RHOM Adriana ‘de’ Moura Profile…Another One

RHOM:  Lea, Marysol, Alexia, Larsa, Cristy and Adriana

It was only a matter of time before Bravo’s ‘Housewives’ series hit the sunny shores of South Florida.  Its casts are known for their big personalities and the Real Housewives of Miami ‘Housewife’ Adriana de Moura fits the bill quite nicely.  We caught up with de Moura to talk editing, her current endeavors, and of course, Miami.
Adriana de Moura… if that is her real name…

How do you feel about the depictions of you thus far?
Only one side of me has been shown — my fun side. There is a lot more to me. I’m a woman with a well-rounded education, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a dedicated mother and a housewife. I still go grocery shopping and manage my household.  (Grocery shopping is always a sure sign of a very well-rounded person…)

You have been called ‘the Wild One.’  What are your thoughts on that title?
I guess I do have a gregarious personality. I’m also Brazilian, meaning dancing, singing and socializing is part of my culture.  I embrace my femininity, but don’t believe in promiscuous behavior. (Au contraire…mon amie… we’ve been hearing about you!) I like to have fun without any malice.

Do you feel you need to set the record straight on anything thus far? On the show, you forgot that your son got out of school early one day, and asked your fiancé (who was at work) to pick him up instead of leaving your leisurely lunch with the Housewives cast.
I might not be perfect, but I’m a dedicated single mother who invests greatly in my son’s education.  There are logistical challenges that may occasionally arise when I try to juggle many roles and stretch myself thin.  However, I sincerely do my best!  My son recently received a letter from the U.S. Congress congratulating him for making Honor Roll at his school.  I felt so moved by the letter because it means all the sacrifices I make for him pay off.  (Doesn’t this idiot know that those form letters from your representative are sent to everyone for just about anything!?)

Did it bother you when your castmates told you to drop your fiancé when he seemed bothered that you wanted him to pick up your child from school and even hung the phone up on you?
Yes, but I think they were trying to defend me.

With all this national attention, have you been able to focus on your love for art?
Sincerely, not as much as I would like to. Primarily due to my current work load with television and press.  (Excellent excuse for side-tracking that Sorbonne-education and training in fine art…)

What are your favorites places to go to in Miami? Eating, dancing, etc.
I definitely love Casa Tua for Italian fare. I also like Fogo de Chao for authentic Brazilian cuisine. For a relaxing day, I love the Grove Isle Spa.

NOTE:  Looking forward to hearing what some commenters have to say about this!

Source:  http://www.citysbest.com/miami/news/2011/03/08/meet-adriana-de-moura-of-the-real-housewives-of-miami/

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20 comments on “RHOM Adriana ‘de’ Moura Profile…Another One

  1. Ooo! Can someone say air brushing? That looks nothing like her?? Blah blah! Their is nothing more other than a cheap money hungry Ass kisser! Lol

  2. Just a note from a FL resident… FL schools are released 1-hour early every single Wednesday during the school year. So, Adriana should have known that Alex would be released one hour earlier that day and planned her schedule around it. I don’t buy her excuse one bit!!!! If she is such a great, hands on Mom, why would she be 45-minutes away when this is Alex’s normal school release time on a Wed.? Just sayin…

  3. Hello Vanessa. Well she certainly knows how to skate around a question. That comes from experience, you know, lying, scheming, scamming, and conning. I’m assuming she went the same college as Taylor, Shana, Ford, Hughes, Armstrong. Who I affectionately call “Whoever”. Did she have a memory lapse about the every Wednesday school gets out early?

  4. Next season on the RHOBH, “Whoever” should put a de in front of one of her names. Taylor de whatever. Thank for the comments Vanessa. Turn little miss smarty-pants on to this site. Or you can start your own site, “I Hate Adriana”. Jill Zarin has one.

  5. Those responses were written by a publicist. We’ve heard that woman talk on TV and there’s no way she ever said “logistical challenges that may occasionally arise” or “Italian fare” in conversation.

    • I know!! Nothing cracks me up more than people who think someone like Teresa, Danielle, or even Jacqueline, all of whom sound like such idiots on their show, suddenly become English majors when “blogging” on Bravo’s site.

  6. Very funny for being an angry old man. Got any dish on the Manzo’s vay-cay? I put on my closed caption when watching those RHOM.

  7. Ok now I can see it. The first photo, Adrianna’s age shows. I would say that she is about the same age or the one closest in age to Lea. (notice she’s standing further from her? Maybe to try and hide that?)
    Another Mystery solved. I thought that Adriana had a uni-brow, but its obviously too much Botox.
    That really is a gorgeous picture in her younger day. (the second one) IF she ever really looked like that?

