Nene Leakes Husband in Fight…

Mind you, is reporting this as a RUMOR… but, you know how rumors are (most of them are TRUE!)…   Soooo, maybe those RUMORS about Nene being pregnant are true…

Nene Leakes


January 20, 2011. Here’s a breaking report, sent in by an MTO spy:


“Just seen NeNe Leakes of Atlanta Housewives with [a man who looked like] NFL football player, Charles Grant outside a 24-hour supermarket just minutes after 1:00AM in Alpharetta, GA.

While [the man] and NeNe’s husband, Greg, wrestled for what seemed to be car keys. The altercation lasted about 10 minutes but was stopped by an officer in a private security vehicle. NeNe Leakes left the scene as a passenger in what appeared to be [the new BF's] vehicle.”


Charles Grant, Nene Leakes

Gregg and Nene Leakes



Danielle’s Show Promo..

Ex-cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub‘s new show, ‘Social‘, will premiere February 9 on Wealth TV.

The first guest that Danielle ‘socializes’ with is Sir Ivan…here’s the promo video:

More here:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Guess The Housewife…

A VERY interesting blind item posted on

Housewife Enjoys A Morning Bump

CDAN – Which Real Housewife (in a city currently airing) enjoys a little wake me up c*caine every morning?

Click here to read the comments/guesses:

Nene Explaining and Apologizing…

Ms. Nene Leakes talked with (more like tryin’ to bulls*** and tried to explain what really happened on the bus (yeah… OK, Nene explain away), what Jermaine Dupree really said (more explainin’) and why she might not be back for the next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (if you have so many irons in the fire, maybe you should go ahead with one of them):

Real Housewives of Atlanta

What did Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes think when she saw herself get into a screaming match with on-again, off-again friend Kim Zolciak?

“It’s an embarrassing thing to see as a mother and as an adult,” Leakes said in an interview Tuesday. “I apologize to my viewers and fans, and to my children and family and friends who love and care about me. …I apologize to them for them having to see me stoop to such a trashy level.  When you fool with trash, it can get all over you.”  Leakes and Zolciak seemed to be in an OK place — i.e. alternating between back-biting and sniping about the other wives over wine — all-season long. But in Sunday’s volatile bus blow-out, the friendship that survived the war over “Tardy for the Party” and an alleged choking reached an end.  At least, that’s how Leakes sees it.  “That was totally it for me,” she said.

Leakes explained to what viewers didn’t see during that episode — including what Jermaine Dupree really said about Zolciak — and why she’s unsure about her future on Real Housewives.

Buh-bye Nene What set you off? It seemed sudden when you got really upset over Kim inviting Don Juan and Sweetie to stay in the house during Cynthia’s Miami weekend.
NeNe Leakes:
That’s not what started it for me. You have to understand that there was a lot going on that you guys didn’t get to see. That argument lasted probably for two hours. I didn’t want to get on the bus, let’s be very clear about that. I had been around Kim and [her assistant] Sweetie before, when they call each other “b—-” and “dumb b—-” and “do this,” “do that,” it doesn’t have anything to do with being black, but I find it offensive to sit around and listen to that all day long.  Also, I was going through my own personal stuff. What was going on with you at that time that?
It was a very, very bad time. I was not healthy at the time, and [Leakes' husband] Greg and I were in a real bad place in our marriage. I really shouldn’t have been on the bus. Everyone that I worked with knew that I shouldn’t have been on the bus — so, they probably wanted me to be on the bus for those reasons. Did you feel obligated to stick up for Sweetie?
I’m not sticking up for Sweetie, I’m just saying I couldn’t take it anymore. When I entered the bus, everybody was complaining. They only show me complaining, but everyone complained… Kandi, Kandi’s backup singers, everyone. Yes, Sweetie wants to be talked to that way, fine, but it’s offensive when you around a group of people to just sit there and say those words all day long. By the time Kim said Don Juan and Sweetie should stay at the house, I was like, “No! They can’t!” I was saying that, but really I meant, “I really have had it with you.” That’s really what I was saying to Kim. Prior to the bus, were you and Kim OK with each other?
Yeah, we were cool prior to being on the bus. We were on speaking terms. We were cool. Because you visited specifically to watch her and Kandi perform on tour, right?
Right. But being friends with Kim, if you knew her, you’d know you have to walk on egg shells. She’s always offended. Mind you, she can say anything she wants to say to you or about you — but you can’t say nothing about her or who she’s dating. She can ask you all the questions she wants, and make all the jokes and comments she wants, but you can’t do the same with her. Going into a relationship with her is one-sided. The moment you got out of your seat, what happened there?
I got up out of my seat because I feel like Kim is a child. I feel like you need to get up, like you would do for your child, get down to their level, look them dead in the eye, and say, “I’m not playing with you. I am dead serious. You need to shut your mouth now.” That’s what I feel she needs. It’s almost like you need to wake that b—- up. My intentions were to get in her face and let her know, “Listen, don’t play with me. I’ve had it.” Then I sat down, and we argued again. We argued until we got to Miami. She was very upset that you brought up her name to Jermaine Dupree. Fair? Leakes: I asked him about Kim and Kandi. You guys didn’t see all of it, but he had very good comments to say about “Tardy for the Party” — and he had bad things to say about Kandi. It’s funny how they decided to play Kim, because they knew Kim would take offense. That’s how she is, whether it’s negative or not you can never bring her name up. Had they played what he said about Kandi, she probably would have said, “Alright, whatever,” and let it go.

