Anticipating RHOBH Reunion Show…

In anticipation of tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, I’ve discovered some RHOBH tidbits to nibble on until Bravo airs the first part of the reunion later this evening…

First up… the headline from  “Kelsey Grammer Invites Camille to His Wedding.”

Camille was a movie star before she married Kelsey…

As usual, Rob Shuter popeater blasts a headline with a story that disappoints: “friends of Camille tell me that the ‘Frasier’ actor wants so badly for his children to attend his upcoming wedding that he’s willing to invite Camille if that results in his children seeing daddy say “I do” again.  “Camille is an amazing human being,” DD Whitt, Camille’s BFF and paid lapdog a friend of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ beauty tells me. “For her, it’s all about her children. She’s willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom.”

NOTE:  The word ‘willing’ is not exactly confirmation that Kelsey issued a wedding invitation to Camille…

NextPEOPLE magazine interviewed Kayte Walsh about meeting her worst nightmare Camille:  “She was very pleasant,” Walsh, 29, told PEOPLE following a January 21 screening of No Strings Attached. “It was all very pleasant … Everything is good.”

Kelsey and Camille (thinking of Nick Stabile)…

NOTE:  Camille… pleasant? Camille, the most hated Housewife ever in the history of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises… PLEASANT?  Those English people have such good manners…

Next… over at, there’s a clip of tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.  The clip is interesting, but not the reason for eonline’s inclusion in this post… the comments are scathing and totally anti-Shana/Taylor:

Duckbill Shana/Taylor after she scammed Bravo producers into believing she’s a ‘Ford’

NOTE:  AAHHHH…those little things in life bring enjoyment and I’m enjoying the fact that others are seeing what I’ve been seeing all along about our girl “Shana” Taylor.

Shana/Taylor passing a mirror

Finally: As previously mentioned here, Shana/Taylor is set to become the beauty spokesperson and creative director for a wonderful site,  After receiving confirmation that Shana/Taylor will be on board at beautyticket, I sent Lindsay Pedder, President of beautyticket, the following on January 24 and have yet to receive a response:  “Have you asked her about her trying to pass herself off as a “Ford” from the automobile Fords???”

Please take 1 minute to send Ms. Pedder an email asking her to reconsider Shana/Taylor’s involvement with beautyticket. Just cut and paste the following and send it to:

Dear Ms. Pedder:  Please reconsider your decision to have “Shana” Taylor Armstrong as Chief Creative Director for beautyticket.  She has misrepresented herself as being connected to the ‘Ford’ auto family, has taken up the cause for battered women, but has threatened physical harm to Kim Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has been caught outright lying in her explanation of her name change.  Is this the type of person you want representing your company?

Let’s see what happens…



14 comments on “Anticipating RHOBH Reunion Show…

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  2. Thanks for providing a message to copy and paste. It took me about a half second to send mine. Trailer needs a real come-uppance. (If that’s a word) :)


  3. I sent a letter to that email and received a reply to the effect that, “…feedback is very important to us…”

    I hope more people email and Taylor learns her “manners”.


    • Petunia: Thanks for commenting! That’s interesting… maybe she started to receive so many that she generated an auto response to the emails. We just have to keep sending those emails to beautyticket…. SH


  4. Taylor makes my stomach turn and honestly I don’t think it is necessary to send emails to beautyticket because Taylor has dug her own grave anyway.


  5. Wow, what a show last night! I can’t wait for your recap!!!
    Taylor is just disgusting as a human being. I hope that she and her scam artist husband are called out for all their lies!
    I also just wanted to say I aboslutely love your site. I find myself checking for new posts several times a day! Thanks for all the RH dirt and pleeeasee keep posting! ;)


  6. Thanks for recommending that we check-out the comments.
    I got something out of the comments that I hadn’t thought about before.
    A lot of people there brought-up the fact that Kim supported Kyle & the rest of her family since she was SEVEN! years-old.
    And that if Kim had been allowed to KEEP the money that she earned when she was a child, that she would not have any financial problems—about that house that Kyle & her husband bought-out Kim’s share when the mom passed-away, someone brought-up that Kim probably bought that home in the first place with her Disney earnings!
    (oh-yeah, and you were right about Taylor not being well-liked either;))


    • HH: Kim has always said that she does not like conflict and stays away from the drama… Shana/Taylor likes, for some reason, to pull Kim into the mess. About the house… I wonder if Kim’s share in the Palm Springs house was meant to smooth things over… SH


  7. Everything out of “Taylors” mouth is a lie. I have little doubt that her and her felon “husband” are going to be laughed out of Beverly Hills very soon. I’m just waiting for part 2 of the reunion to blog any more right now. As tempting as it is…
    I LOVE your Blog by the way!


    • Nancy: Thanks for commenting! I have a feeling Andy’s not going to touch Shana/Taylor’s BS on the next reunion show… except for her lame explanation of her name change. I wonder if she’s going to use the one she already told Andy on WWHL or the story she told Wendy? SH


  8. Joined your petition. Do you mind if I post it on Real City Housewife? Rather, I don’t think it’s my place, but I feel a lot of people on that blog would get on board with you.


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