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Social, the ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub’s new project on Wealth TV debuted three weeks ago.  After it’s first airing, I was surprised to see that Social turned up the following week as this program is a slap in the face to ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,’ the series to which Social was compared and attempted to replicate.

The Original Giude to the Luxury Lifestyle, Robin Leach

Robin Leach, the host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous lives in Las Vegas and has remained uncharacteristically quiet about this variation of his luxury lifestyle production.  This only says to me that Social is so alarmingly awful that Robin wants zero association with the sleazy Social.

Danielle… the poor, distant cousin trying to fit in with her rich relatives

Evidently, not all cable packages include Wealth TV… so for all who have been deprived of Danielle’s big jump up from reality TV to her own show, here is the latest episode of Social:   (**** Note*** Please look past the imperfect recording (my drapes are showing in the middle of the screen!) and audio.  This is the first time I’m using my Mac for this application…)  Here we go…

As you can see, the videos above are far from perfect, but that just fits in with Danielle and Social...

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12 comments on “Social… Outcast

  1. Thank-you for going to all of the trouble to share SHW, but when I clicked play I am getting, “This video is private”-on all three!
    This post is not a total waste, I think you just made my favorite post-title that I’ve seen in a long time-love it!

  2. And yeah-I find her calling herself, “Robin Leach’s replacement”-to be insulting to him and the public.
    She’s been quoted frequently with those exact words. If she really wanted the comparison so badly, “the new Robin Leach”, would have been better imho, but even daring to use his name takes nerve.

  3. Hello HWH…I thought you’d have your little squiggly avatar. I have missed you and your insight on things. The videos all came up private to me also. MS.SH will fix it. Who is this man on the screen?

    • cc/mc: Really sorry about the video not playing… it’s now fixed… hope you enjoy Danielle with “Prince” Malik!!! Her shows are getting worse instead of better as the weeks go on… SH

  4. To MS.SH and HWH, I went as far as calling my local cable company. It is not available in my area, was the response I got. No biggie.

  5. Got to give it to you SH…you got the latest, up to minute news!! Keep up the good work!

    Now about Danielle, her network does not exist on my cable list. Oh well…do we really care? Shes on 14 and a half minutes, tick tock…

  6. Maybe I should have demanded it, “Do you people at comcast cable realize that this is the new Robin Leach?” NOT!

  7. To MS.SH…I really thought Danielle would seem more desperate to snag him as a potential beau… great work MS.SH, I would never have gotten to see it without your help.

  8. Exactly Click, I was thinking the same thing. BUT…would a Prince marry a woman with a very explicit raunchy PORN video out?? And I do mean raunchy…ugh!

  9. Thanks for fixing the vid SHW!
    YUk! Who cares what kind-of toys this guy has?
    What’s with Danielle’s infatuation with toilets?
    This show reminded me more of MTV’s Cribs than Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.

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