Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong… “Taylor Armstrong Big Fat Liar”

It all comes together now about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Ms. Taylor ‘I’ll get all Oklahoma on you‘ Armstrong…  IMO, I believe that we have another big-time pro-scammer couple in our midst… and Taylor Armstrong is a big fat liar…

‘Taylor’ before filming started

When the producers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were casting the show, Taylor Armstrong went by the name of Taylor ‘FORD’ Armstrong (see previous post:  When filming started, Taylor dropped the ‘FORD‘ and she hasn’t mentioned that name again (either on websites, on RHOBH or interviews) which I thought that was kinda strange… BUT, let’s go on

As RHOBH ‘insiders’ are aware, Russell Armstrong has a very shady past (see tab ‘The MEN of real housewives’ , ‘Russell Armstrong’, on masthead above) and as RHOBH viewers are aware, his relationship with Taylor on RHOBH shows him to be disingenuous, unkind and apathetic toward Taylor… BUT, let’s go on

Russell and ‘Taylor’ Armstrong

Growing up in Oklahoma, Taylor Armstrong’s name was Shana Hughes.  The question about her name change was not fully answered until recently when she was on the January 19, 2011 episode of  The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy asked and Taylor answered that her name growing up was Shana Taylor… no mention of the last name of ‘Hughes‘ or ‘FORD‘… and that everyone called her by her last name ‘Taylor‘, so it was natural and less confusing that she just switch her last name ‘Taylor‘ to be her first name because that’s what she got used to answering to and that’s why she changed her name from ‘Shana‘ to ‘Taylor’…  just trust me on this as I’ve searched the following sites for full episodes to document this info:  hulu, youtube,,,,, etc, etc… (please email me if you can find full episodes)… I’m so ticked with myself that I erased that episode from my DVR… BUT, let’s go on

Shana ‘Taylor Armstrong’ Hughes…1989 graduate of Union HS, Tulsa OK

HOWEVER… Ms. Oklahoma was asked the same question one day later by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happen Live and she gives a TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPLANATION…

Really, you would think that she could keep her stories straight… BUT, let’s go on

On the RHOBH finale, Russell and Taylor’s marriage gets another bad rap when after Russell gives Taylor his lame birthday toast, Camera Lisa says that ‘she’s glad that Russell is married to Taylor and not her‘… Camera Lisa also says that ‘maybe Taylor likes the Beverly Hills lifestyle more than she cares about her own happiness.’

RHBHoriginalpoint.jpgKim, ‘Taylor’ and Lisa

Everyone is wondering why Taylor is staying with Russell… Wendy Williams comes straight to the point and ASKS Taylor why she puts up with Russell… from January 2011…

Right after, Wendy asks Taylor about her name change, but as I mentioned previously, full episodes are not available…


Shana Hughes graduates from Union HS in Tulsa, OK in 1989.  1994 she graduates college and works for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (she may have been known as Shanna Hughes or Shanna Ford when she was with Pfizer) and Medtronics.   Shana obviously liked the last name ‘Ford’ as she led people to believe that she was from the auto business ‘Ford’s from Detroit. (This really made me laugh, as everyone who knows anyone in the auto business knows that everyone lives in Bloomfield Hills…not Detroit.)

From the Taylor Armstrong Official Fan Page:  “Upon arriving in California, Taylor Armstrong set up a textile business of her own. (Upon arriving in CA, Taylor worked for CA Swimwear…) She fulfilled her longtime dream of being an entrepreneur, starting out by working at a start-up commerce company in Florida. (Where she and Russell tried to scam Allison, the author of the email in previous post…) She also picked up a few things by working for Pfizer and Medtronic along the way.”  In 2005 Taylor married Russell Armstrong and together, they have a four-year-old daughter named Kennedy.  ( Yeah… she has a fan site…

March 2010:  Taylor-Ford Armstrong was confirmed a cast member of RHOBH: (

September 2010:  Still using the name Taylor Ford-Armstrong (… “new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple Taylor Ford and Russell Armstrong”)

November 2010:  Taylor and Russell invest in Malibu Recovery Center (… this may not mean anything, but it’s good-to-know info…

So, one of the big questions is WHY is Taylor staying with Russell?…                      The answer dawned on me when I saw the following photo… IMO, photos say a lot:  First, I was struck by her expression.  She looks like a deer caught in headlights and also looks somewhat embarrassed and scared all at the same time… and then I looked at her arm. She is squeezing Russell’s hand so tight that the veins in her arm are popping up, also notice that SHE is holding Russell’s hand and it’s not reciprocated.  It’s almost like she’s saying, “Oh, God… do these people know about us?”

