Dina… Is That You???

Dina Manzo, ex of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was barely recognizable in this video taken just yesterday.  Did Lauren do her hair and makeup?  Well, whoever did this to her, Dina should never let them touch her again…

5 comments on “Dina… Is That You???

  1. A couple times when the lighting was better the eyes weren’t so dark and scary… but the hair. Yeah. That person should be shot.


  2. I’ve always thought Dina was very pretty. Then I started reading things, like her charity was fake. I never got the details about Danielle saying Dina was an unfit mother. Also, what did she talk about that was so bad, Danielle’s lawyer put a gag order on her? Huh? MS.SH.


  3. I also thought she was gorg, on season 2 her icy blue eyes and blonde hair in the interviews just made her look beautiful. Even though shes a bleach blonde and has blue contacts lol.

    But this was just terrible. I see Caroline referred Dina to her own makeup/ hairstylist person.


  4. Oh my Gawd! That’s the exact same hair I did on my best friend at a sleep-over in the 9th grade, IN 1979!!! Maybe she was with Vicki at a non-slumber/slumber party earlier.


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