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I enjoyed Bethenny while she was a part of the Real Housewives of New York. However, could not follow her into a show that was all about her, but couldn’t really figure out why… until I read this piece written by Ilana Angel for the about Bethenny Frankel Hoppy’s new show, Bethenny Ever After. IMO, Bethenny seemed very self-centered and I thought that would change after she and Jason married and changed more after having little Bryn, but nothing seems to have changed ‘it’s all about me’ Bethenny:

“Bethenny starts off this week with a girl’s night out in anticipation of her 40th birthday.  She has her “friends” over and you can’t help but wonder who these women are.  She slams them, saying they look like hookers, and strippers.  They are now watching back asking why the hell they even went.

Bethenny says that if she were to die now there would be no regrets.  It’s sad.  She would not see her daughter grow up, or get married and have her own kids, but no regrets.  Good for her.  They are drunk, dancing and making fools of themselves while Bethenny does a mean spirited recap about all of them.

20 years from now:  Jason is happily re-married with two kids.   Bethenny is estranged from Bryn and was the first cast-off on ‘Dancing With the Stars:  Senior Edition’…

Bethenny gets the offer to do Skating With the Stars.  Well we all know how that turned out.  She is foaming at the mouth at the thought of doing it.  She panics for a second wondering how she will do it, but you know that regardless of what Jason thinks about it, she is going to skate.  Jason of course thinks it’s silly.  He asks her why she does not hold out for Dancing With the Stars and she shoots down that stupid show.  She does not want to do the 12th edition of anything, but rather the 1st edition of this.  Nobody wants her to do it, but surprise, she is doing it.

She goes out for lunch with Shawn the party planner to discuss her birthday party.  She keeps talking about how everyone is harping on her to have a party, yet we have not heard anyone mention it but her.  Yet another story Bethenny has written in her head and adopted as real.

Sidebar:  Bethenny says that turning 40 is not a hard thing to do and can be achieved by sitting in the corner.  As my friend Matt fights cancer, and may not experience his 40’s, I want to tell her that it is hard actually.  Count your blessing you selfish, self-centered, ridiculous woman.

Bryn is a really adorable baby and I wonder what her life will be like when everything will revolve around her mother.  The way Bethenny describes her own mother, the one she does not talk to, is very similar to Bethenny’s own behavior.  Interesting how karma works.

20 years from now:  Bryn is the product of divorced parents who lavish her with the best of everything… but Bryn hates her mother.   Yeah, karma…

Bethenny goes to a GLAAD event with her friend Jake and attempts to set him up.  She throws out lame gay jokes, and in a matter if minutes, makes me want to poke my eyes out.  She is back to party planning, the one she does not want, and is so full of crap that watching is painful.

She is talking about how at this stage of her life she wants something classy, yet she is saying sexually inappropriate things, to complete strangers, and acting like a child.  She contradicts herself non-stop and if it was not so gross, it would be funny but the thing is, she’s not funny.


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  1. While the “Bethenny fans” point to the inappropriate behavior of Jill and Kelly, they seem to find something “adorable” about our poor Bethenny doing the same thing to everyone around her.

    As she squeezes out the tears at every mention of her own mother – and that is just about each and every segment! – they mew over her lousy upbringing and allow her shallowness to be overlooked because of it. The woman is 40 freaken years of age for crying out loud! She is not looking for a “breakthrough” for dealing with her issues but is using this show as a platform to “stick it to Mom”.

    Her contrived “victimization” places her fans in full defense mode which is kind of creepy since they have placed their critical thinking skills on hold when it comes to this franchise.


      • Like you, I watch these shows for the pure entertainment value that far exceeds the “reality” they hope to impress upon us as dumb viewers.

        It just amuses me to see the stable of “stars” climb all over one another for the purpose of hogging the spotlight along with the absence of talent that accompanies these celebs.

        The “step and repeat” photos are nothing if not hilarious as they make their way down a red carpet convinced of their own “fabulousness”.

        Without these fake shows they would be cast back into the obscurity they were plucked from and it is amazing at how many viewers buy into the “authenticity” of this packaging.

        Pardon me for saying so but each and every one of these “stars” is good for a laugh. Bethenny is no exception.


