The Salamis Crashed The Oscars!!!

The Real Housewives of DC’s Missy Holt Salami just can’t help herself… she thinks she’s Academy Award material, so why not honor herself by giving herself an Oscar!  Honestly, can’t they just stay home sometimes and take care of Sparkle???


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9 comments on “The Salamis Crashed The Oscars!!!

  1. Who’s in the picture with “Whoever”? Is that the designer she was praising, when she was drunk off her ass? The lips look familiar.


  2. Dear SH- What does a girl got to do to get this blog sent directly to
    my e-mail?do i have to change my name to”Beverly no longer in NJ?”
    is it the Beverly part? the NJ part? did i do something to offend you?
    can I not get this sent to me? i have signed up AT LEAST 7 or 8
    times and it never shows up.
    I get Lynns. I get RCH. if I could get the “sleuthing” SH, i would be
    complete. wassup wit dat??
    I tried again yesterday. you never showed up-
    I’ll try again tonite, but this is my last try. I can take a hint.


  3. Thank you for posting SH!!

    If you like making fun of Famewhores then our page is for you. Messy and Terd Salami have been crying to Facebook accusing us of being a hate page. They have told us that “the FBI has been monering every email, every communication and this is very sheerious….and eeevvverryyybawdies gawin ta jail….”

    More Salami funnies:


    • Samuel: Thanks for commenting! As I’ve mentioned many times before, I always give credit where credit is due and, therefore, have changed the ‘source’ on that post to you, so thanks also for bringing that to my attention. Those Salamis like to yell and scream a lot, don’t they??? Uh, like the FBI doesn’t have anything better to do than to keep track of people’s opinion of the Salamis on the web. Keep up the good work… SH


  4. To Samuel, I went to the site, and am still laughing. Keep up the good work you hater of Terd and Messy. LOL!


  5. Oh No! I bet Miss Andy and Bravo are running scared, since everybody’s goin’ to jail. That is so funny.


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