Real Housewives of New Jersey: Giudice Bankruptcy Update…Paying Attention Kim G???

Yesterday, December 14, 2010, was the last day to file objections to the sale of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fabulous property, the same property that was to be auctioned at the A.J. Willner Auction Company in Springfield NJ (

The auction was called off and a deal struck for the Joo-dices to keep their furnishings and household items for a mere $54,405.00.

teresa.joe_.giudice.court_-490x540.jpg                                                                    Teresa and Joe Giudice on their way to court…

If none of their creditors filed an objection yesterday, Joe and Tree will keep their property for their agreed to payment of $54,405.00.

However, if someone wants to pay more than $54,405.00 for the Joo-dice’s stuff, they were required to submit their request to purchase along with their stated higher bid in writing to the court yesterday, December 14.

kim-ggg.jpg                                         Tom (the “celebrity magnet”) and Kim gardening at her home

Part-time RHONJ pot-stirrer, Kim Granatell, was going to purchase all of the Joo-dice’s fabulousity when it was up for auction.  Hopefully, Kim kept up with the bankruptcy particulars and submitted a bid by yesterday’s deadline.

Note to Kim:  Did you remember to call your attorney to place a bid yesterday???  I hope that Tom isn’t consuming ALL of your interests…

Here are the documents pertaining to the sale of the Joo-dice’s items:



District of New Jersey, MLK Jr Federal Building, 50 Walnut Street, Newark, NJ 07102


John Sywilok, Trustee in the above-captioned case, proposed a private sale of certain property of the estate to the persons and on the terms described below.

If any creditor or other party in interest has an objection to the sale, the objection and a request for a hearing on such objection shall be in writing, served upon the person named below, the Trustee, and the Clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Such objection and request shall be filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010.

In the event an objection is timely filed, a hearing will be held before the Honorable Morris Stern on:

DATE: 1/3/11                        TIME: 10:00AM                      COURTROOM: 3A

If no objection is filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010, the sale will be consummated on or after the fifth day following the last day to file objections.


The Household Furniture as set forth on Exhibit “A.”

The proposed purchasers are Giuseppe and Teresa Giudice, the debtors herein.

The Sale Price is $15,000.00.   Said sale to be free and clear of liens, with liens, if any, to attach to proceeds.  The debtors are entitled to exemptions and have asserted those exemptions totaling $39,405.00.

Any higher bid would have to be the amount of the offer plus the allowed exemption of $39,405.00.   Any offer thus must exceed the sum of $54,405.00.

Higher or better offers may be submitted to the selling party no later than the date set for objections set forth above.   Request for additional information about the property to be abandoned should be directed to the Trustee at:  John Sywilok, Godlesky & Sywilok, 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

If Kim G let the opportunity to own a fine piece of Joo-dicery slip through her hands, I would hope that ONE of these fine creditors just ONE as there are more would have placed a bid… these are some of the people and/or companies that the Joo-dices ripped off were unable to pay because the main source of their income dried up and they were unfortunately forced to file for bankruptcy for a ‘fresh start':

The following entities were noticed by first class mail on Dec 01, 2010.

db/jdb +Giuseppe Giudice, Teresa Giudice, 6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ 07082-1005

aty +Bruce H. Dexter, 90 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7176

aty +Godlesky & Sywilok, Esqs., 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7088

smg U.S. Attorney, 970 Broad St., Room 502, Rodino Federal Bldg., Newark, NJ 07102-2534

smg +United States Trustee, Office of the United States Trustee, One Newark Center, Suite 2100, Newark, NJ 07102-5235

auc +AJ Willner Auctions, LLC, 560 Springfield Avenue, POB 1012,Westfield(Springfield), NJ 07081-5012

cr +America’s Servicing Company as servicing agent for, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, PC, 400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +America’s Servicing Company, servicer for HSBC Ban, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg PC,400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg, c/o 1125 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401-4806

intp +John A. Testa, Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

intp +Mizzone & Testa, P.A., Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

cr +Putnam Leasing Company LLC, 300 Main Street, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

cr +Wachovia Bank, National Association, McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Attn. Sheila E. Calello, Newark, NJ 07102-4056

cr +William C. Sarasino, Esq. on behalf of Joseph Mast, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street, PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510169953 +Americas Servicing Company, P.O. Box 10328, Des Moines, IA 50306-0328

510169955 Amtrust Bank, P.O. Box 742579, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2579

510523953 +Athenia Mason Supply, 72 Mina Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011-1838

510310900 +BEP, LTD, c/o Robyne D. LaGrotta, Esq., 77 Jefferson Place, Totowa, NJ 07512-2614

510169956 Bloomingdales, Department Stores National Bank, MCCS- Central, P.O. Box 81113,Mason, OH 45040

510523954 Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz, LLP, PO Box 2594, Clifton, NJ 07015-2594

510169957 +Citi Cards, P.O. Box 6500, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6500

510169959 +Citicorp Credit Services, Inc., P.O. Box 653095, Dallas, TX 75265-3095

510169960 +Community Bank of Bergen County, 210 Rochelle Avenue, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662-4111

510523955 +Crosstown Plumbing Supply, 196 South Grove Street, East Orange, NJ 07018-3913

510169961 +Dan Ban Construction, LLC, c/o Michael Walker, Esq., 14 Countryside Lane, Suite 102, Ringwood, NJ 07456-2742

510169962 +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, 201 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211-6206

510310902 +Dominion Financial Corporation, 1245 Hewlett Plaza, PO Box 261, Hewlett, NY 11557-0261

510654794 +Dominion Financial Corporation, c/o Dominion Management Company, 200 Madison Avenue 24th Floor, New York, NY 10016-4001