Taylor+Armstrong+Russell+Armstrong+Taste+Beverly+qn2rWv9sE1flTaylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - Taste of Beverly HillsAnother view

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - "The Green Hornet" Premiere

Wow!  What a kiss!  Taylor is dominant and Russell looks like he would rather be scraping his elbows on a cheese grater than pretending he is interested in his wife.

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong - Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "The Green Hornet" - Arrivals

Taylor is again dominant with her hand in a fist on Russell’s shoulder and Russell looks like he would rather put his head into a bag of rabid monkeys than pose for a photo.

IMO, Taylor ‘shana hughes taylor ford’ Armstrong and Russell Armstrong are pro scammers who have scammed their way to the top… they think they’ve hit it big time in Bev-er-lee Hills.   Taylor can’t leave Russell… not because of their daughter, Kennedy… but because Russell knows what’s going on between them and they’re in this together.

Kennedy and Russell do a DanceOK… shoot me, but little Kennedy isn’t that cute…

Just for the hell of it, here’s more stuff I found about these two:

Here’s Taylor and Russell’s House… it’s the one with the empty pool:

Here’s Russell and a healthier looking Taylor with Prince Charles:image description (for a larger photo see:  I’ll bet Russell never thought anyone would find that photo…   Makes me wonder if Taylor is the answer to the blind item post (… she does look much skinnier now than the Prince Charles photo   Hmmmmm…

Taylor made a very quick mention on WWHL that she is now working with (which is a site that I LOVE… YSL nail polish never chips and they sell it on their site for at least 50% off…). Of course, I emailed them to find out if Taylor was indeed associated with beautyticket… and here’s what they said:

YES – we are thrilled to announce that Taylor Armstrong has been named Chief Creative Director here at  Look for Taylor’s Tips and Tricks and Picks coming soon as well as videos showing how to get her looks and special kits made exclusivly for Taylor here at  We are really excited about all the ideas she is bringing to the company.

VIP Customer Care

Your VIP Pass to Beautiful Deals

I was blown away that Taylor is their ‘creative director’…are you kidding me beautyticket???  I wouldn’t take cooking tips from her let alone BEAUTY tips… has beautyticket LOOKED at Taylor lately???   Anyway, I replied…

My reply:  I asked about Ms. Armstrong because I wanted to make sure that the information she mentioned on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen was correct.  As a frequent customer of, I am extremely disappointed that you would have such a person representing your brand and I doubt very much if I will remain a customer.

Here’s their contact info to write them if you feel the same:

Phone: (800) 385-1386

Beauty Ticket, LLC
8350 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 102
West Hollywood, CA 90069

40 comments on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong… “Taylor Armstrong Big Fat Liar”

  1. Great site! The TRUTH needs to be revealed.
    These women (the sketcky ones) should not be allowed to get away with all the lies they tell about their lives so they can impress the public.


  2. Found it interesting your focus on the hand held in the picture as I too was drawn to it knew it was telling me something important but couldn’t put my finger on it. You definitely did. I also now recognize why I despise Taylor more than almost all other Real Housewives thanks to this and one other site-Others may not be angels, but pretty sure not scam artists, which NO DOUBT Taylor and Russell are. Now my bewilderment is with Kyle as you know she has to know even more details.


  3. Ohhhh…..Just found your site and I love it!! Very interesting information about these ladies!
    I was reading the producers blog on the BravoTV site and I was really intrigued by what the producer had to say about the final episode and how quick he was to defend Kyle over Kim. He said that there were other things going on that the viewers did not see. IF that is true, why did they not capture it on camera? If so much was going on between the sisters? Why would they leave part of it out? But they made sure to leave in the limo fight where Kyle tells the world that Kim is an alcoholic? Something about all of this does not make sense to me.
    Also, it looks as if Kyle is the one responsible for bringing the cast together the producer says on his blog.
    IF what Kyle says is true and the conflict between her and Kim has been a long time coming, WHY would she bring her sister on the show????? If Kim has problems, why would you want the entire country to see what is going on?
    This is all very disturbing to me.
    Am I the only one who thinks something smells “fishy”?


  4. so who is this “Allison” with the emails where can’t reveal the old pictures of the Armstrongs. It all sounds very seedy to me…are you certain it’s not Allison Dubois? You really should be more careful about publishing items when you have nothing to back it up.


      • SH, It all has to do with credibility. If your sources are not credible than how can your writing be anything but BS.


          • Yeah, gotta agree. Who is that shady gossip lady and how do we know that’s even real? And what does this article prove? That she changed her name? So what? I think Taylor’s a little wacko, but you’re off on a whole bizarre conspiracy theory. And I am typing to you about it. Which I think makes me the bigger idiot.


