Nene’s Goin’ Nutso…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta finished season three, but Nene Leakes isn’t finished attacking Kim Zolciak… this time via twitter.  Nene was tweeting last night during the  RHOA finale and ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that immediately followed the finale.  Andy Cohen’s guests on last night’s WWHL were Kim and her fiance, Kroy Biermann. 

Here are the tweets that were captured by Carla Patton of

Here’s what NeNe had to say during the RHOA finale (toward the end of it.)


Here’s what NeNe started tweeting during Kim and Kroy’s “baby shower” on Watch What Happens Live, which aired right after the finale.


Nene’s tweets continued, and it didn’t even seem to be related to the show, it was just focused on hating Kim and one nice thing about Cynthia’s wedding:
All Kim had to say in response was this:
NOTE:     NeNe is losing it.
Thanks to reader ‘housewifehater’ who brought this to my attention… 

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  2. Didn’t Dwight and NeNe make up at Kandi’s performance at Peter’s now defunct supper club? This was a while back at the beginning of the season. That’s the episode where Lewrence told everyone that Pheadra’s husband had been in prison. Am I the only one who watches the show? I can’t understand why Bravo made a big deal out of them making-up. Bravo, been there, done that. That’s up there with Stacie from D.C. saying her husband snuck into the Nigeriam Embassy as or with a pizza delivery guy. Duh? Michele and Tarque snuck in through the kitchen. What’s the differrence?


  3. 17 year old Kim sleeping with a married cop?
    Nene’s warrants? Alias?

    Umm, why was THAT not on the show? Doesn’t that come out in their fights? What the hell are the producers not showing? Make me think the show could be Bad Girls Club but with good backstories!


  4. Thanks for agreeing with me Stoopid! Yes-it was pure mean.
    I think she went over-the-line.
    Nene probably has it all deleted by now so its a good thing that saved it for posterity.
    It seems to me like Nene is intent on wrecking her career?
    She really was a favorite of mine, so that’s why I’m taking it so badly-I had hope for her and I liked her.
    What kills me is, even-if she had been so mad at Kim, or jealous or whatever the problem is, why couldn’t she have made funny insults instead-of being mean?
    Even if she would have had to hire someone to write one-liners or Tweets for her, anything would be better than her nasty, bitter remarks.
    That’s where I think that she lost the plot.
    Even-if she wanted to make fun of Kim having three baby-daddies, she could have done it in a way that wasn’t just nasty.
    All of these ladies have a problem when they hit below the belt.


  5. I tweeted Nene “you have lost your mind!” after last week’s episode right before I unfollowed her. Life is too short…..


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