Real Housewives of New Jersey: Bar Brawl in Dominican Republic… Teresa Giudice Caused It

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice is known for causing a scene, and that’s just what she did while vacationing with the cast in the Dominican Republic last month – leading the “star” to be punched in the face and several of her cast mates in police custody!

Teresa was the reason behind the February 23 bar brawl at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana.  “It was late, they were on vacation, and she was just having fun,” said a show insider. “She opened the champagne and just started spraying it everywhere and it went all over this woman near her.”  According to the source, the drenched woman’s husband did not take kindly to the rowdy group and physically attacked Teresa.  “It was crazy, he got really angry and punched Teresa in the face!”

Howz about after we’re done bein’ loud in the pool and splashin’ everyone, let’s eat dinner and then go to the bar… I’ll get a really good bottle of Asti and spray everyone there… don’t that sound like fun?  Huh, Joe?  That sounds like fun, right Joe?  Joe?  Oh.. yeah, sure Tree…

“Joe, Albie and Chris were trying to protect Teresa and they just grabbed the guy and started fighting, and then people joined in.  “Bravo helped to break up the fight,“ added the source.  “Everyone was involved. It became a massive scene,” another source previously explained.

According to the source, Joe was “beating on the guy” and struck a male patron with a glass.  Police said the injured patrons made the complaint to police.

I heard that there’s some ass****s from New Jersey in the bar soaking people with what they think is champagne… Well, I hope someone smacks the ass****s in the face for doing lowlife clown sh** like that…

According to police in the Dominican Republic, the two injured “victims” were Americans Adolfo Arriolla, who had a fracture in his arm, and Jason Gomez, who had a fracture in his leg and scratches on his face.  Others involved had bruises.

The fight will not air on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  (Damn…  Finally something worth watching and they won’t include it in the show!)

NOTE:  It was previously reported that Tree stayed behind because Juicy was detained for reasons connected to the bar fight.  Maybe the real reason she stayed behind was to wait until the swelling in her face went down…

8 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Bar Brawl in Dominican Republic… Teresa Giudice Caused It

  1. You’re right, finally something worth watching and they won’t show it – Jersey Shore showed snookie get socked


  2. Why is Bravo not showing this? I’ve got the image in my head, of drunk Tree, spraying everybody. Remember when Tarmac pissed Lynda off, by doing that to her. Thank God Tree didn’t have a sword. “Off with their heads”.


    • cc/mc: They would need to get signed releases from all involved… IMO, I’m sure the victims of Tree’s idiotic behavior wanted a ton of money before they would sign a release and maybe Bravo felt that Tree or this incident wasn’t worth the money… SH


      • Couldn’t they just pixalate the faces of those not signing releases? Doesn’t Bravo get permission from the restaurant/bar and post signs notifying customers they might be filmed?

        Maybe Bravo wasn’t even filming that night. After showing that Teresa’s table flip, Teresa instigate the chase ending with the “hair pulling” and Teresa manhandle Ms. Andy, it would only be fair we get to see her punched in the face!


        • AOM: Well, it was after 1 am when the incident took place, so the Bravo people were probably just hanging with them and not filming. It would have been fitting to see Tree getting a smack down. It’s kind of hard to believe that no one in the bar pulled out their camera phone and started recording. Also, it’s interesting that Caroline was not around… wonder if Caroline being there would have put a lid on Tree’s disgusting stupidity… SH


  3. I love your ‘ain’t that right Joe?’ captions. Shes always looking for him to validate whatever garbage she’s saying. Pathetic


  4. Caroline was in bed. Where most 50ish woman are at 1:00am. I’d sure would love to have seen that. At least I get to watch Tamara throw wine in Jeana’s face. Bravo is showing that.


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