And it was nothing! All I said was, “Do you think people should get in the business at 20 or is it OK at like 32, which Kim’s age?… She sang ‘Tardy for the Party.’ Have you heard of it before?” And he was like “Yes, I’ve heard of it. It was a good song. I like the beat.” And I was like, “Do you think she can sing?” And he said, “Now I didn’t say all that.” He was really playful with it. His delivery was really nice. Of course, they didn’t play all that. It’s [an interviewer's] job to ask the questions that the viewers want to hear the answers to. It was simply my job. Is there something about Kim that’s made you angry in general? You seemed to be more angry this season…
I don’t know what show you’re watching, but I think I’ve had a good season. You’ve seen for the past several episodes me working at 11 Alive. Early on in this season, there was a clip of me and Dwight going at it, and one of me and Greg, and the time when I talked to my son, but those things happened awhile ago.

Just being friends, well, not friends, but being an associate of Kim is just a stressful thing. I’ve been married for 14 years, so for me to even hang out with a chick who’s sleeping with a married man was already stressful. I had to hear it from my husband and girlfriends who are hanging around me like, “You really need to cut her off.” Big Poppa and his wife lived in my neighborhood at the time, so I was getting it from everybody. They were like, “You need to not hang out with her.” … No, I just think that Kim not a genuine person. I lost my temper, for sure, but I feel like anyone would lose their temper if they had been sitting around not being able to get off that bus. You said in October that you and Kim were fine, that you had “love-hate relationship” and that she was “hilarious.”  Then on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live!, you said you haven’t spoken to her in six months.
Well, see, I’m on a show, and I guess you know that, and there are only certain things I can say until you guys see the episode. So when you guys are seeing an episode when we’re cool, I have to say, “We’re cool.” I can’t be like, “No, we’re not cool.” Then I would be giving away storyline. Or you could not say anything at all. So to clarify, in October you were not cool with Kim?
I haven’t spoken to Kim in six months. I will never speak to Kim ever again. Did you ever consider not participating in the show because of what was happening in your personal life?
Oh, absolutely! The whole time I was shooting this show, not one person — and I mean from the top of Bravo to the damn bottom — not one person said, “Let me sit down and just talk to you. How are doing? How are you really handling this situation? How is it that you’re able to get up and go to work and send Brent off to school every day and really be able to shoot and do all of these things and take criticism?” I would really have appreciated that. Why did you keep going?
I had to. I had to continue to work. I have to provide. But I’m not excited about doing a fourth season, I’ll tell you that. But are you considering it?
Nope. Right now, I’m just not interested in doing a fourth season. I don’t know if I would change my mind later. With everything going on in my life, I can’t work with a bunch of women who are non-supportive. I can’t work with a bunch of women who don’t support one another. I just can’t work like that anymore. For my own sanity. Let’s say this was your last season. What else are you working on right now?
Leakes: I have a lot of irons in the fire. Let’s just say that.

Nene’s big mouth goin’ off

NOTE:   IMO, Andy Cohen and Bravo had a little talk with Nene about her aggressive behavior on RHOA and gave her the option of either being publicly fired or letting her quit to save face.  Nene has been dropping hints before this interview that she will not be back next season.   The precedent for bad behavior was set on Bravo’s Top Chef when Cliff Crooks was asked to leave after he pinned Marcel Vigneron down and tried to shave his hair. Nene should not get a pass for attacking Kim…twice!

Photos of ‘Nasty’ Nene just for the hell of it:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: A Look Back…From Casting to Filming…From “The Daily Truffle”

The Daily Truffle is written by a group of friends who grew up in Beverly Hills and has been privy to inside info about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from the very beginning…   they were even asked to help cast the show!!!  Please visit their site which can be found on the right, listed on “blogroll.”

Taylor Armstrong to be the “business woman” in the group.  (

Let’s take a look back at The Daily Truffle‘s posts about how the RHOBH evolved… from the casting call to filming

March 21, 2010… the original casting call:

> Evolution Media, producers of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,”
> is casting its next show in the Beverly Hills area. We are seeking
> upscale, affluent women living fabulous and glamorous lives.
> Bravo is looking for outgoing, exciting, strong, focused women who
> reside in and around the Beverly Hills area that want to share their
> lives. We are looking for women who are lively and energetic, with
> defined opinions and views. Our featured women should have busy lives,
> be involved with the community, have a strong work ethic, and an active
> social calendar. Most importantly, they should be enjoying the good
> life.
> The women, significant others and families must be open to sharing
> their experiences with the producers and the television audience.
> Please email your: name, age, a bit about you, where you live, a
> current photo(s) and a contact phone number!

I immediately thought of a few names that could really elevate the show from the nasty not-so-real or even realisitcly wealthy Real Housewives elsewhere on their other shows. Money is hardly about show, showing off and showing down. Money in Beverly Hills does not give you bragging rights – in fact it’s purpose is to allow you to live far above that.

For a very long time, Bravo and Evolution deliberated over 2 groups of 5 very qualified women. And along the way word on the streets of Beverly Hills changed and swayed … but it became very clear Kyle Richards would be the shoe-in.

Kyle is beautiful and very well known around town. She is sisters of Kim Ricahrds, a very much loved child actress from Race to Witch Mountain and also Tuff Turf with James Spador! Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky were living in Bel Air near Mulholland – though I hear the home was recently for sale.

