Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim Granatell and Tom Murro… Huh?! What!?

I got this email from Tom Murro, the Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim G’s boytoy, also known as the ‘celebrity magnet:’

Thanks for the posts. Thought you would put these to good use. I would be happy to continue sending pics and info providing you keep things positive.

Tom Murro


Well, first, I never requested that he send me anything and, second, I have no idea what he means by ‘keeping things positive.’   Maybe he’s referring to the posts about his relationship with Mrs. Granatell?    (see: and

Tom and KimG have gotten extremely chummy over the past year and a half… more than rumor has it that she gifted him a red Mercedes, flown him to various locations via private aviation, and that he had visited Kim while she was at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Arizona.

KimG appeared on the ‘celebrity magnet’ site in August 2009 and there are numerous photos of just him and with KimG… photos of him driving her car, of them working in her front yard, of them in her house and photos of the two of them acting like ghetto santas at a Payless shoe store in Wayne NJ… but his wife is no where to be found… interesting that these photos not only include a photo of him and his wife, but one of KimG with his wife, too…

Here are photos that were attached to the email:

I have re-posted the photos several times and they keep disappearing… if there are no photos below, click this link:


KimG’s job wit da magnet:

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  2. I think he means telling the world what wonderful, kind, generous, attractive, perfect, popular and just generally great and super people Kim G and he are. But I bet you already know that! He’s such a jerk. Has he never heard of a veiled threat, cause that one was pretty clear – no access if you’re not complimentary.

    And weren’t those “rumors” that made it appear Kim G and the Magnet were having an affair (private jet, Canyon Ranch visit, etc.) directly from her twitter? Oh wait. You’re supposed to play along when they want attention but not take it seriously when they get it. I forgot.


    • AOM: Oh, no! He’s probably going to block me from his site! If he does that, I won’t be able to read KimG’s posts about all the fabulous places she’s been to and all the products that she uses to keep herself looking so great…damn!!! Hmmm… I wonder if he brought her on so she could write off excursion expenses on her taxes… you know, all those expenses for two??? SH


      • I’ll sneak you the info!

        I wrote my comment after Murro’s veiled threat before reading your RHOBH reunion recap and the note you took of Taylor/Shana’s repeated “veiled” threats. Boy, these Housewives people sure like veiled threats, huh?


  3. To SH…you seem to dig up the dirt. please find out if Adrienne gave birth to her children, or bought them. Doesn’t she have more money than God? Thanks.


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