Kim and Kroy’s Little Boy Bay-bee Bump…

Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is pregnant with Kroy ‘Atlanta Falcons’ Biermann’s bay-bee… everyone knows that.  When she and Kroy were Andy’s guests on the very first baby shower on Watch What Happens Live!, Kim told Andy that they knew the baby’s gender, but were not going to divulge that tidbit of top secret info. 
Miss Andy tried everything in his power to get Kim or Kroy to tell him if was a boy or girl, but Kim wasn’t gonna budge and Miss Andy knew not to push Kroy too much, if ya know what I mean.  So, neither of them said nothin’.   

Baby Shower… Woo-hoo!!!

But… remember Kim’s visit to her psychic?   Unlike Allysnake ‘Patricia Arquette… hold on, I gotta take another drag of steam from my blue plastic cigarette…Plays Me on TV’ Doo-bwah, Kim’s psychic was pretty much on-the-money about what she’s told Kim so far, and her psychic told Kim that she was having a boy.  So, if Kim’s psychic says that Kim is having a boy, then Kim better plop out a little bundle that has an appendage that requires a circumcision, ’cause Kim’s psychic doesn’t pretend to be a psychic, unlike that other psychically dormant rip-off on RHOBH who told Kyle and Kim what they wanted to hear only after she questioned them both before persuading them that her psychic abilities were worth payment.  

But, really, is this photo montage necessary????

Kim Zolciak put her baby bump on display while wearing bikinis in her Life & Style photo shoot.

Demi Moore started this pregnancy photo trend when she modeled nude while pregnant with Rumer for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.  Remember this from 20 years ago?:

The original naked pregnant pose… it’s been done to death… can’t someone think of something else???


4 comments on “Kim and Kroy’s Little Boy Bay-bee Bump…

  1. We have a psychic in my home town, named Elizabeth Barrett. She is alot like Kim’s psychic from way back. She is very spiritual, kind and modest. Not like that *itch Allison, or the one that Kyle and Kim went to. “Oh, he has nice teeth”. Duh? She saw a picture and said she should call him. What’s the area code? Kim only looks fat to me.


  2. Kim is disgusting through and through. I feel sorry for her teenage daughters having HER as their female role model. What has she been teaching them? To sleep her way until she finds the right sugar daddy (or momma) to take care of her. She screwed Kandi on both songs. Dresses and acts like a hookah. Came across dumb as a box of rocks at the reunion show. Based on comments online today over this photo shoot and article about the DD-list “celebrity”, people are so over her.


    • RV: Thanks for commenting! They might be over Kim on RHOA, but don’t be surprised if you see a spin-off with Kim, Kroy, Kim’s girls and baby boy coming soon. IMO, this is one more reason that Nene has the hates for Kim… everything that Nene wanted out of RHOA is being handed to Kim. As much as I despise Nene and think she’s a loud-mouth boughetto brute, I can feel Nene’s pain as it pertains to Kim. Don’t feel too bad for Nene, though, she will land on her feet in a big way… that’s my psychic prediction… SH


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