The second Beverly Hills Housewife we heard about is a woman named Lisa Todd who was once Lisa Vanderpump and quite a sexy dish on Baywatch. Lisa married Kenneth Todd, a realtor, and lives in Beverly Park. Lisa and Kyle are said to be good friends.

The third Beverly Hills Housewife I got so excited about, I practically fell of my chair, is really the one to watch when the show airs, and even as it begins taping this month in March.

This woman is Adrienne Maloof.

Adrianne Maloof is important for so many reasons to Bevelry Hills, California and the West Coast for indusrial, financial and social reasons. She is the daughter of Colleen & George J. Maloof, Sr., and sister of the four Maloof brothers Joe Maloof, Gavin Maloof, George J. Maloof, Jr. and Phil Maloof.

These are big names in Las Vegas and throughout California. They have owned the Sacramento Kings and the home stadium, ARCO Arena, and The Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. George Maloof, Jr. is the most high-profile of all the children and is a regular with younger celebrity circles, like Paris Hilton, etc.

E! News recently claimed to know the final two housewives, as had numerous other websites throughout the last year, including Nicole Richie’s mom, Kelsey Grammer’s wife and Kyle Richard’s sister, but we have heard nothing that convinces us yet. Obviously Kyle’s sister could be an obvious choice, but I wonder why Bravo would  loose 1/5 of their story lines since the two are always together and that could really just up being one for the price of two. We have also heard one of Adrienne’s bff’s could be cast, name will not be mentioned PER BRAVO’s polite request. And the rumors about Kelsey Grammer’s wife and Nicole Richie’s mom … well, we havent heard anything about those two … yet.

Production of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills officially begins in March and the cast has a 10 month commitment, and The Daily Truffle is sooooooo excited!!!


TOLDJA!! BRAVO finally announces the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!

by: Caroline – August 31st, 2010 26 Comments

UPDATE: DECEMBER 13, 2010: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has spurred casting for a second show – this time a multipart documentary about women in Beverly Hills Read more here.

As many of you know, The Daily Truffle is written by a bunch of friends who grew up together in Beverly Hills. So of course it has been common knowlege on the “street” for quite some time this show was happening! We were even asked to help cast it and suggested many of the women who were in the final 10!! Bravo choose 6 of those 10:

  1. Adrienne Maloof (who we know as the Maloof’s sister who throws the best Christmas party in town)
  2. Kyle & Kim Richards (who we know as Nicky & Paris Hilton’s aunts)
  3. Lisa Todd Vanderpump (who we know as a Baywatch babe and co-owner of a newer restaurant on Camden and Brighton)
  4. Taylor Ford Armstrong (who we know as a philanthropist and Kyle’s friend)
  5. Camille Grammer (who we dont know but hear is Kelsey Grammer’s ex wife and a former playboy bunny)

Here is our post from 2009:

“We hear Kyle & Kim Richards, aunts of Paris Hilton, are signed to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills … shhhhh!”

Kathy Hilton, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards – Photo by © Glenn Harris

Though Bravo has not confirmed it, I’ve have heard several reports that at least one of Kathy Hilton’s beautiful sisters could very well be the belle of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which officially begins production in March!

Bravo has been deliberating between two groups of five hopeful Beverly Hills housewives  since the Spring but I have just gotten word production will begin in March, which means its decision time!

“Bravo wanted to build the cast around some Hiltons, yes Kyle is one of them, I think Kim too … but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings ” – an anonymous source close to the project told The Daily Truffle

My source also tells me Lisa Todd, owner of Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, and a close friend of Kyle, is in the running as well.

Sources also say it’s possible Kim will be cast or else she could be featured in sister Kyle’s scenes.

The source says: “Production officially begins in March and the cast has a 10 month commitment. Bravo is continuing with callbacks now for the remaining spots on the show.”

Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, sisters of Kathy Hilton, is also the aunt of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton! First Paris, then Kathy, even Nicky’s boyfriend David Katzenberg has a semi-scripted show on MTV now called “Hard Times”. It makes sense that Kathy’s sisters would follow.

Kyle Richards (born in Hollywood in 1969) is an L.A. native and is five years apart from Kim Richards (born 1964) and ten years apart from Kathy Hilton (nee Kathy Richards, born 1959).

Kyle has been on niece Paris’s two reality series The Simple Life and My New BFF. She is married to Mauricio Umansky, a realtor in Beverly Hills and Beverly Park, at Hilton and Hyland, the same place Paris’ dad Rick Hilton works.

Kim and Kyle were both accomplished actresses – here are some of my favorite credits …

Kim Richards: Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), No Deposit, No Return (1976) and Return to Witch Mountain (1978), Black Snake Moan (2006), Tuff Turf (1985), Meatballs Part II (1984), “Diff’rent Strokes” (1979), “Little House on the Prairie” (1974)

James Spader, Kim Richards and Robert Downey Jr. in”Tuff Turf”

Kyle Richards: “ER” (21 episodes, 1998-2006), “Little House on the Prairie”, Halloween (1979), and episodes of “Love Boat”, “Fantasy Island”, and “Beverly Hills, 90210″. She also played the younger version of her sister’s character in “Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)”. Both sisters were on “Disneyland.”

Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky were living in Bel Air near Mulholland – the home is currently for sale for $2,925,000, lowered from $3,450,000.

