better.  Star Jones, IMO, has always come across as thinking that she’s too smart for anyone around her and, although she’s always talking about how she comes from the Bible-reading South, has only learned one part of the golden rule… ‘do unto others.’  LaToya is just a lovely person.  She knows that she is not one of the ‘very talented’ of the Jackson family and is very self-effacing (she subjected herself to be a phony sheriff on ‘Armed and Famous’), yet continues to roll along with a smile on her face.  LaToya is kind and harmless, so her reinforcing Nene’s account of Nene’s experience with Star is totally believable.  Star is just plain mean… can’t wait to watch Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday.