Let’s Visit Kim Zolciak!

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kim Zolciak allowed the Atlanta Journal Constitution a tour of her Duluth, GA home.  The tour took place last year before she locked eyes on Kroy Biermann and realized her third pregnancy:

Kim Zolciak’s townhouse in Duluth, GA.  “This neighborhood works out great,” shares Zolciak. “I’ve lived here a couple years; the community is great, like I said, my neighbor Damien, he plays for the NBA so he’s in and out quite a bit, he’s pretty fantastic. It’s somewhat kid-friendly, it is gated, and it’s roomy, it’s spacious.” And security cameras at her front door assure no one gets up-close unannounced.

Zolciak says her favorite room in her Duluth townhouse is her master suite (pictured), “because that’s where the magic happens.” And only “custom sheets” adorn her bed.

“This home is so significant because I left so much behind and did this on my own, I left my dream home,” notes Zolciak. “I did this on my own, and it is my own, and it’s my girls’ and I and it’s perfect for us.” Pictured is the lounge in the master suite.

“I love my dining room table and chairs,” though Zolciak admits, “we’ve never even sat there and had a meal, ever! I love Chanel, so when I had that table made and the chairs, if you look at the back [of the chairs] there are actual circles,” she points out, “but I wanted like the [interlocking] ‘C’-look. So I had that made.”

Kim next to her custom, ‘Chanel‘-inspired chairs…”Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Kim Zolciak says the only thing missing from her three-level townhouse in Duluth is … “A man! A man, that’s the only thing we’re missing. And I’m not really so sure I want that either. I’m pretty happy.” She notes, “This is a pretty cool place; I’m missing a really big closet though.”

The wig line preview party that was soured by the antics of fellow ‘Housewife’ cast member NeNe was the last time Zolciak entertained at her home. “It was fun. I prefer to be entertained versus entertaining.” Pictured is her collection of Versace china, which is yet to serve a meal.

Zolciak has been in her 3-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath Duluth townhouse three years. Originally from Connecticut, Zolciak came to Georgia when: “My parents had moved here, then I graduated nursing school. My ex-husband came down here and got a job and we stayed.” Pictured is the kitchen where she starts mornings at the counter tracking the Internet buzz ‘Real Housewives’ stirs up.

“I like the little restaurants they have around here, but I usually run to Buckhead for food and shopping,” admits Zolciak. Pictured is her cozy breakfast room that opens to the living room.

“I think my house is homey. My house in Sugarloaf was a little cold,” shares Zolciak. “Here it’s a home. We live here, there’s writing all over the walls. We have a wall (near kitchen) that everyone signs and writes on; we’ve painted over it twice.”

“My neighbors are fantastic. My neighbor to my left, Damien Wilkins, he’s the husband I don’t have,” offers Zolciak. The ‘Tardy for the Party’ mommy strikes a peek-a-boo pose in a portrait mounted near the living room. Her nude portrait in her master suite is too spicy to show in this PG-rated gallery.

Zolciak says her townhouse is “totally different” from the home she grew up in in Connecticut. “I had like peach siding; the kitchen was baby blue with peach. We had blue carpeting [and] white picket fences. It was decorated with flower wallpaper; my mom’s house still looks like that.” She adds: “My parents, I don’t think they have anything black in their house. My ceiling (on first level) is black for goodness sake; I’m cut from a different cloth maybe.”

“I used to live in Sugarloaf Country Club, I lived in my dream home, it was beautiful and big,” reflects Zolciak. “But I felt so alone, houses are pretty far apart over there so this townhouse [which] is almost 6,000-square-feet and … I’m connected and I like it.” Zolciak commissioned Pineapple House to craft the graphic rug in the living room and handle all other custom treatments.

slideshow_1288074_private-zolciak-girlbdrm“I’m really extremely fussy about my style. Black, ivory, gold and red, that’s it! That’s all I like,” declares Zolciak. “My children’s rooms are pink and bright and fun. But I’m just usually fussy. I like animal prints, and putting ornate gaudy pieces with kind of more subdued traditional.” Seven-year-old Arianna’s room (pictured) is on the same level as the master suite and Zolciak’s home office.

Arianna’s bathroom is whimsical and youthful without echoing the pink palette in her room.

Not to be outdone by her younger sister, thirteen-year-old Brielle’s bedroom conveys design ideas from a fairytale storybook of a princess who adores pink.

“I guess the school districts here,” credits Zolciak of the Duluth school system that attracted her to this suburban community. “My kids do go to private school.” Pictured is the girls’ playroom in the home’s attic level.

“I am a product junkie,” admits Zolciak. ”If it makes you skinnier, tighter, tanner, hair straight or curly, teeth whiter, lips pinker … I buy it. I’m looking for the fricking miracle in a bottle,” she laughs. She uses everything from Vaseline petroleum jelly to La Prairie cellular renewal night cream, priced at $1000 (1.7 oz.). “I go through it pretty quickly. I didn’t have it when I was out-of-town, I think I could tell a difference. My ex-husband would tell you it’s all in my mind.”

“I just had my whole garden landscaped. Thanks Big Poppa, ’cause I have no idea what’s out there. He had them come over here and handle it. It looks fantastic.” There’s also a pond with waterfall and tiered floral arrangement.

NOTE:  You, too, can own Kim’s Versace china in the Medusa pattern, sold at Neiman-Marcus:  http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod78700005&parentId=cat2001074

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  1. I like the color palette in the bedroom, kitchen, breakfast nook. The living room, meh, doesn’t look that cozy to me. The bedroom pic puzzles me. She is seated on that upholstered chaise bench thingy. Then the pic of the lounge area- I thought that was taken from the bed end of the room, cause there is the bench again, but the mirrors don’t reflect what is beside the bed. Can’t figure out the perspective here, they either moved the bench or maybe it is another identical bench in an annex or something. Wouldn’t be the first time a RH deceived people, now would it?


    • Tuz: The chaise/bench is in the middle of the BR… Wonder what her place would look like had she done the decorating herself and not used a professional? A tour of Phaedra’s house coming soon…


  2. laughed out loud when saw dining room with 2 HUGE vulgar (my opinion) pics of herself then read ‘we’ve never actually had even one meal here’ and thought heard the girls saying ‘Thank the good Lord’ betting there’s at least one large inappropriate large picture of her all through the house. Now wondering if any of her children’s friends allow them over there. that’s really the only major compliant have about Kim is she has figured out how to make it being so narcisstic whatever, but she’s doing long lasting damage to those 2 girls, that makes me upset.


    • B: Very glad that you commented! The one huge photo of her in a white blouse kind of touching her boob is a bit strange for a kitchen/DR portrait. I’m hearing that she is holding off her engagement to Kroy until it’s decided if she gets her own spinoff show and that will be the big draw for viewers. IMO, she might get engaged, but because she’s so into herself, she and Kroy will stay engaged forever (or until she finds her next big money jumpoff). The older girl does look and act much more mature than 13-years-old and the younger girl is always into Kim’s stuff, which is a little scary. SH


  3. I’m surprised by this house. If you took down the plethora of pictures of Kim, I could live here. Not crazy about the dining room and I’d modify the master bedroom. I’d also de-clutter because she has too much cutesy stuff, but otherwise it’s a perfectly nice house. The breakfast nook is so cute! I would absolutely use the dining room. Oh, and I’ve seen her office on TV. That’s a sex dungeon trying to look like a Louis-the-Hooey and we can’t have that.


  4. What? Did you just find this website? I don’t think even MS.SH looks back this far. so, welcome aboard. I only found it recently myself because I just got a home computer for xmas.


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