Lisa Todd aka Lisa Vanderpump Todd co-owns Villa Blanca in Bev Hills with her husband Kevin Todd, a British restaurateur. Lisa is/was an actress; she appeared in “Baywatch” during the mid-1990′s.

If these two are in the show, we will likely be visiting them at their really pretty home in Beverly Park. Pictures of Lisa Todd’s house in Beverly Park:

Last year, we were told the network was still deliberating over two groups of five ladies that had been selected over the summer. Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County was cast in much the same process – asking casting directors to develop two story-lines around two different casts – and then letting Bravo executives and producers pick between the two.

I am guessing Bravo was so amped up about the Richards sisters (who wouldnt be!), they have been working with them to develop an agreeable storyline and maybe even have cater to their schedules. Bravo has been quiet about their unexpected delay in casting and it’s almost certainly something along these lines.

The network’s call backs for those extra three spots are still happening – I’ve heard reports on that I’ve been asked not to discuss tell the cast is solidified. But just for fun, here are some hints at the contending finalists – keeping them extremely vague and will NEVER reveal those not cast unless they email me personally at and tell me it’s ok. Best of luck ladies! – add us on facebook!

1. not caucasian (out of running – name will not be revealed)

2. has lots of brothers (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) *This was ADRIANNE!

3. an L.A. native (out of running – name will not be revealed)

4. flies (out of running – name will not be revealed)

5. something O (out of running – name will not be revealed)

6. rhymes with Yale (out of running – name will not be revealed)

7. Brentwood dweller (out of running – name will not be revealed)

8. Has 3 names! (cast!! cant mention named – per Bravo!) **This was Taylor Ford Armstrong!!

9. as for the rumor spreading about Nicole Richie’s mother – none of our sources have reported this, yet.

So says Bravo at last ~ March 10, 2010 circa 11:30am ~

The hit Bravo franchise heads to the glamorous city that defines luxurious wealth and pampered privilege, a city where being seen and who you know is everything – Beverly Hills. This one-hour docu-series is being produced by Evolution Media (“The Real Housewives of Orange County”) for Bravo with Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Kathleen French and Dave Rupel as executive producers, and Alex Baskin as co-executive producer.

jillzarin Fan ‘Adores’ Her…Sad

For everyone wondering about the ‘Aussie girl‘ who has tunnel vision when it comes to Real Housewives of New York‘s jillzarin, she replied to a question I submitted to her earlier this month.  I thought that ‘Aussie girl’ s view of jz would start to crack and she would begin to see the real jillzarin as she continues her communication with her, but it looks like that’s not gonna happen.  ‘Aussie girl‘s view of jillzarin is stuck on ‘worship.’

This is my final post on about ‘Aussie girl‘ and jz… ‘Aussie girlis a hopeless case.

Ally, jillzarin (with Ginger) and Richard Belzer looking completely embarrassed that he got caught in a photo op with jillzarin…

Q:  What did JillZarin send you for Christmas?  A note, her book, an acknowledgement of your adoration…anything? Thanks!

A: I didn’t expect anything. I don’t adore her to get acknowledgement. But she does acknowledge The Gingerettes and I. I have talked to her via twitter and emails plenty of times, where she has praised and said thank you. Jill is such a beautiful person and she doesn’t have to prove her self to anyone by giving things. To me words are very powerful. xo

jillzarin after reading ‘Secrets of a Jewish Mother’…

NOTE: Geez, you would think that with all the free publicity ‘Aussie girl’ gives jillzarin via her ‘Gingerettes’ site, that jillzarin would send the girl a copy of her book!    OH…. hold the phone…according to tweets between ‘Aussie girl’ and jillzarin, there are only 86 Gingerettes!  No wonder jillzarin didn’t send her a book!!!

Tweets: (Gingerettes tweets not shown…they are not a celeb.  Hmmm…in that case, jillzarin’s tweets shouldn’t be shown either.)

My Original Post:

Kandi Koated Moves

While I was looking for something else, I came across this video from November 2009 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Kandi Burruss and Fantasia doing some stripper moves during rehearsal. This video (and its extended version) was pulled from YouTube by Kandi, but it keeps poppin’ up!

NOTE: Is that really Fantasia’s voice? It has gotten higher since her American Idol days. And, did you know that the movie (Disney’s Fantasia, released in 1940) was named after her? Yeah… OK… we’ll just let her keep on believing’ that…

NENE LEAKES: NayNay On WWHL After Show With Iman…Oh, No No Nene…

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star (in her own mind), Nene Leakes, appeared with Iman on last night’s Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. It has been at least six months since the actual filming of RHOA and Nene still brings up Kim every chance she gets.  Within minutes of WWHL, Nene is talking about Kim.

Nene has quickly become an irritating loudmouthed boughetto attention hog and a very poor loser.

Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak

IMO, Nene is clearly jealous of Kim Zolciak personally and what teeny little singing career Kim has going with Kandi Burrus.  Jealous enough to nearly strangle Kim…again! The first time Nene assaulted Kim was in July, 2009 and a police report was filed against Nene; however, Kim dropped the charges.

Watching Iman with Nene, the contrast is crystal clear.  It is easy to see that Iman is everything Nene wishes she were:  beautiful, calm, poised and self confident.

Why does Andy Cohen encourage, promote and put up with Nene?

Watch the WWHL After Show, Part I…  Nene calls Sweetie a ‘monster with lip gloss’ and sings her ‘theme song’ for Andy:

WWHL After Show, Part II:

NOTE: Nene is the founder of the Twisted Hearts Foundation, which aims to help battered women… this is ironic as Nene has assaulted Kim twice on camera.  Nene needs therapy for her anger issues.

