RHOM’s Adriana… Was Lea Scammed?

The following is a little teaser from the upcoming ‘Star‘ magazine about the Real Housewives of Miami Adriana DeMoura-Sidi and her ex-husband:

Adriana de Scammer Moura-Sidi

“The Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana De Moura-Sidi has revealed on the show that her ex-husband cheated on her. But left unsaid, as Star has learned exclusively, were other horrors Adriana has said she experienced at the hands of her ex — including, she claims in court documents, physical violence and rape.

“I consider myself a survivor,” Adriana tells Star in an exclusive interview inside for our March 14 issue. According to court papers, in December 2006 Adriana told Roberto Sidi she wanted to end their relationship. An argument exploded into violence at the couple’s condo and Adriana says Roberto choked her, threatened her life and even raped her — all while their young son slept in the next room!”

Adriana and cute Roberto Jr.

Well!  In searching for the court documents, I came across this…

Adriana Moura is nothing but a liar!!! see for yourself…public record in Texas! I can not believe BRAVO doesn’t do a simple back ground check!!!!
my ex sister in law…11 years ago!!!

She’s a loser!!! Short version…They got divorced, he was coming to Miami and she said she had nothing left in Texas, because she had slept with everyone there! She begged my brother to bring her to FL, because of their son, he agreed! He bought a place on Fisher Island! When the market and everything went bad here, he told her to move into a small condo and that he would help her get on her feet…there was no way she could afford Fisher Island on her own! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she got a real estate license and told him she would help sell his condo..he was nice and agreed! He made her co list it with another realtor, because she’s nuts and didn’t trust her! We recently found out they had 2 cash offers on the place but she turned them down…why?? because she wanted to stay on Fisher Island to find a rich husband!!! But Men are not as stupid as she thinks so she moved to plan B…a dumb womenenter Leah Black…so she played the victim and the poor abandoned single mother!!!

Lea… always there for an abandoned mom found in an art gallery…

She didn’t have the balls to tell anyone the truth..the worst part about her is she’s a bad mom!! she didn’t care about my nephew until other rich families invited him over for play dates!!! then she attached to him because he’s a great kid!!! I will choke her!!! My brother’s new wife is not a 17 year old escort??/ She has a 12 year old daughter, and they have a son together! Its nasty!!! and all lies!! My half brother is not in the country to defend himself!! My other brother is married to an Adriana…so her name is Adriana Sidi!!! the Chaos!! I can not believe bravo picked this show up??

1.Texas Divorces Search Results… a.)/2001 HARRIS 072664 SIDI ROBERTO E 31 ADRANA M 35 01 12/11/1998 7/23/ …… b.)/2001 COLLIN 147037 SIDI ROBERTO E 31 ADRIANA M 35 01 4/26/1999 7/23/

Roberto and Adriana Moura DIVORCED IN 2001!!!!  Collin County, Texas!!!!!  A long time before she was “abandoned” on Fisher Island!!!   I saw your article and felt you should know the truth!   Best Regards,  Posted at 3:57 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by vanessa sidi”

NOTE: Vanessa Sidi’s above comment was not the easiest to research as it is required to file for divorce in the county in which they were married and Vanessa lists both Harris and Collin Counties as the court in which Adriana divorced Roberto, so that threw a little kink in the search ; however, the Sidi’s divorce record was retrieved from Collin County, TX:

Click to Return to Collin County Home

Case History
Case Number 4015049801
Date Filed: 02/08/2001
Case Type: FAM – OLD – Divorce
Status: Case is Closed
Style: In the Matter of the Marriage of ADRIANA M. SIDI Vs. ROBERTO E. SIDI
JudicialOfficer: Rusch, Mark in 401st District Court
Type Name DOB Address Attorney
Petitioner Sidi, Adriana M Pro Se
Respondent Sidi, Roberto E Brian S Loughmiller
So what about the Fisher Island condo that was mentioned?  It’s up for sale again and the price has been reduced!  http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2543-Fisher-Island-Dr-6403-Miami-Beach-FL-33109/44226965_zpid/
There are no photos for their condo, but there are photos at a similar property in the same complex  (and this condo is $300,00 less!)  http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2245-Fisher-Island-Dr-3405-Miami-Beach-FL-33109/44226909_zpid/

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226 comments on “RHOM’s Adriana… Was Lea Scammed?

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    • Oh Yea, Skinny Girl Margaritas. From another star on Bravo. Not You! 6 episodes…that’s pathetic. All your show did was take up space until RHONY was ready. LOSER! LOSER SHOW!!!

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  4. Adriana, Nobody cares about you. MS. Stoopid Housewife has post on Giggy. You are yesterdays news.

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  7. So, Adriana has a forehead like Teresa from the RHONJ? She needs to tell Tree about the waxing. That must be painful. What is the name of Adriana’s new show? Let everyone at this blog know, so we can all not watch…We’ll be watching the RHOBH. They “ROCK!”

  8. Vanessa, Everyone on this Blog, loves you. Spill your guts about her, because no one believes anything that comes out of Adriana’s mouth. Don’t forget…school gets out an hour early on Wednesday. Do you think you can remember that? Now you and the French fellow, go take a shower. Shampoo! Remember…Shampoo! I’m going back to read about the REAL HOUSEWIVES of Beverly Hills. The top rated housewife franchise. “Miami? They had a RHOM? Must have missed that one.”

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      • A huge shame for Bravo. Adriana should have gotten Miss Andy a bracelet like Crispy. I read that that Crispy was joining Basketball Wives with Shaunie O’neal?

  10. Adriana, if I were you I would go to sleep!! So you do t look like you were punched in both eyes when you wake up…I guess you can’t help those bags under your eyes..must be stress to remember all the BS you talk everyday…..it must be hard keeping all your lies straight….

  11. She’s always lurking around fisher island..thinking she will find someone stupid enough to”rescue her” …her voice is so painful..easily breaks glass

    • All I saw was her yelling at the other RHOM at the reunion show. And her desperation to be a RHOBH. We all love them! She is totally not in that class of women at all. She just house sits with that greasy French man who has no money. He’d agree to anything she said, because he was always thinking with his other head.

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    • ILOVEADRIANA/javier, I thought Adriana was in Vegas trying to get on that housewife show. Remember Adriana was on a show called RHOM that was canceled? Yes, She was that one that hard long, dark extensions? Still don’t recall her? She was the one that always acted real slutty? Now, you remember her?

      • Click!!! Remember the days when the Internet wasn’t for Everyone with a mouth?? O the glory days!! Don’t waste your time with this guy…he can barely write…

        • Hi ya Vanessa, Got your back. I knew she/he couldn’t stay away. I’m on the east coast and so is Miami. Are they messed up this early in the morning, or haven’t passed out yet from last night?

          • Hahaha your so right!! It could be the french guy!! Nobody else cares about them!! I’m out all day with clients..so ttfn! Or should I say Bon jour lol..I don’t know him at all!!!

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  14. WOW. This is hilarious! Way more entertaining than the actual RHOM catastrophe.

    If ILA isn’t actually Adriativan, then why does she seem to know so much personal info about Vanessa? Hmmm?

    At any rate, she looks like a zombie hooker – and one that could use a good long disinfecting bath at that. Two words for you, girlfriend: Taco Bell.

    • Lol more like Taco Hell! It’s her…she’s a nut job!! The other Javier person is suspect but, iloveadriana aka I love myself is the totally classless hooker herself! Click knows the scoop!

      Happy Easter weekend to all! I have a full house of guests right now but, as always will check in! Xoxo Best Regards, V

  15. Prodigal Cheez, Can you believe the trouble we have gone through with this ILOVEADRIANA/javier? Did you read how dirty her language was? She still hasn’t let up on Vanessa Sidi, who is the truly,real, ex-sister-in-law of that woman. It’s mind boggling.

    • I believe it @click click – there are a lot of sick people out there. She has no credibility, and her 7 1/2 minutes of fame are almost up. No one will even remember her by this time next year, which should actually work in her favor when she’s applying for welfare benefits. Win-win! LOL.

  16. Adriana’s nasty, fake and ugly. It’s so pathetic watching her because she tries so hard to be “relevant” she’s just a scam artist who sleeps around for money. Sad.

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