  5. So- are you saying that the reason that Taylor, (or whatever her name is!), dropped the, “Ford”, from her name now that she is well-known, is because she doesn’t want to be asked about it publicly?
    -Because obviously, IF she has inferred, or flat-out LIED, about being one of the Fords in the past, if she were asked about it now, she would have to tell the truth.
    (this also leads me to believe in the, “Alison” statements for some reason)
    I think that she has been lying about her age also? If she was in HS in ’88, “89, that would make her over 40 at least by this point, but I still see her age listed as 38 ’round the internets.
    Good job finding-out so many contradictions etc. about this broad. I can’t wait ’till someone asks her about the Ford-connection.
    I have to admit that I have always thought that Russel is very attractive, but he definitely wants a trophy-wife/accessory on his arm, so I’m not his type.
    It really is sad for her because I get why there were stories about her insecurity about Russel, that kind of guy usually trades-in the old-model and finds another 20 year-old to take her place.
    I still have to wonder WHY? these people who have so much to hide, go on reality television. When will they ever learn?


    • HH: Shana ‘Taylor’ is verified to be a 1989 graduate of Union HS in Tulsa Oklahoma; that would make her the correct age at her birthday party, which is 39… so at least they got that right! Of course, Russell tried to pass her off as 30… I’m with you re the question of why they go on these shows when they know they’re going to be found out… SH


  6. That stuff about Russell-gee. I found a link to a page on where it appears that a lot of desperate people were flat-out ROBBED of money that they could not afford to lose from a company called, Crescent Financial services, (one of Russell’s companies).
    Apparently it was a scam for people who were behind on home-payments. I can’t really tell if Russel & Taylor were involved in this or not, but the links that you have on your husbands-page confirm that he is guilty-of being a scammer.
    Here’s the link to,


    • The firm that Russel was sued over for securities fraud was called Crescent Financial (Properties?) Inc. -The one that is mentioned on was called Crescent Financial.
      So–it could just be one scam firm using another firm’s name?
      Russel’s name does not appear to be connected to the complaints, but it is at the least an interesting co-inky dink. (I don’t think there is enough evidence to say he was involved with that one for sure-it also appears that no one was prosecuted for that-yet).
      I also noticed that the firm that Russel works for, Crescent Financial “P”, is still listed online as doing business. I always thought that if you were punished by the SEC that you were not allowed to be involved in finance, but maybe you just lose credentials?


  7. How funny Taylor worked for the Pfizer (i mis spelled i know) and they were featured on American greed for scamming ppl and the medication killed ppl. Im so mad as I read this.


    • Oh, please look up Pfizer!

      Maybe you have never had to take medication, or have not been involved in the stock market, or have never looked to see if research is being done about a particular disease, but this is a huge pharmaceutical that has helped someone you know, or yourself, with their meds. Goodness, this company is a household name.


      • Yes, all true, and also true is Pfizer has recklessly put dangerous drugs out there and killed a lot of people with their meds, like most major pharmacuetical companies.


  8. I found a yearbook online from her graduating class – In seeing her pre-surgery photos, I think she was considerably prettier before all the work. I hope Dr. Nassif (Adrienne Maloof’s hubbie) didn’t do the work. After his comment in the finale episode where he asked why the housewives were bickering publicly, my appreciation for him rose 1000%. You might also check out and look up her graduating class and see if either person registered might be interested in providing more info.


  9. Thanks for the great info.

    The Salahis and the Armstrongs need to double date.

    They of course will order top flight wines and amazingly expensive food (that Taylor and Michaele will just smush around their plates untouched).

    Russell will ask the Salahi’s to invest in Cresent Financial and Tareq will agree if Cresent will underwrite a charity polo match for MS.

    I don’t know who will pay for this exquisite meal because they will all be crawling out of the restroom windows to evade paying the hefty bill.


  10. 1st.,Why would anyone defend Taylor? I would totally publish that pic she has. I can understand her husband not wanting to be involved. My husband feels the same way. He just started watching some of the B.H. episodes, and he thought Kyle’s behavior was criminal in the limo. He’s a softy. Then he watched previous episodes. So now he hates Kyle and Taylor. He really only likes Giggy. Now the market will be flooded with everyone wanting a mini pom. I feel sorry for NeNe’s dog. She washed him off outside with a water hose. Isn’t that cold? She most likely doesn’t even have it anymore. And I applaud your website. I was a fan of realfaux housewives, but she’s to busy to keep it up to date. You are now my fave. Tell your readers to harass you for saying things like Russell’s a con, is crazy. This is all in fun. And that Mrs. Hugh Jackman, she needs to keep off this site. She preaches on and on about her stoopid life. She should head AA meetings and help those suffering with the disease of drinking and partying. I’m sure she has already sent Charlie Sheen a get well card. He’ll be done with rehab as soon as he sobers up.(rehab at his own house is a joke) Continue to dig the trash on these ladies. I Love It!


