Nene’s Stepson is Ready to Spill It…

OUCH!!!    This story from Radaronline explains a lot about why Nene probably won’t be back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Nene’s stepson, Damian, knows all the skeletons in Nene’s closet and he’s ready to open that closet door:

“The stepson of Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has told that she disowned him and his siblings after becoming a reality TV star.

 What’s more, Damian Leakes — whose father Gregg is on the verge of divorcing NeNe — wants the family drama to be the core of a spin-off TV series.

Speaking exclusively to, Damian, 34, said NeNe and Gregg haven’t even acknowledged their five other children exist on the top-rated Bravo program. “We are the forgotten side of the family. There’s so much talent with the kids he left behind,” Damian said. “She knows us and she knows we have issues from about 15 years ago and it’s time to address them. She’s become a household name with our last name, but we’re non-existent.”

Gregg’s children include Damian and his twin brother Daryl, Katrina, 27; Dexter, 25; and Denton, 21. “We need some closure,” Damian said. “We need to know what did we do to cause this? What did we do to get Gregg to say ‘I’m going to abandon this family! I’m not going to try to be your friend or work with you or understand!’ We knew she [NeNe] didn’t like us– maybe he had too many kids. We didn’t know what her actual ordeal was.

Bryson, Brent, Nene and Gregg

“A TV show could be building process for Gregg and his kids because no one ever knew he had kids. There’s a lot of healing that needs to go on and a lot of animosity.”

For the last few seasons the only son who’s been featured on the hit reality show has been NeNe’s trouble-prone 20-year-old, Bryson, who has been arrested twice and, as exclusively revealed, is soon going to soon become a father. Damian told that he and his siblings believel NeNe’s distance is related to her stepkids’ potential for spilling family secrets. Damian said he first met NeNe at the gentleman’s club in near Atlanta where his father used to work.

“No one really knew about her stripper past. That alone was a selling point for her to say ‘get rid of them because they met me at the strip club,’ Damian said. “A whole bunch of life-turning events have transpired from the moment [Gregg] met NeNe up until they started the show. They literally cut us off to keep us away from the limelight so we wouldn’t be able to tell anything.

“It’s crazy to see your dad on TV every week who you can’t have a simple conversation with. You’ve got five other kids that nobody knows about, grandkids that you don’t see or never seen before…we at first had to play the role like we agree with the situation, but we’re not with the situation. We feel like we should have a mention.” The silent situation has gotten so bad that Gregg’s children want to capture their feelings during a family intervention on camera.

“I think [Nene] has a lot to do with the crumbling of our family,” Damian told “We think of her as selfish and a center-of-attention freak. She wants all of the attention and this is before a camera ever got on her.  “We want to confront her and we want a camera crew. We want to see her expression when she has to explain to us this big void in our life because we could have been living well too. It’s not about the money, but we could have been living better than we were. We wouldn’t have had to struggle as much or try to make something out of nothing.”

NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Orange County" reality star Gretchen Rossi lunches with her boyfriend Slade Smiley and fellow "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality star NeNe Leakes at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills.  At one point Gretchen shows affection by kissing both Slade and NeNe!.Nene and Gregg

Damian doesn’t know if NeNe is on board for another Housewives season, but if she returns Damian and his siblings will do more than just watch the show. “If she remains on the show, we’re going to make our voices heard. And I don’t think she wants that, period. Because that opens up a whole can of worms.

“She’s ducking and dodging us like a bullet.” Damian thinks a potential on-camera family intervention could have a number of positive outcomes. “It could start the healing process for all the kids…and maybe that could build back the trust with NeNe and help her and Gregg get back together,” Damian said. “It could change him and her people, bring us all closer even if they decide to divorce, and finally break the ice and air it out. “A lot of beautiful things can happen too in the midst of all the drama.”

NOTE:  Nene has been skittish about returning to RHOA and now we know why.  The rumor that Nene was a ‘den mother’ and met Gregg when he was manager of the Gold Door club looks like it’s more than a rumor.  If Nene decides to continue with RHOA, she knows that Damian is ready to spill everything he knows about her and everything about Nene and his father’s relationship… and none of it looks good for Nene.  Obviously, Nene’s disgusting behavior toward Kim on the last episodes of RHOA is directly related to knowing that her stepson is ready to uncover her past and tell all when she returns… pretty awful for Nene, but it would make for some juicy TV!   I wonder how conversations between Nene, Bravo and Andy Cohen are going…


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  1. Nene has obvious issues but the only person who should be held responsible for Gregg cutting off his 5 children is Gregg. Shame on him. Shame on Nene too for her part in it.


    • FV: Thanks for commenting! They are in the same category as Sheree (she was introducing her grown daughter as her ‘friend’)… interesting that Nene keeps calling Kim ‘trash’… kettle meet black. SH


  2. OMG! I had no idea Gregg had other kids! I wouldn’t blame Nene for not doing another season with all those bones falling out of the closet! I don’t like Nene but I think its wrong that they want to drag it all out on camera, they are just trying to use her.


    • GG: Trying to use her? That’s what Bravo’s been doing for the last four seasons and Nene loves it. IMO, she set herself up before RHOA started for anything that transpires now. The truth always comes out… SH


  3. This doesn’t add up. If there was really something here, I cannot imagine the RHOA producers and Bravo don’t have a plan to exploit it. They sure had no problem showing Kelly’s breakdown on Scary Island and Kim’s meltdown in the limo – Bravo will exploit everything. Something tells me Gregg’s kids aren’t made for reality TV, kinda like Bryson and most of the other kids on the various series. Dull as dishwater. Plus, this Damian seems a little dim. With blogs, twitter and weekly magazines all jockeying for Housewife-related gossip, he could have told his story a long time ago. There’s no way Nene could have shut them up by keeping them off her show. Damian is full of it.