The Real Housewives of NY… What’s Up With Cindy Barshop?

The ‘Real Housewives of New York, Season Four, premieres Tuesday, February 15.  The illustration above is Bravo’s PR photo for the new season.

All of the Housewives look their typical selves… but what’s up with newbie Housewife Cindy Barshop?   IMO, she’s dressed like a sophomore on break from NYU!

According to her bio on Bravo’s site, Cindy, 46, is an accomplished business woman, owning several ‘Completely Bare‘ spas in NY and FL, and she is the mother of one-year old twin girls.

Cindy Barshop… a little better than the Bravo PR photo…

Cindy’s  ‘Completely Bare‘ spas were put on the map by offering ‘vajazzeling‘ … the ‘vajazzeling technique’ was explained by Jennifer Love Hewitt on ‘The George Lopez Show:’

So, back to Cindy’s ‘look’ on the Bravo PR photo…

Note to Cindy:

You can be friends with Koo-Koo Kelly, but please don’t take fashion advice from her…or take ANY advice from her.

Sincerely, Your Friend… SH

Let’s Visit Phaedra Parks!

Let’s start off the week by visiting another Real Housewives of Atlanta home… the home of Phaedra Parks, as published in the Atlanta Constitution…
Entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks has gained recognition after being cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The Athens native's new family -- she married Apollo Nida last November -- was integral to her decision to join the cast of the reality TV show. "I was approached by Bravo. I worked with Bravo on the second season as an attorney for one of the castmates on the show. The casting experience might have been a little different for me because of that relationship," Parks says.
Entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks has gained recognition after being cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Athens native’s new family was integral to her decision to join the cast. ”I was approached by Bravo. I worked with Bravo on the second season as an attorney for one of the castmates on the show. The casting experience might have been a little different for me because of that relationship,” Parks says.
Parks has lived in her 4,100-square-foot brick home for nine years. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. ”My interior is transitional,” she says. ”My (home’s) interior blends traditional and contemporary characteristics that are unified by color and design choices.” Taupes and purples were used in her living room.
“I did not use a designer because I love to create and decorate myself,” Parks says. “However, I did consult with Rion Price, who is a very well-known interior designer, for advice on placement choices of furniture and wallpaper, which is my weakness. I used custom wallpaper to compliment and accent my furniture and paint choices.” One of the custom wallpapers can be seen in the dining room.
Promise Fulfilled,” an original work of art that is Parks’ favorite piece, is mounted beside a window and her son’s tall chair in the breakfast nook. It was created by Kevin Williams, an Atlanta resident whose work has been commissioned by Bernie Mac and Oprah Winfrey. “I love social pieces that really tell a historical perspective of what education means to different cultures,” Parks says.
I love wallpaper,” Parks says. Custom-designed wallpaper was used in the study (shown), formal dining room, an accent wall in the guest room, over the fireplace in the living room, the nook in the foyer and each of the five bathrooms.
Christmas is the fondest memory in my home” Parks says. “I love to cook and entertain. Every Christmas I cook dinner for my family and friends. I usually have 25-plus guests.”
Parks transformed her basement into an in-law/guest suite with a private entrance, full kitchen and bathroom. Another of the custom wallpapers, this one with black chandelier outlines on a hot pink background, accent the toilet and vanity.
“The family area and the basement (shown) are usually the most popular gathering areas. I am an avid gardener,” Parks says. “I have an English-style flower garden. Grandiflora and Knock Out roses, as well as Asiatic, Easter and Stargazer lilies, are the highlight of my garden.” On gambling with her credibility, Parks thinks, “My clients all know who I am … I was very forthcoming with them when I made the decision to do the show. They are all a part of the process.”
The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is immortalized in a vivid portrait montage that Bravo’s Andy Cohen gave Parks “to celebrate the third season of the show.” One week before her Housewives debut, Parks hadn’t seen any of the episodes. ” I always try to realize that people don’t know this part of me, she says. This gives people the opportunity to see me at home and on an intimate, personal level. I just hope the true me shines through.”
“I collect political art and cultural pieces that are unique to the country I am visiting,” Parks says. “I love my Ghanaian masks, and my original artwork from local artists in London. I have a vast signed guitar collection that includes The Police, Sting, Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow. I love the sexiness of a guitar.”
Another of Parks’ collectibles is an autographed throwback jersey from ex-Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.   It hangs in the recreation room.
“I love to entertain,” Parks says. “However, with my busy career and extensive travel schedule, my entertaining at home is often limited. My last gathering at my home was a month ago. I had 50 guests over for a sip-and-see to celebrate the birth of my firstborn.” When she does have people over, the bar area with red pops of color invites people to hang out there.
“I enjoy my entire house, but I spend the majority of my time in my kitchen and master suite (shown),” Parks says. “I am definitely a self-proclaimed Southern belle, as you can tell from my home. I enjoy not only my professional life but being a homemaker. I love to cook. I consider myself a Renaissance woman because I do a lot of things very well.”

Phaedra Parks, Celebrity Attorney… 2008:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Russell Armstrong…Happy OFF Camera!

What’s better than a Neiman Marcus after-Christmas sale? Their chocolate chip cookie!!  Mmmmm.      IMO, they’re awful…

With Bobby Kennedy, Jr.!   Where’s Russell?

