The Real Reason The RHONY Was Shelved…

Really, Marysol?  Seriously???!!!  In this video, Marysol Patton of the Real Housewives of Miami gives a much better reason for Andy’s decision to hold off on airing the Real Housewives of New York and going ahead with RHOM…

Marysol Patton Marysol Patton attends the Leather & Laces Super Bowl Party presented by Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism at the Paris Theater on February 5, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida.Miami Marysol

Miami is on the schedule instead of New York because a.) there was a mix-up in alphabetizing by an intern at Bravo;  b.) Roy Black would sue Bravo big time if they delay Miami; c.) the people want to see palm trees or d.) Marysol’s mother, Elsa threatened to put a spell on Andy.    Well, just watch…

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  1. So, Marysol has a bottom lip inplant? I find it hard to believe about the climate. So now we’ll see the RHONY in the spring, with all the filming shown in the cold, while we’re all enjoying the warm weather? Hell, it’s 80 in Charleston today.


  2. So during Bethenny Ever After tonight, Bravo had a promo. for “Pregnant in Heels”, starting April 5th. (Tuesday).
    first of all-Jill Zarin Tweeted that date a few days ago–ha ha ha
    second-Miami will be over by then? That’s the current Miami time-slot.
    Oh yeah-speaking-of RHWOM, Alexia’s past just keeps getting sleezier & sleezier. A Miami newspaper did a feature this week about “Miami Vice”, and the cocaine connections with RHWOM, and now this, I don’t want to post a direct link to a state sex-offender database on your site SHW-’cause I’m not sure if that’s allowed, but the Bravo Message board has a link about 3/4 down the page.


  3. So–Sunday nights, RHWOC
    Mondays-Bethenny’s getting Married
    Tuessdays-RHWOM/(April 5th)Pregnant in Heels

    That leaves Wednesday, or Thursdays for NY? Unless NY is being moved to Fridays, or Saturdays?
    Maybe that tip about RHWONJ being on Saturdays was right after all?(May 7th).


  4. I watched the Miami phonies for the first time today and I say this larsa and as soon as she opened her mouth she turned me off. She looked familiar and THEN IT HIT ME, this is the broad that Pippins humiliated, his wife…she says she is confident, she is great, she is positive..let me tell you something embarrassment to women ,when have class it is something others see in you not you see so much in yourself…You larsa are a poor role model for girls and women after your husband cheated on you on tv he might as well of recoreded it, I would of took him to the cleaners because obviously you cannot be so confident about him, how could you?? we women know better larsa, you have false pride and are very stupid..I liked Marisol and the rest, he really made an idiot out of you larsa, everyone knew he did it and you know he did…do you need a man that bad???


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