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Remember last month when Gregg Leakes’ 34-year-old son, Damien, said he was going to ‘start talking’ about Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Nene Leakes and her husband (Damien’s father) Gregg?  Well, he’s talkin’ again! 

Linnethia Leakes

Listen as Gregg tries to justify everything to his son Damien during a heated interview on the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103, an Atlanta radio station.  It seems that Damien is feeling like he and his siblings missed out on all the fame and riches that goes along with being a reality TV star. But, according to Gregg, the only reason that he and his younger sons (Bryson and Brent) were on RHOA was because they happened to be living in the house while the show was being filmed.  “You’re going about it the wrong way,” said Greg. “I had no control over that show whatsoever. I’m not a housewife.”

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Most RHOA viewers believe that the Greg and NeNe drama is scripted for TV, but Damien said that his father and Nene are really considering going through with the divorce even though no papers have been filed.  With Diana Gowins by Nene’s side, Nene is probably done’ considering’ and has filed for divorce.

Nene and Gregg

Damien has said that NeNe owes Gregg something like $300,000 that he loaned her for all that plastic surgery she had… but if Nene had $300,000 worth of work done, she got royally ripped off, ’cause she is still needy in the beauty department. Here’s the big question, though… how did Gregg get his hands on $300,000 to give to Nene in the first place???

Before and After photos, just for the hell of it:

Nose job


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  1. I listened to the radio interview…and IMO Gregg seems very leveled headed. the peace keeper…or a politcian. What does his son want from him? His son even admitted that Grandaddy sent the kids Xmas money. I also wanted to know where Gregg got $300,000 for NeNe. I have to admit I felt sorry for him when he tried to apologize to NeNe. Hey, but I felt sorry for Dwight when those mean girls attacked him at the shoe showing…last years shoes…and they did look like that, as I love shoes.


  2. I enjoy the schadenfreude as much as the next television viewer, but picking on NeNe’s looks seems to me to be unfair, unnecessary, and mean.

    NeNe is a very striking woman. I think she looks fine; indeed, I like the way she looks because she’s so unusual. So she had her nose done and lipo…that seems like not very much considering some of the other housewives.

    I get that hating the housewives is fun, but can we do it without attacking them for things that are just silly and also a matter of subjective interpretation?


  3. ToMS.SH, I just feel so sorry for old people. He is probably a BSer. I can’t wait to see Peter. He will show his a** , or embarass her, as he always seems to do.


  4. I have mixed feelings about Gregg and Nene. On one hand I find Gregg rather boring and not an assertive man at all. But having watched Nene’s very vocal and flamboyancy through out the seasons, perhaps she needs a more grounded spouse or boyfriend.

    Nene seems to have this need to be THE center of attention at all times, and if she had a spouse that was just like her, I think they would have battled for equal attention and be long divorced by now.

    I am a champion of womens equality and rights, BUT Nene gives women a bad name; with her constant loudness, mean spirit and crude diva antics. What we thought was amusing the first season, has shown her to be a shallow, loud, crass, person.

    NO intelligent straight male, black or white, could be attracted to her. She has had her 15 minutes.


  5. Sometimes ppl have social flaws and they learn from making a fool out of themselves! Yes NeNe is Flambouyant but what about the other cunniving bitches LIKE sheree with a small “s” withfield also with a small “w”, she is very vendictive and EVILLLLLLLLLLLLL thats why evrything she tries flops, she’s jealous of the lil blackineese one what’s her name..”LISA” yeah she’s jealous of LISA and Her husband! she’s the reason evryone’s got such a bad impression of NeNe then the bitch turns around on the reuinon of season 1 and rats out POOR, POOR STUPID KIM! I think NeNe’s the REALEST! She should have her own reality show and call it The REALEST Housewife of ATL!


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