Race partners at the finish line…   Where’s Russell?

Waiting for the finals…hanging w my hubby.  HERE’s Russell!  
And he looks genuinely happy… maybe he doesn’t like being miked and the camera in his face… just a theory, ’cause he looks pretty happy here!   December, 2010
To reinforce my theory about Russell disliking being on RHOBH, here’s another more recent photo and he looks very, very happy…
We took Kennedy to the zoo today to see the elephant habitat. Gorgeous day in LA. Hope ur wknd was relaxing.  1-16-2010

Real Housewives of DC Opened the Door…

Speaking of the Real Housewives of DC … nothing has been heard about RHODC returning for Season Two.  In the interim, it looks like Rob Lowe sees the potential for a ‘semi-scripted’ reality show based in Washington DC.   Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger, the duo from ‘The Washington Post’ that keeps tabs on the Salamis, wrote earlier this week about how Washingtonians have quickly changed their opinions about associating with reality shows… from not taking phone calls from reality show producers to now eagerly cooperating to star in the next reality production:

“Back in the day – say, 2009 – most of Bigshot Washington would have sooner posted naked keg stand photos on Facebook than get within a mile of a reality-TV camera.

Lobbyists and pols rebuffed recruiters for “The Real Housewives of D.C.”  Party hosts turned away the crews of “Blonde Charity Mafia.” Producers trying to sign sexy young Hill staffers for pilots about The Real Washington (or whatever) discovered that in this town, nobody wants to embarrass (or upstage) the boss.

So how to account for what happened Thursday night? A new reality show threw one of those made-for-TV parties where half the guests are miked up and the cameras are all up in your face poised for the next gaffe – and yet some uber-serious Washingtonians showed up.  Willingly.

CNN's Jessica Yellin poses with Rob Lowe, who's producing a reality TV series, at a party thrown for the show. Rob Lowe and CNN’s Jessica Yellin at ‘Potomac Fever’ party.

In the mix at the Meridian House cocktail soiree for “Potomac Fever“:   New National Economic Council director Gene Sperling, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), Bush speechwriters-turned-pundits Michael Gerson and David Frum, former RNC chair and White House counselor Ed Gillespie, TV reporters Jake TapperEd Henry and Jessica Yellin.

Also, Rob Lowe.  Did we mention that he’s the show’s producer?  The tanned and bright-eyed former Brat Packer worked the room as cameras rolled – focusing not on him but on six young D.C. strivers who are to make up the tentative cast of the show, now in development for E!

They are:  Hill staffer and Wizards cheerleader Kristie Muchnok; aspiring broadcaster Margaret Howell; 94.7 FM deejay Tommy McFly; WUSA-9 anchor Angie Goff; former Log Cabin Republican spokesman Charles Moran; and college student Miranda Frum – yes, the daughter of David and his writer wife, Danielle Crittenden.

Lowe held forth on the difference between show-biz journalists and political journalists (apparently, the latter are much scarier),  indulged the “West Wing” nostalgia of guests and talked a good talk about what this reality show – we think he called it a “non-scripted docudrama”(?) – aims to do.

“There is a cost for both trying to change the world and living the status quo,” he said in an e-mail later. “We are trying to find and tell these stories in a broad audience way.”

Obviously, attitudes about reality TV have changed for politicians a bit, after a year in which President Obama guested on “MythBusters” and the Palins starred on not one but two series. For most in the room, though, it’s clear the new comfort zone was created by the party’s hostess: Susanna Quinn, a native Washingtonian and the wife of mega-lobbyist Jack Quinn.

Susanna Quinn (left)… with friends (?)

A vivacious blonde whom many reality producers have attempted to cast over the years (and, disclosure, a pal of ours), she was signed by Lowe and local production company 44 Blue as a consultant and associate producer to help find a cast and get the vibe right.  How’d she get such a high-tone crowd to turn out for a show from the network that brought us the Kardashians?  She insisted that this show is different: “This isn’t about catfights or flipping tables,” she told us. “They want to maintain the authenticity of Washington.”  Hmmm, we’ve heard that before, but okay.   Ultimately, it seems that getting a good lineup came down to calling pals and asking really really nicely.”


NOTE:  There has long been interest in producing a Washington DC-based reality show and Bravo opened the door with the Real Housewives of DC.   Washington DC residents are now more comfortable with the idea of  becoming involved with the next reality show shooting in the nation’s capitol.   IMO, Bravo seems so ambivilent about the DC franchise that they probably just forgot to inform their PR department to put out a statement saying that the RHODC has been cancelled.  Bravo could have tweaked the DC cast and maybe found some Housewives in DC that were more ‘housewifey’… in the Bravo sense of the word. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if RHODC did not come back for its second season; Bravo has been shooting the Real Housewives of Miami and I think that will more than fill the void left by the demise of the Real Housewives of DC.  A much bigger clue that RHODC has seen its last goat rodeo is this:  most of the RHODC cast member’s facebook and twitter pages have been quiet since September… well, except for Stacie.

Stacie’s Reunion Makes Headlines in Nigeria…

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By TOSIN AJIRIRE, Sun News Publishing:

For Stacie Turner, African-American star of wave-making Hollywood drama series, The Real Housewives of DC, father is worth more than gold. For several years, she has lived her life as an adopted child and never knew that her real father, a Nigerian, was alive and kicking.

