The Salamis… Scammer Update

The Salamis doin’ their usual smilin’, ‘cocked head’ pose

Michaele Salami just won’t give up and go away… remember her from the Real Housewives of DC???   She has entered this on her facebook page in the hopes that Bravo Andy will read it and remember who she is:

“A MS awareness “Real” message: “When Reality gets too Real for TV” Some TV executives struggle on how to deal with real life illnesses, in my case a Real Housewife with Multiple Sclerosis… How do you think a network like Bravo will handle it? These are the real hard issues that face persons with disabilities throughout the world with their employers or contractors. Watch what happens!”

NOTE: Is her message a dare to Bravo and Andy (TV executive) in particular?  If Bravo does not renew RHODC for a second season (which is not likely), will Missy have the big burglar balls to sue them for discriminating against a ‘disabled’ person?  Missy claims that she is afflicted with MS, but she has yet to produce any legitimate recent test results or doctor’s affidavits to confirm her diagnosis.  Scammer, con artist pros such as the Salamis will do anything to remain in the public eye and will do anything to generate income, such as suing Bravo and Miss Andy… Missy’s last line says it all:  ‘Watch what happens!’  Yeah, we’re watchin’ you, Missy…



Doin’ their usual pose…

WASHINGTON –More than a year after photogenic Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House and caused an uproar, it appears unlikely the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington will  file charges in the case, has learned.

That conclusion, according to a source, comes after an exhaustive investigation, and after some law enforcement officials had pushed for criminal charges.  The couple crashed the White House party on Nov. 24, 2009, and created an embarrassment for the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal authorities had reportedly been looking at possibly charging the couple with criminally trespassing or lying to a federal agent. But some observers inside the Beltway felt all along that it would have been a tough case to prosecute, particularly  considering that the couple insisted they were invited, did nothing to disguise themselves when they entered the White House, and even posed with the vice president.  Plus, in the end, fair to say, very few people in the public wanted to see the Salahis back in the limelight.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney’s Office, declined comment.


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  2. Unfortunately, without the Salamis the DC housewives would be like watching paint dry.
    Bravo made the mistake of not casting anyone else at all controversial or the least bit entertaining. Personally, I’d like to see the Salamis get what they deserve but I also think they were an asset to Bravo, being what it is.

    Thanks for the update. :)


  3. I think this was the plan all along. Michaele constantly made ludicrous references to being afraid of loosing her job “because of her illness” during the whole PR blitz during/right after the show. It made no sense, especially given that nobody even knew she “had” MS until she started claiming she did.

    The Salahis know they don’t have to “win” any Lawsuit they file against Bravo. They just have to count on Bravo wanting it to go away bad enough that they settle. They’re grifters; this is what they do.


  4. It was my understanding, that Michaele was fired even before the reunion show…and she knew it. Too bad Bravo didn’t have the cameras rolling, when Tareq threw the drink in Linda’s face and pushed his wife. They sure did get Tamara on film throwing her RED WINE in Jeana’s face. That, I can’t wait to see.


  5. What mycat said! Wow-they should hire you ccmycat!
    Salamis have a lot of nerve trying to use an illness for their benefit.
    I was actually worried there ’til you pointed-out the facts.
    It sure does look exactly like what SHW implies, extortion!
    I’ve been getting a message on my Facebook page that someone is posting funny stuff on the Salami’s page, because Salamis were not going to be around to delete this weekend-but I’m not that much of a FB expert to find it.


  6. Hello HWH…My BFF on this Blog…Do you know anything about the RHONJ in the Dominica Republic? And, wasn’t Michale fired?


  7. To HWH, I shy away from FB, because I have a 22 year old daughter that lives on it…Ignorance is bliss. You know what I’m saying?


  8. Ha ha Mycat-yeah, I know exactly what you mean about that.
    I have FB, but no idea how to use it.
    I signed-up because you have to have an account some times to be able to see what is there.
    Here’s the site where they keep-up with the Salamis:
    (don’t know if you have to, “friend”-them to see it?)
    About NJ-TMZ© has a report that the cast was present during a bar fight at the Hard Rock in the Dominican country where they went to tape last week.


  9. To HWH, I got off facebook a while back…My youngest daughter is “Goth”and I really can’t deal with her antics on FB. I have gotten on some sites that talk about the fight with the RHONJ. Some of them say that they weren’t involved, and some say Tree was. That’s what I’d like to know. See if you can find out. When alcohol is involved, that tends to lead to trouble.


  10. To HWH, I found the story on “Absurd to Sublime”.Check it out for me. I don’t want to say something that’s not true. “Love, Love, Love, You and MS.SH…Faboulacity!” That is exactly how I talk to my “Click Click!”


  11. I’ll send out invites to her birthday party…$60,000….NOT…In my mind she’d be worth it…not my husbands.


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