  8. To Vanessa Sidi, On the web site Reality Tea, she accuses your brother of physical abuse and rape, while her son Alex was asleep in the other room. Yes, I’m stirring the pot, because those are serious allegations to make against someone. Do you know the true story to these charges?

  9. I’m only repeating what I read, because they are all so sympathetic to her. If she’s a lying biatch, let us know. I totally believe what you say about her. She just shouldn’t say things like that, and ruin a mans character.

  10. Hey! Let’s see what the nut job does tonight! As for the allegations, that is why I got involved..you can not rape the willing? Those are serious accusations and when she made them he denied everything on the spot! He told them his son was asleep in the other room! She’s crazy, and starving for attention..it’s another way for her to play the poor victim instead of getting a job and being a responsible human being! Maybe since her new friendship with Lea and all their accused rapist friends, someone will explain to her what rape is and that it’s no joke!

  11. She has been chasing him for years, even after their divorce, I think with this she has finally pushed him too hard! It takes a lot to get him upset but hopefully he gets down here and takes care of this madness! The problem is he knows her and is positive that anyone with half a brain who listens to her for five minutes, will figure out she’s psycho!

  12. To Vanessa, I didn’t mean to upset you so, I just thought you should know what she has said. I will watch the nut job tonight and I truly believe that this is so disturbing to you and your family. But, when you go on a reality TV show, you should make sure your hands are clean. It will be exposed when you trash other people to make yourself look good. I, and everyone on this site, feel your pain, for having had that horrible person in your life. Expose her for what she is. It’s out there, the things she’s said. You have my total support in all this. XOXOXO,CLICK CLICK, MY CAT.

  13. To Vanessa, Did you check out that site? I want to be sure you did. It’s there. I did not make this up. SWEAR!

    • I saw it too clickclick–was it in her Bravo bio?
      It was part of her background story and because its so shocking it is the part that people tend to remember.
      Geez-a person can get a divorce without having to claim assaults.
      Unfortunately, I’m starting to think that Vanessa might be right.
      When someone is publicly accused of rape, and they don’t say anything, people assume that its true.

  14. I’m ready to scream at my television. I’m not usually a cop-caller, or tattle-tale when it comes to the police, but someone please tell me that Florida has laws that you may not use your phone/Blackberry, or text, and/or talk while driving?
    Watching her drive while using her phone is NOT FUNNY OR CUTE!
    I don’t know the statistics, but I do know that I’ve heard reports that using devices while driving has passed drunken-driving in some instances when it comes to accidents and/or fatalities.
    In NJ-you would get a ticket, rightfully so!
    She wasn’t even “only” doing it at a red-light!
    Seriously, everyone that I know pulls-over if they really have to take a call. There is NO EXCUSE-EVER.
    It puts the other drivers at terrible risk.
    I hope that its illegal in Florida, and I hope that she receives a mailbox full of summons for what was shown on TV this evening.

    • Hey all! I am not worried, it’s just hard to hear, especially since she was out of his life 11 years ago and just makes him feel sorry for her so she can keep coming back! It’s hard when you see something black and white! She needs medication, I am not saying that to be mean, but anyone who knows her has told her to seek professional help! She’s like Charlie Sheen 24/7! Her over whelming self importance, and confidence that she can manipulate anyone?? I have thought she has shown signs of bio-polar disorder for years!
      Ps I can’t spell for crap!
      I am not worried there is nothing she can say or do to me! I have 0 skeletons in my closet and my life is an open book! My parents told me if I ever wanted to be a president I could do nothing bad lol, so by the time I figured out that would be very hard it was too late! Xoxo V

    • Unfortunately no laws against talking/texting on the phone while driving here in FL yet!

      • Thanks for the info. GL, and I’m really sorry to hear that.
        Maybe that’s why it was such a shock for me to see that. It just isn’t done here.
        People complained about it at first, but now we’re used to it.
        No call or text is that important!

  15. No offense to you Vanessa-we really don’t know what happened in Adrianna’s marriage.
    But, the more that I think about her claims of rape, it just adds more to my image of Adrianna not being concerned about her son’s feelings.
    Who would let their child play with a child who’s father is a rapist?
    Even-if their was domestic violence, I don’t see how specifically charging him with rape, would have made a difference in her divorce?
    I’m not saying that I don’t believe that people can be raped if they are married. Any non-consensual/ or forced sex is rape in my opinion.
    I’m just wondering if she had any concern whatsoever about their child when she makes these allegations?
    And, I wonder if judges ever consider this in custody cases? Most divorced spouses will be pretty quick to remind you that their ex is their children’s father/ or mother.
    I look at that as shorthand for, “If I disrespect my child’s father/ or mother, I am disrespecting my child”.-So even-if they can’t stand their ex, they’re not going to say anything that would damage the reputation of their child’s other parent.
    Lea Black was acting like her mentor last night-I wonder why she didn’t tell her that?

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