Camille Is Now DonnaSntchMe..Donatacci

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Camille Grammer Donatacci was set free from her husband of 13 years, Kelsey.  Despite Camille’s performance on RHOBH that ‘proves’ how upset, destroyed, heartbroken, shattered and crushed beyond repair she is about the end of their blissful marriage, we all know that she was in it for the money… Camille got her $50 million and she’s probably out partying with DD and AlleyCat Doo-bwah… at least she will never have to go the ‘Prince Jefri’ route again…

Camille and Kelsey on their wedding day…

So, to commemorate Kelsey’s nuptials which took place at 3:30 pm today, let’s take a pictorial retrospective of Kelsey’s years with Miss Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

PHOTOS RHoBH’s Camille Donatacci Grammer on Club MTV

Ms. Donatacci is a member of the ‘Black Widow Hat’ Society…

Really, the best pictorial site for the person who had the humongous burglar balls to tell Faye Resnick that she was morally corrupt is here:

7 comments on “Camille Is Now DonnaSntchMe..Donatacci

  1. MS.SH, Now explain to my dumb southern ignorant ass, what is a “Prince Jefri”? Is it a “beard”? My husband explained to me what that was after a “Seinfeld” episode. Remember…no stoopid questions.


  2. I guess I was raised by wolves, under a rock, and as dumb as dirt. I swear I have a formal education…they just never taught me these things. I even asked my husband how the dead animals got onto the sides of the hiways after they were run over. “Are you serious?” He then went on to explain to me how people moved them there after they were dead, so as not to do anymore damage to their bodies. I’d have a 4.0 gpr if they had a housewife course in college.


  3. So Camille has been, allegedly, sleeping her way to the top? And she now has a 50 million dollar settlement? So where does Nick fit in? Will they pay off his wife…and do Nick and his wife have a baby?


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