Real Housewives of New Jersey… Who’s Tara???

NOTE:  The following schedule for the Real Housewives of New Jersey was taken from wikipedia; therefore, it’s probably not the actual schedule, nor the actual show titles.  As reader ‘HousewifeHater’ pointed out, it’s highly unlikely that Bravo would schedule the RHONJ to air on a Saturday.  I’m keeping the post, as it’s a creative wiki list and I still want to know about Tara… IMO, Tara is the reason that Tree went ballistic on Danielle over ‘BREAKING UP’ her family before she lunged at Danielle on the reunion show.

Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga, the RHONJ newbies…

Jackie, Tree, Danielle/Beverly/Angela (didn’t she leave?), Dina and Caroline

The episode list for Season Three of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has just been published on wikipedia (not very reliable):

Season 3: Episode List:

1. Welcome Back New and Old Housewives! May 7, 2011

2. Teresa Has Had Enough. May 14, 2011

3. Danielle Is Out. May 21, 2011

4. Happy Days, Sad Days. May 28, 2011

5. Jacqueline Says Goodbye? June 4, 2011

6. Kim G. Steps In– June 18, 2011

7. Paris is Like Jersey- June 25, 2011

8. Snooki Has Game- June 25, 2011

9. Fourth of July, Winter of July. July 2, 2011

10. Step In, Step Out, Take A Run- July 9, 2011

11. So You Think You Can’t Salsa?- July 16, 2011

12. Pay For Jay- July 23, 2011

13. Joe Pays for Tara’s Game- July 30, 2011

14. Deena Had Game- August 6, 2011

The episode title summarizes the show, and there aren’t really any big doings until episode #5,  Jacqueline Says Goodbye? Does this mean that Jackie is exiting the show?  Permanently?  The following episode’s title, Kim G. Steps In, could mean that Kim G. will be advanced to being more than the ‘Gladys Kravitz’  of the show??  Numbers 8 and 14, Snooki Has Game and Deena Had Game are making it clear that the RHONJ did a cross-over show with Jersey Shore.  Why?

Lucky #13 is the show that hopefully explains the big mystery that has been floating around the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Joe ‘Juicy’ Joo-dice for the past couple of years… that he has a child… a little boy that was born to his (alleged) side girlfriend, Tara G (or Tara D).

Andy trying to contain Tree… fail!

This is the reason that Tree got all up in Andy’s face and shoved him over to get to Danielle on the last reunion show and then got all up in Danielle’s face and screamed at her, “Do not break up my family!”

The nephew that Tree wants everyone to believe she went ballistic over…fail!

Tree immediately made the rounds of any talk show that would take her to explain that she actually said, “Do not BRING up my family!” Puh-leeze, Treetrunk, pay attention to yourself!  Go back and listen very carefully to the tape of the reunion (as I did) and you will hear yourself very clearly saying, “Do not BREAK up my family!” Danielle is a little sneak and knows a lot about the Franklin Lakes and Montville ladies and Danielle definitely hit a nerve with Tree at last season’s reunion show for Tree to react as she did.

One of the many comments re Tara:

Anonymous said…   “I want to tell you that I live here in the same town as Tara (Joe’s sicilian sidedish)and I can’t take another second of this.

Joe & Tara (or Beppe and Petit) have been together for a while. I spoke with her friend Alex who said they are all disgusted and surprised at the relationship. Tara comes from a wealthy and well connected family. Her father is a crazy sicilian.

Anyway,they meet up in Long Beach Island at her beach house and it’s easier to meet up now that Teresa is away a lot (like this weekend in Vegas)
Teresa: where was Joe the night of the christening? And the night you came back from Italy. He left the house and you know it, to “check on the pizza place” yeah right!
Joe is a jealous lunatic when it comes to Tara F (not G) she gorgeous, so what the hell is she doing with a broke loser her friends ask? It’s sexual supposedly.

She tweets to him in italian so he can keep tabs on her (again, because he’s jealous) Alexandra said when she posted her photo on her twitter he flipped out because he said if people find it “everyone will want to get in your pants and I’m going to go apeshit”
she hasn’t taken the photo down, but wrote on it to him .

According to her friend she secretly tweets under:   petiteposie

Also according to her friend, Joe is leaving Teresa asap. He can’t stand the cameras and press. He just wants to live quietly. Teresa is a fame whore and 15 minutes is up. Tara told her she’ll never come forward because she’s afraid of her family. ”

We’ll have to wait until July 30 to find out if Tara is the Tara everyone’s been talking about…