Oh, Come On Now, Nene…

Kim and Sweetie have a good working relationship, so what’s Nene’s problem with it??? Mind your own business, Nene…


First, Real Housewife NeNe Leakes accused Kim Zolciak of treating Sweetie Hughes, Kim’s assistant (above), like a “slave” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now that allegation has prompted a “Free Sweetie” crusade that Sweetie says is ruining her life. Atlanta radio host Rickey Smiley launched the campaign on Feb. 16 after NeNe called his morning show.

“They’re doing it for Black History Month, and it offends me,” Sweetie tells Life & Style. “They have pastors calling into the radio station and praying for me. They’ve taken it too far. NeNe’s jealous that she’s not as close to Kim as I am. I’ve known Kim for 11 years, since I was a kid. Kim’s a great friend to me. NeNe’s traumatizing my life. She’s bringing hell to it.”

“I never want to speak to NeNe again. My assistant Sweetie is so upset about the whole thing, she’s beside herself,” Kim tells Life & Style. “NeNe has problems.”

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11 comments on “Oh, Come On Now, Nene…

  1. On the Bravo Blog site, Phaedra said that Kim and Sweetie had a good relationship. IMO, NeNe just wanted something to rag on Kim about. I kinda thought they were both funny together, especially on the bus. I still can’t get over how NeNe took it upon herself to invite that awful Diane. I guess NeNe didn’t have the funds to stay at a hotel? And then that awful Diane gets all up in Kim’s face about how NeNe invited her and she was staying. Who does that?

  2. Kim and Sweetie should not have responded to that foolishness. They just gave NeNe exactly what she wanted. She’s sitting back now and having a good laugh. As Caroline would say, “You just handed it to her.”

  3. Don’t know what happened to NeNe. It’s like she’s enjoying self-destruction.
    There is nobody that could make Kim look good except NeNe.

  4. Boy these two (Nene and Kim) have the famewhore stroll down to a strut! Kim was just promoting her pregnancy and gets more attention by tossing Sweetie on the pile. Nene has her run on Celebrity Apprentice to promote so she’s gotta keep herself in the public eye. Sometimes I think Nene and Kim are really friendly business associates who cook up these “fights” to get press, get paid for their stories in the gossip mags and have a good laugh all the way to the bank. They can’t be that smart, right?

    • AOM: Geez… I thought I was the only one who thought that! I keep watching for cracks in their facade… if there is one. For example, Kim looked genuinely frightened of Nene on the bus when Nene was about to attack her again. If they had a pact going, maybe Nene would not have been as forceful or Kim may have broken her frightened look. Also, the first time Nene attacked Kim, Kim pursued Nene through legal channels, but at the last minute, dropped the charges. Do you think Nene would have taken it so far as to actually strangle Kim out in the street where there would be witnesses if they had an agreement? Or would Kim have filed a police report? But that was the first time, several years ago. I wouldn’t put anything past Kim or Nene. They are both very street smart and could carry something like this off… so if they do have an agreement, it is the tiny details that they will slip up on and that’s what I’m waiting for one of them to do. So far, they haven’t… they’re good, but they’re not perfect! SH

  5. In response to AngryOldMan…The hate they have, for one another, seems real. Do you think they are the REAL ACTRESSES? Nah!

  6. Okay MS.SH, What does AOM mean? You said there were no stoopid questions…and please excuse any rants I may I have. I have spent most of my day in a controlled enviroment to try and quit smoking. It’s hard! Should I ask Kim about how she did it? She said she weaned off after 5 weeks.

  7. Impossible…I’m 55 years old. NOT! And didn’t Nicole Kidman say that her mother had a baby really late in life? WHY?

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