But then she never gave up hope as something continued to tell her that if only she could try, one day she will meet face to face with her long lost dad, Nze Augustine Onyema, an indigene of Mbaitoli, Imo State.

And as fate would have it, Arik Air, West Africa’s largest commercial carrier made it possible for the American TV star to reunite with her Nigerian father. Stacie and her husband, Jason along with a large entourage, touched down at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos on Tuesday afternoon aboard Arik Air’s nonstop flight from New York.

42-year-old Stacie was born into a foster home in Washington DC. She was a fortunate child having got loving parents to adopt her at an early age. They had treated her like their own biological child and provided her with everything including a nurturing childhood, a stable home life and exposure to people, and places. Young Stacie also had experiences which inculcated in her positive self image, and this had ensured her drive to achieve success.

It was not until recently that Stacie, the only African-American actress on the run-away reality TV series in Washington DC discovered that her mother is American and her father is Nigerian. In fact, it was only after discovering her medical history that she embarked on a journey to find her biological father in Nigeria.

However, the mother of two, Jacob and Catherine beamed with victorious smiles as she landed in Nigeria, her native country on Tuesday. The star actress, who came with her children, including an official of the Nigerian Embassy in USA, could not contain her excitement and appreciation to Arik Air for making the historic trip possible. And she has this to say of the airline: Arik Air is my new favourite airline! I’ve never seen a cabin like that; it’s wonderful.  Arik Airlines is the bomb! Full lounge on the plane, Nigerian food, nice staff – first class all the way baby!”

Speaking about her impending meeting with her father, Stacie said, “I am overwhelmed and thrilled to find a welcoming family in Nigeria – my birthfather, 10 siblings and a huge extended family – who I plan to meet now. I’m really excited about the prospect of meeting my birth father for the first time and it’s going to be an exciting time when I get to Mbaitoli, near Owerri where he resides.”

At about 4pm, Blockbuster learnt that Stacie finally reunited with her long lost biological father. And with tears of joys streaming down her beautiful face, the famous American actress hugged and hugged Nze Onyema while the sun stood still.

In 2009, Stacie increased her profile and platform. She decided to join the cast of the Bravo Network television franchise, The Real Housewives (of DC), a wave-making drama based on the lives of high profile women in Washington, DC. Unlike most actors who find reality TV a risky deal, Stacie perceived it as a unique marketing platform to broaden awareness of her business and philanthropic efforts. But it turned out successful as the first season of the show garnered the second highest ratings in the history of the Bravo franchise.

While Stacie has enjoyed substantial success in business, she has always maintained a passionate civic interest in the lives of children in her community. Her first gift, “the foundation of family”, as she calls it, kindled a deep desire to positively impact the lives of adolescent foster children, and help them forge a path towards achievement despite obstacles.

With the belief that: “the only difference between an ordinary life and an extra-ordinary life is the “extra”, Stacie founded Extra-Ordinary Life to provide the “extra”. Extra-Ordinary Life (XOL) is a charitable programme (within the Pursuit of Dreams Foundation) that nurtures and enriches the lives of teen girls living in the DC foster care system. The organisation seeks to: drive vision in youth, through exposure to people, places and opportunities beyond their current access; and to inspire them to dream big and aspire to do great things in life.

This past July, XOL took eight foster teen girls to South Africa during the FIFA 2010 World Cup — a trip captured on film by BET Networks that chronicled the amazing journey of discovery. The documentary, entitled, Extra-Ordinary Life: Journey to South Africa has aired in 54 countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It is scheduled to air in the United States early this year.

Meanwhile, Arik Air will be flying Stacie around the country. According to the airline’s Senior Vice President Commercial, Mr. Kevin Steele, this is a way of discovering her fatherland. “We are excited that Stacie has chosen to fly Arik Air for this important mission. We will be flying her around Nigeria on this first visit to her fatherland and I’m sure she’ll love it,” he says.

Stacie Turner: Real Housewives of DC… Stacie Found Her Father!

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This past season on The Real Housewives of DC, we saw the beginning of Stacie Scott Turner’s difficult quest to find her biological dad….

January 11, 2011:  “En route to JFK airport to head to Nigeria to meet my family!  I have dreamed of this day for so long and its finally here!”

9bsk.jpgAbout to take off from JFK to Lagos–biz class on Arik Airlines. The adventure begins!   January 11, 2011

p6xy.jpgThe Nigeria Crew…on the way from Lagos to Nigeria.   “ARIK airlines is the bomb…full lounge on the plane, nigerian food, nice staff- first class all the way baby!”

7jjc.jpgJanuary 12, 2011…just landed in Owerri Nigeria. We are guests of the Governor–doing a 2 day medical mission–then mtg my family.                    Our security detail–Nobody’s kidnapping the kid! Safe and secure in Owerri.

fdtkk.jpgMe, Jason, Suzanne and my sister Chika–heading to the reception to meet Papa!

3hmo.jpgJanuary 15, 2011: An unbelievable reunion with my Papa in my village of Amaocha Afara, 1 of the 9 villages in Mbaitoli.

NOTE: Time difference: Lagos, Nigeria is 6 hours ahead of Washington DC.  Add 6 hours to your present time… that would be the time in Nigeria.

Stacie Scott Turner is filming her reunion with her father … no word yet on whether Bravo will air the reunion and no word yet if there will be a Second Season of The Real Housewives of DC.

Nene May NOT Be Back to RHOA…

WOW!  Nene Leakes was talking with Jethro Nededog at…  Read on:

Nene…will she be back?

