Shana Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong…

The following is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Taylor Armstrong’s bio taken from wikipedia.  If you notice, the other RHOBH all have verifying links to sources included in their bios on wiki, however, there are no links to verified source(s) on Shana/Taylor.  I’m posting the flimsy ‘information’ as Shana/Taylor continues to avoid the truth about her past, so who knows, even though there’s nothing to verify it… there may be some truth here…

Shana/Taylor… not in Kansas anymore…

From Wikipedia:

Taylor Armstrong

“It may look like I have it all, but I want more”

Taylor Armstrong is the wife of Russell Armstrong, mother to Kennedy Armstrong, and manipulator of all. (Would the person who submitted this statement, please elaborate…) Taylor is an advocate for victims of domestic violence through her work with the 1736 Family Crisis Center. She serves as Chief Creative Director of, (I’ve unsubscribed from that site…) President of Four Truffles, and President of eImplement, Inc.

Born “Shana Hughes” in 1971 in Kansas, she became “Shana Taylor” after her mother married her stepfather, Randall Taylor. (Never heard this one before!) “Taylor” became her nickname and she later took the appropriate legal steps to make Taylor her first name and Ford her last name.  (So, her REAL name IS Taylor Ford?)


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