  2. I read the entire article. I don’t watch her show anymore. I just read the blogs. Some people that aren’t fans of Bethenney, or just plain sick of her, as am I, write some pretty funny stuff. I think she is selfish and acts so immature. MS.SH, Have you heard of The Diva of Disaster? Bethenney’s first Jason worked for this lady and she fired him because he was on the show? He never acted like he was all that into Bethenney.


  3. Brace yourselves for another 10 to 12 weeks of constant “wah wah wahing” as she has been signed on for Season 3!

    Can’t imagine what they will be able to use for this season other than:
    1. A public hanging of her mother.
    2. Her in laws sent off on an ice flow.
    3. An offer to endorse Kleenex.
    4. The “therapist” announcing a complete “cure”.
    5. Julie replaced for not scheduling ALL 24 hours with book tours, personal appearances, etc.
    6. She announces plans to run for president.
    7. Jason “compromises” on a move to LA in place of Tora Bora.
    8. She is asked to become an “honorary sister” to the Kardashians.
    9. She cuts her hair.
    10. She finally manages to cut off what remains of Jason’s b@lls.

    Must see t.v.!!!


    • I also read somewhere, that this is all leading up to the end of the season, with Bethenney and her mom at the therapist. I won’t watch that either.


    • I can’t wait to see the train wreck happen – these people that have a good life and go and throw it all away just for fame I just don’t understand it – its amazing how much she talks down to people and no one gets in her face about it – it would take me all of a minute to put her in her place! and like I said before her Skinny Girl shit in a bottle is horrible taste like straight rose’s lime juice yuk!!!


  4. After watching more and more episodes I’m convinced that Bethenny and Jason will be divorced in the future – she is still of the mindset that she is single and not to mention she is too strong minded for him – watching this episode when she relunctly gave up the argument about the guest list – that won’t last long with her she will get tired of having to “compromise” and one of these days it will all come out like a cannon – and I get the feeling watching that Jason’s parents don’t really care for Bethenny’s brutally honest mouth.


    • The in laws must be so proud!

      “That’s our daughter in law up there, an expert on penis, pee, poop, and parents. We can’t say more since we are only allowed to see the baby once a year and don’t want to jeopardize even that.”


      • one of these days Jason will get up go get his balls out of the jar in the cupboard and tell Bethenny that she can no longer talk to his parents that way


  5. Katie, LOL! So, I won’t watch season three either. I’ll just read the blogs. It’s less time consuming and funny.


  6. Awhile back, Bethenney’s mom said in an interview, that Bethenney only did SWTS, was to up one on Jill.


    • cc/mc: Yes, but Bethenny should have listened to Jason and stuck it out until DWTS came around… SWTS lasted one season and DWTS is now in its 12th season… Bethenny isn’t as smart as she thinks she is… SH


  7. So…I take it you don’t like Bethenny? Lol, just kidding. Such a refreshing TRUTHFUL blog, which differs from the lovefest over at IHJZ blog.


    • Those people are “rabid” when it comes to Bethenny.

      The site owner had her picture taken with Bethenny so they are now “close friends”. The same thing with Silex, Cat, and Mary Ammons. She interviewed Sonja Morgan for a podcast so all criticism of these castmembers is more or less off limits.

      The steady commentators over there take her lead and defend the above “stars” from any negativity though the site is open to all. No sense of objectivity when it comes to Bethenny. She is their shining star for some reason which is inexplicable considering she acts as bad or worse than some of the others.

      They just chalk it up to her “horrible upbringing” as they cheer her on. It’s Bethenny Central all the way!


      • I know what blog you’re talking about. I read it, but don’t comment. I couldn’t agree with you more.


    • Teresa, I wasn’t going to mention the site, but I’m glad you did. I couldn’t agree with you more! Someone on one sight referred to her, as a housewife stalker.


  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I totally agree with everything you guys said, and how refreshing not to see everyone kissing that harpy’s ass! Would it hurt her to show any non-self serving kindness to anyone? Would it kill her to listen to a different opinion?

    The only nice thing I can say about her is that I blame some of her selfishness and lack of awareness on a childhood that was not properly supervised or nurturing. Then I immediately go back to being annoyed.


    • Well put! I agree completely.
      I used to enjoy Bethenny’s “humor” until I realized how self-centered she is. I feel for Jason and Bryn; what a person to have to live with 24/7… I couldn’t do it! And she acts like she had such a terrible childhood, I call BS.


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