  11. Love your site! Just found it and hope to become a regular reader.
    I agreee with you on Taylor…she is the Beverly Hills of the Michaele Salahi… all phoney, except Taylor is terribly unattractive….in fact frighteningly so. She is difficult to watch because she appears ill and I suppose it’s because she has become addicted to surgical procedures. It is easy to get like that, many of us get carried away by the tanning bed or the spray tans and look very odd because you stop seeing what’s really there. You would however think that someone would tell her the truth, doesn’t she have a relationship with anyone besides Russel that has the courage to do so. Also have you noticed how oddly the relationship between Russel and Taylor has changed since the fist episode, he used to make her come with him when he left a party, now he seems not to care and goes alone. That is a huge change to make for a male with that type of habit, I wonder if that was just scripted at the beginning.


    • Tara: Thanks for commenting! On the right side of the homepage, you can sign up to subscribe and I hope you will! It seems like Russell really doesn’t give a damn anymore, except I am convinced that they are stuck with each other because of the secrets about themselves that they can share only with each other. SH


  12. its one thing to talk bad about the housewives but when you start making comments about anybodys child not being “that cute”, becomes a problem for me as well as for other normal minded people. Since your not normal, you may not even be getting what I’m explaining to you……………but thats okay I’m sure you can ask a neighbor. I’m sure your friends are all handicapped in the head as well. Heres the reality check for the ignorant and cold hearted. Every child is beautiful! For someone to pick on an innocent child like can only be jealous of something or unhappy with their own life…………………and if I didn’t get that right, then still theres something wrong with you. Next time leave the children out of your posts unless you have something positive to say.


  13. Hi!

    Soooooo now that Australia has just aired the final ep of season 1 RHOBH I came accross your website. Hilarious is the word that comes to mind although I’m feeling kind of torn… As the recent news reports about Russell’s demise I’m saddened for Taylor having to raise her daughter with that legacy. Very tragic. I’m not really sure what to make of all the “allegations” here but it would appear that these pair have a very shady past indeed. I’m in no way trying to take away from the humor your website offers but none of us are perfect and some women even women like myself have been through hard times that have left us a little damaged and fragile and carrying scars on our hearts that leave us feeling like we are “less than” and there for find solace in clawing our way to the top so to speak. Gold digging in a sense is an artform and takes some real balls to live that life and sacrifice ourselves to feel a certain worthiness that that lifestyle can make us feel. Instead of judging people for their choices we should question the root of why they have made those choices and what we can learn from it to better ourselves. 

    As someone who has made mistakes with men myself I for one am glad I can learn some thing from all of this hot messiness. Despite how amusing the RH train wrecks can be I wish “Taylor” much happiness in her future. I hope she can find the confidence to just be herself and learn to like who she is. Maybe then her life will bring her the happiness she seems to crave on the show. Living your own truth can free you and now faced with all this unhappiness in hers and Kennedy’s lives maybe living her truth and liking herself and being who she really is can hopefully in the future undo some of this damage on her reputation. It’s very sad but she deserves to be happy but for the right reasons. It really makes me very sad that people for many different reasons in this life make the choice to live lives less than what they deserve, but yes in reality they’ve made their choices, good or bad :)
    Hopefully for “Taylor’s” sake it’s not to late for her to save herself unlike the Salahi’s who are way way way beyond redemption…
    I sincerely am wishing “Taylor” and Kennedy the best and R.I.P Russell. 

    Thanks for a great website :) 





  15. She said, Quote..unquote “While I truly enjoy the challenges of the business world, my passion is charity. In 2004, I was introduced to Carol Adelkoff and The 1736 Family Crisis Center. Families who have endured domestic challenges find comfort, stability and a new beginning at 1736. Carol and her team have shown me what it means to truly make a difference and I am so blessed to be a part of this organization. But, this was before she married Russell.. and she still married an abuser? and still put up with this after being a part of this domestic violence platform? This is just one more thing that baffles me about Taylor. It makes me wonder what will leave us scratching our heads next?


  16. The reason Taylor was on Kyle’s side regarding Allison DuBois THE psychic , AND making nasty comments toward her at Camille’s, may be because she was afraid she might see a vision of poor Taylor’s past and say something and then in turn get suspicions looming about her. hmmm..I just thought about that one, but I do remember that party/dinner well.


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