Manzo Bros Takin’ Hoboken

Seriously, Bravo?  Oh, I take that back, because we’re not sure yet why Chris and Albie Manzo are being filmed, so let me rephrase that question:  Seriously???  The Manzo boys will be turned into reality TV stars?  Will they be promoted as the clean-cut version of ‘The Jersey Shore?’  Albie was asked not to return to law school and Chris was working at The Brownstone.  The two of them combined don’t conjure up the word ‘excitement,’ or ‘excite,’ or even the letter ‘e’… well, maybe ‘eh.’  Yeah, that fits them… eh.  As this article describes, the Manzo boys are big in Hoboken and getting ready for their reality tv debut…

ON THE WATERFRONT – The Manzo Brothers from the famous show Real Housewives of New Jersey are now living in Hoboken, at 333 River St. Hey, there’s Albie in the window!!!

“Will the next big TV reality show focus on two twentysomething guys from the suburbs dating and partying in Hoboken? (Rumors throughout the media suggest that the sons of one of the stars of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” show – Albie and Chris Manzo, who now live in a pricey apartment on the Hoboken waterfront – may be filming a reality show about their bachelor exploits here.

Caroline, Chris and Albie… she made an offer that Miss Andy couldn’t refuse… make my boys STAHS!!

The brothers spoke with The Reporter in an interview on Friday, but could not address details about a possible new show.  The Manzos are the two sons of Franklin Lakes resident Albert Manzo, who owns the Brownstone banquet hall in Paterson, and his wife Caroline, one of the more prominent housewives on Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” show. The show depicts catfights and challenges among a group of families in the Jersey suburbs.

Last week, the brothers said they enjoy their new home in Hoboken, where they moved only three months ago.  “As far as living in Hoboken, it’s like being back in college,” Albie said. “And Chris never went to college, so it’s like he’s a freshman at Hoboken U.” (Ivy League all the way…)

Albie is the older brother who recently was dismissed from law school due to poor grades, but was trying to go back. His mother said on the show that his difficulties were due to a longtime learning disability. (puh-leeze!) Christopher, the younger brother, has mused that it’s his dream to own combination car wash/strip clubs. (Probably wouldn’t pass muster at the Hoboken Zoning Board.) However, Chris also has a nerdy side, since he recently appeared on a reality show about dating, “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” and took his date to Medieval Times. (That’s not nerdy, that’s pathetic)

Now that the two have left home, they are enjoying the mile-square city, they both said. ‘It was like a madhouse’  “We were walking by Carlo’s Bakery and people noticed us; it was like a madhouse,” Albie said on Friday, referring to the bakery that is the location of yet another reality show being filmed in Hoboken, “Cake Boss.” Albie added, “It’s the people there [visiting Carlo’s] that like the Jersey reality shows, but we enjoy [getting noticed elsewhere]. We don’t think we’re famous. When we get noticed, it’s like it’s happening again for the first time.”

Buddy scaring Chris and Albie away from his bake shop…

“You almost think they’re making fun of you,” Chris jokingly said of the large crowds that get excited when they see the pair around town. (They ARE making fun of you, Chris…)  Albie said residents should not fear the fact that the two are here.  “We like it in Hoboken,” Albie said. “We’re not really party boys. Chris is out a lot more than I am. We’re having fun.”  Chris retorted: “That’s a nice way of saying he’s boring and I’m not.”

An employee of 333 River St., which boasts Manhattan skyline views and some rents above $3,000 per month, said camera crews have visited the building, where the brothers live on one of the higher floors facing the waterfront.  “Sometimes they let us know there will be a crew filming,” the employee said. “They’ve filmed about three times here.”  The employee said the production is quiet.  “You don’t see that much partying [from the brothers],” the employee said. “Friends come to visit, relatives come to visit, but it’s not like a train of females are coming and going.”  (Maybe they’re making quiet porno films…)

The employee also said the brothers have been keeping a low profile and are relatively “quiet and pleasant.” The building has not had “one single complaint” about the two living in the building.  A publicist for Bravo would not reveal whether a new show is being filmed. The current filming may be part of an upcoming season of the existing “Real Housewives of New Jersey” show.  A resident of 333 River St. who just wanted to be known as David admitted that watching reality shows like “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is a guilty pleasure.  “I found out they’re living in the building, but I haven’t bumped into them yet,” he said. “They’ve been really respectful because no one has said anything or complained as far as I know.”  A 40-year-old resident who has lived in the building for five years said she was not aware that the brothers were living there. She said she doesn’t often watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but if a show was filmed in her building, she might change her mind.  “Absolutely I would watch,” she said. “Definitely, that would be funny.”

Another resident, a 42-year-old who works in finance in New York City, said he’s seen other members of the family roaming around the building, but not the brothers.  “I can’t say I haven’t seen the show [Real Housewives], because I have watched it a few times and I know who the guys are,” he said. “One day I was walking the dog and I actually saw the short haired, red headed one [Caroline Manzo] walking into Trinity, the restaurant at the bottom of 333 River St. I thought ‘Hey that’s the woman from the show. I know her.’ ”

If you see this Caroline Manzo in your building, stay away…

It wasn’t the only time the resident ran into Caroline.  “A week later I happened to be taking the elevator, and sure enough there she was waiting,” he said. “So obviously she knew somebody in the building. Those are the two times I saw her.”  The man said she seemed very polite, smiled, and knew people were looking at her.

Hoboken has apparently greeted the pair with open arms.  “The W [Hotel] is throwing us a welcome to Hoboken party [tomorrow] night for those who missed the [Nov. 11] party,” Albie Manzo wrote on his Twiter account in November. Albie has also posted different Hoboken happenings such as celebrating a “huge night” at the Chandelier Room in Hoboken in January. Christopher has posted photos of the view of snowy Hoboken from his balcony. (He posted the photos on his bulletin board in his bedroom)

Lucky for the residents of 333 River St., it’s not like the boisterous cast of Jersey Shore has invaded.Still, the bar scene will be represented. An employee of the Wicked Wolf, a downtown bar near 333 River St., confirmed that the brothers are regular diners of the establishment, and said she has seen the two being filmed inside the bar. AHoboken has been featured in other reality shows, including the aforementioned TLC hit show “Cake Boss,” filmed five blocks from the Manzos’ residence.  Meanwhile, with Hoboken’s popular St. Patrick’s Day parade coming up March 5, it’s likely there will be plenty for the camera crews to film the brothers if they decide to stay in town and party.