Andy Cohen is going to have a lot to talk to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes, about when she appears on his talk show, “Watch What Happens: Live” tonight (Sunday, Jan. 16).

They just finished shooting the reunion special last Wednesday and NeNe’s finally able to talk about being on Season 4 of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” But when it comes to the next season of the Bravo reality series, NeNe dropped a bomb on us.

“I’m not really interested in joining the next season,” NeNe tells Zap2it. “I’m just not really interested right now.”

Bam! She said that just as our conversation came to a close. So, other than the fact that it has nothing to do with her feud with cast mate, Kim Zolciak, she was unable to tell us why she doesn’t feel like returning for another season. So, we do hope Andy gets the rest of the scoop on Sunday night’s show.

Maybe… “The Celebrity Apprentice” awakened her entrepreneurial spirit? NeNe told us she wants to focus on being an independent woman: She’s currently working on a shoe line, a handbag line, her local Atlanta talk segment and a desire to go behind-the-scenes producing radio and TV shows.

NOTE:  Nene did drop a bomb… hmmm…is this her negotiation strategy?


Some Nene photos just for the hell of it:

Nene Leakes Some Tidbits About Star Jones

Nene Leakes calls Star Jones, her castmate on ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ difficult and a backstabber with no brain… however, Nene claims she, herself, is not competitive. Nene also has some comments about her fellow cast member on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Kim Zolciak… including ‘Kim can’t sing’:

Something Old, Something New… Bravo’s Lineup

The NBC Universal 2011 Winter TCA press tour held it’s party at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasedena, California and cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York turned out for the event.

Kelly Bensimon, Sonja Morgan, LuAnn de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Alex McCord and jillzarin posed together before attending the party.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars:  Camille Grammer,  Adrienne Maloof, Kyle RichardsKim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor Armstrong were also among the guests of the night.

Andy Cohen and Frances Berwick (Andy’s Boss)

Frances BerwickPresident of Bravo Media on Bravo Programming:

“Bravo Media announced it will increase the network’s must watch original programming by an additional 20 percent in 2011.  The network successfully expanded to five nights of original primetime programming last November.”



PLATINUM Jewel and Kara DioGuardi Jewel and Kara DioGuardi share their experience and expertise in the network’s new music competition series in which twelve aspiring songwriters battle through a series of innovative challenges testing their creativity, patience and drive as this unique creative process is unveiled for the first time. Premiering Summer 2011

MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS will explore the professional and personal lives of some of LA’s hottest high-end interior decorators and their million dollar budgets.

PREGNANT IN HEELS will follow maternity concierge Rosie Pope ( as she advises her privileged and demanding Manhattan clients and expecting mothers on everything from planning baby showers to organizing a portrait of a new mother naked on her horse.

ROCCO’S DINNER PARTY,” where chefs compete to throw the ultimate dinner party for Rocco DiSpirito and his celebrity friends, will premiere later this year.



“MILLION DOLLAR LISTING” begins Season Four on Thursday, February 3.

“THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK” begins Season Four on Tuesday, February 15.

“BETHENNY EVER AFTER” begins Season Two, Monday, February 28.

“THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ” begins Season Six on Sunday, March 6.

“WATCH WHAT HAPPENS: LIVE!” hosted by Andy Cohen continues on Tuesdays and Sundays at 11pm.

TOP CHEF”will return for its Ninth Season, with casting starting soon.

TOP CHEF MASTERS” will return for its Third Season later this year. Curtis Stone Curtis Stone will replace Kelly Choi as host. (I will try to like him… his Australian accent annoys me… really annoys me.)



“THE RACHEL ZOE PROJECT” Season Four.   The Rachel Zoe Project in a picture as part of TV Guide

“FLIPPING OUT” Season Five.      Flipping Out, Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis Vivian Zink/Bravo


“THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMATER” Season Five. Patti Stanger (WHY? Bravo, WHY?)

Kathy Griffin Amanda Edwards/WireImage.comKATHY GRIFFIN will be back with four all new stand-up comedy specials that will air quarterly in 2011.

“LOVE CALLING” where donny deutsch  Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.comDonny Deutsch will dispense his love advice to viewers.  (Donny Deutsch!?  Seriously?  Wasn’t Albie Manzo available?)

Kim Zolciak… Has a Twin… Several of ‘Em!

Did Alexis Arquette (transgender sister of David and Patricia Arquette) style herself after RHOA Kim?  Or, did the Real Housewives of Atlanta ‘star’ Kim Zolciak insist that Derek J give her the Alexis Arquette look?   Hmmmmmm…..

Kim Zolciak, Alexis Arquette or is it Alexis Arquette, Kim Zolciak….?

On second thought… maybe Kim’s twin is a 2008 Barbie.  Hmmmm…

KimZ and Barbie or is it Barbie and KimZ…….?

OR… is Heidi Montag her twin?    Makes ya go hmmmmm……

Kim and Heidi… there are definite similarities…



Kim’s twin has been FOUND!!!  It’s Pandora Boxx from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Kim and Pandora Boxx


Kim’s new recording of ‘Google Me’…

Poor lil Cami…

Poor, poor Camille Grammer…it’s her ‘character’ that she plays on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that makes her so disliked. That is not really how she is in REAL life…in real life she’s sweet, lovable and just coy lil Cami… oh, just enjoy this video taken at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NY on Thursday before Cami went on WWHL with Andy Cohen :