Christina Rice… Back in 2008

Before she was on the Real Housewives of Miami,  Crispy Cristy Rice was known as Christina and was having some problems with her estranged husband, Glen Rice…

Former NBA player Glen Rice has been arrested for battery, after pummeling a guy at his estranged wife’s house.

Glen Rice Christina RiceGlen, the girls I hire to carry around this box I have to stand on to talk with you keep quitting, so let’s just get divorced…

Investigators say Rice entered the home of his wife, Christina, and confronted her about having other men in the house. He soon found 47-year-old Alberto Perez hiding in a bedroom closet. Rice then reportedly hit Perez in the face, grabbed him by the neck, and threw him out of the bedroom. Perez then fled the house & called police.

Shocking that Glen would be so distrusting of his wife, since she’s been so supportive of him in the past.  Back in 2000, Christina ripped Lakers coach Phil Jackson when her husband didn’t seem to be getting enough playing time.  “Jackson has never wanted Glen, he’s always wanted somebody like Scottie Pippen, and this is his way of getting back at management for not letting him make a trade.”

Christina further clawed at Phil, “It’s all a mind game. It’s all about control. Jackson did not get his way with the general manager or the owner about trading Glen, so who pays for it? Glen does.”

Glen Rice Lakers

She ranted that if she was in Glen’s shoes, it would have been Latrell Sprewell II – kind of like what her estranged husband just did to her house visitor.

Then-Pacers coach Larry Bird wasn’t surprised by Christina’s defense of her meal ticket: “I’ve seen wives hit writers on top of the heads with their pocketbooks in Boston. I’ve seen them swear at officials walking by. I’ve seen it all….They’re just trying to protect their man. If my man was making $12 (million) or $15 million a year, I’d be trying to protect him, too.”

Now it seems the lady needs protection from her former man.

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