    So these kids range in age from 21 to 34 years old? When did Gregg “abandon” them? They are grown adults now but I don’t recall stories of their mother (mothers?) suing Gregg for child support. I think we would have heard about that.

    Didn’t they hint at Nene having a stripper past last season during those silly alter-ego photo shoots? When Nene actually dressed up as a stripper and got on the pole?

    SH: I’m with you about Sheree and her friend-daughter. That was sad.


    • AOM: I have to disagree with you on this one, AOM. Damian doesn’t sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer, but maybe that’s why he’s been satisfied with whatever his dad and Nene were giving them to keep quiet over the years (dont’ know if that’s the case, just a theory). Nene and Gregg also had opportunities over the years to mention that Gregg has five children. Nene and Gregg have been married for 13 years, so that would make these kids between 8 and 21 when RHOA began. How can you be on a reality show, filming four days out of the week for four years and not once mention that your husband has five children or mention one of their names unless you are aware and alert of keeping that information intentionally quiet. Not only do I believe dim Damian, but I also believe Gregg when he initially blabbed to his radio ‘friend’ about having put $30,000 (or $300,000) up for Nene to appear as though she were livin’ large. As soon as that audio got out, Gregg was backtrackin’ like mad. That’s another question that dim Damian brought up… how did Gregg get hold of all that money for Nene when Gregg doesn’t even pay his child support. Yeah, Nene laughs it off or just denies that she worked or was associated with a strip club and that is another point that dim Damian brought up… that she worked at a strip club. I’ve never heard or read that she was a stripper, but that she was the ‘den mother’ at the same time that Gregg worked there as manager. As usual for these ‘reality’ people, Gregg has a shady past: SH

      OT: Re: Dedra Whitt. ‘Whitt’ must be her married name; a license is required for an instructor at a beauty school:


      • I’m disappointed in Nene’s aggressive behavior this season, but I have no dog in this hunt, I just watch like others. I don’t know the dynamics of the family, but seems to me Damian wants some of the TV action and fame, plain and simple. I guess that’s real enough; people do all kinds of things to get on TV.

        I’d like to share the following with you privately, so feel free to delete if you’d like, no hard feelings.

        About that stripping: Nene has already talked openly about being a stripper. During season 1 and 2 reunion shows it was brought up and Nene was coy, but she never denied it. She later fully disclosed–I think on WWHL with Andy–that she had a child to raise and made good money stripping. That was last year, I think. It’s been around for a long time that this is how she met Gregg.

        While RHofA has been on four years, if I understand the scheduling other Housewives have discussed for filming–I’m thinking Jill, for one, talked about this–the Housewives control and set up filming times to accomodate their own lives. I think they often plan to film when they are doing something like having lunch with other cast members, shopping, parties, trips, etc. Also, they only shoot for about a three or four months for each season, not all year long. Maybe you have different info on that, but that’s my understanding.

        I heard the radio show in question with Gregg’s phone call broadcast, which he thought was a private discussion with someone he owed money. (It was published online.) Gregg did say he spent $300K to put Nene on the show. Good question about where he got that kind of money; Nene said on camera that was false, so maybe it was if his son is also asking where he got it.

        It’s hard to keep up with these people, especially the more Bravo adds to the mix. I agree, so many seem to have so many skeletons in their closets, one wonders why they open themselves up to such scrutiny. Thanks for all the articles. Very interesting.


        • RW: Thanks for commenting! About sharing privately, my email address is on the right side of this site if you have any additional thoughts. I’m fully aware of the shooting schedules and the reasons. I’ve been watching WWHL since the first show and have listened carefully… Nene has never actually stated/confirmed that she was a stripper or how exactly she and Gregg met. She has skirted the issue many times, but never actually confirmed, or as you mentioned, denied it. As for the stepson, Damian… when Nene started on RHOA, Damian was 30 years old… why wait four years to ‘tell all?’ Yes, very interesting! SH


          • She gave credit to Greg re: when she met him and how he gave her a good life. She must have really been doing bad, cause he worked at a gentlemen’s club and then he got another job babysit houses. She gave him the good life when she went on BRAVO. To make a long story short, the way she treats her family, the other housewives and other people, she deserve anything that is coming to her. I cannot wait until/if the show comes out with the other kids. I will stay up all night watching it and quit my job to watch reruns.


  4. I get the feeling that the family dynamic was very dysfunctional and Gregg and Nene decided that they wanted to avoid that particular part of their dirty laundry being filmed on national TV. Of course, they seemed to have over overlooked the possibility that Nene herself makes them look bad or, at least, she makes herself look bad. At times, I’ve liked that she is bold and she can be really funny but when she turns into Sybil it is hard to shake it off. I’m sure Kim was thinking “Sybil, can Nene come back out now.” Anyway, just because Gregg and Nene might not have wanted the 5 children around for filming didn’t mean that they needed to cut them out of their lives completely. Very harsh.


  5. Lord Hammercy! I did not know yall had all this good stuff. I am now exploring things. I think after this, I am going to HR and put in my papers now. They close at 4pm


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