DD Whitt’s Interview… Gone, Disappeared, Vanished, Outta Here…

Camille’s BFF, DD Whitt

I received this email from Anya at imperfectwomen.com re the recent post on SH containing imperfect’s interview with Camille’s BFF, DD Whitt…

“Hi. It is Anya from the ‘rinky-dink’ website imperfectwomen.com.
Thank you for finding my interview with Dedra Whitt and posting on your blog. Unfortunately, the interview in its entirety is for readers of Imperfectwomen.com. If you want to use a few sentences and link to us, that is fine. Otherwise, please remove.
And since you commented on this issue, I will advise that I contacted Dedra via Twitter and asked for an interview. She agreed to an interview because there were some matters that she wanted to set straight and she could tell I wasn’t contacting her just to get to Camille. In my dealings with her, she has been very nice.
Best Regards,
NOTE:  In speaking with my personal attorney, who happens to be very close and personal and my husband, I am under no LEGAL obligation to take down the interview.  In my original post, the ‘imperfectwomen’ site was given attribution as the source of the interview along with the link to the original interview.  However, I am not one to become entangled in web feuds and will honor Anya’s request by taking down the interview.   Poof… it’s gone.