Real Housewives of DC and Cat’s Par-tay

Well… tell us somethings that we didn’t already know!  Mary Amons said at a party for Cat Ommanney’s book that her contract for the Real Housewives of DC is almost up. Soooo… that means no second season for RHODC.  Duh!  We all knew that was coming…

Everyone was there except Lynda and the Salamis… Lynda was working and the Salamis were looking for a van by the river to live in…

The rest of the story… Cat had to fend off uninvited drag queens:

6 comments on “Real Housewives of DC and Cat’s Par-tay

  1. Vicky I think DC was better than Miami, which isn’t saying much. IF they replace the con artists couple with someone really flamboyant, they might be ok on DC. I dunno. The con artists ruined the show, I think, plus the politics brought into the show, turned a lot of people off.


  2. I should say the Obama support turned a lot of people off, politics would be a part of the DC crowd, but I saw many conservatives complain about the Obama support. LOL


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