510310903 +Elliott Glass Co., Inc., c/o Gaccione, Pomaco & Malanga, PO Box 96,Belleville, NJ 07109-0096

510169963 Excelsior Lumber Company, Inc., 140 Hamburg Turnpike, P.O. Box 817, Butler, New Jersey 07405-0817

510221482 ++FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, PO BOX 6275, DEARBORN MI 48121-6275 (address filed with court: Ford Motor Credit Company LLC, Dept 55953, P O Box 55000, Detroit MI 48255-0953)

510310904 +Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC, One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126-2701

510310905 +GMAC, c/o David R. Lyons, Esq., PO Box 1269, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-7269

510237075 +HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., Bass & Associates, P.C., 3936 E. Ft. Lowell Rd, Suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85712-1083

510169966 HSBC Card Services, PO Box 80084, Salinas, CA 93912-0084

510523956 +Hackensack University Medical Center, PO Box 48027, Newark, NJ 07101-4827

510169964 Home Depot Credit Services, P.O. Box 689100, Des Moines, IA 50368-9100

511142474 ++INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, CENTRALIZED INSOLVENCY OPERATIONS, PO BOX 21126,PHILADELPHIA PA 19114-0326 (address filed with court: Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Centralized Insolvency Operation, PO Box 21226, Philadelphia, PA 19114)

510169967 Jersey Central Power & Light, 76 South Main Street, A-RPC, Akron, OH 44308-1890

510227477 +Jersey Central Power and Light et al., 331 Newman Springs Rd., Building 3,Red Bank,NJ 07701-5688

510169968 +John Fellgraff, A.I.A., c/o Rubenstein, Meyerson, Fox, et. al., One Paragon Drive, Suite 240, Montvale, New Jersey 07645-1744

510169969 +Joseph Mastropole, c/o Sarcino & Sarcino, L.L.C., 500 Union Boulevard,Totowa, New Jersey 07512-2579

510523957 +Matarazzo Engineering, LLC, 575 Route 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004-1907

510169971 +Michael P. DeMarco, Esq., DeMarco & DeMarco, 912 Belmont Avenue,Haledon, New Jersey 07508-2550

510169972 Neiman Marcus, P.O. Box 729080, Dallas, TX 75372-9080

510310906 +New York City Department of Finance, Parking Violations, PO Box 3600,New York, NY 10008-3600

510549515 +New York City Department of Finance, 59 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038-4613

510310907 +Norman Barna, 12 Ravine Court, Clifton, NJ 07013-1417

510169974 North Hudson IVF, c/o Pressler & Pressler, LLP, 7 Entin Road,Parsippany, New Jersey 07054-5020

510169975 +North Shore Agency, Inc., 270 Spagnoli Road, Melville, New York 11747-3516

510169976 Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, P.O. Box 785063, Orlando, Florida 32878-5063

510396451 +PYOD LLC its successors and assigns as assignee of, Citibank, c/o Resurgent Capital Services,

PO Box 19008, Greenville, SC 29602-9008 510523958 +Passmore Cook Landscaping, 84 Main Avenue, Montville, NJ 07045-9572

510169977 +Phelan Hallinan and Schmieg, P.C., 400 Fellowship Road, Suite 100, Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054-3437

510310908 +Putnam Leasing Company, LLC, 300 Main Street, 6th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

510895714 Ronnie R. Sanchez, 399 Lexington Ave. #3, Clifton,NJ 07011-2391

510169978 +Ruby Persha and Stacy Persha, c/o Andrew H. Graulich, Esq., 17 Academy Street, Suite 111, Newark, New Jersey 07102-2923

511030141 ++STATE OF NEW JERSEY, DIVISION OF TAXATION BANKRUPTCY UNIT, PO BOX 245, TRENTON NJ 08646-0245 (address filed with court: State of New Jersey, Dept of Treasury, Division of Taxation, PO Box 245, Trenton, NJ 08695)

510523959 +Tungol, 425 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501-2595

510310910 +United States Elevator, Inc., 1275 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg 9, Unit 81, Fairfield, NJ 07004-2736

510310909 +United Telecomp, LLC, c/o Connell Foley, LLP, 85 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068-3736

510169980 +Victoria Wozniak and William Wozniak, c/o John E. Keefe, Jr., Esq., 830 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702-4215

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765(address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510310912 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, National Association, Mail Code VA 7628, PO Box 13327, Roanoke, VA 24040)

510169981 Wachovia, P.O. Box 6549558, San Antonio, TX 78265-9558, Attn: Loan Service Customer Support

510169984 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102

510310911 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07102

510392499 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510392495 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavangoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510412501 +Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, NJ 07470-5826

510169985 Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, New Jersey 07470-5826

Some photos of Tree Joo-dice…. just for the hell of it

teresahousewives.jpg  YIKES!!!



Before and After Nose and Boob Surgeries






RHONJ Teresa Juicy arrow


giudice teresa


Isn’t Jim Bellino the Tricky One!?

In my earlier post today, I stated that Jim Bellino (husband of Alexis, Real Housewives of Orange County) was truthful in his letter when he said that he did not file for bankruptcy, as I did a search using his name and nothing showed up.   BUT… I should have known better than to give Jim Bellino any credibility, as he did not file for bankruptcy under his own name; however, he did file Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 8, 2010 via his business, Global Marine.

Global Marine’s business address is the Bellino’s home address and there is one employee.  Probably Alexis.

Alexis-Bellino-Near-Drowning.jpgAlexis and Jim

The Global Marine/Jim Bellino bankruptcy filing is simply to get the mortgage company off of his back as the government will not take your home when you file for bankruptcy. That is a very simplistic way of stating what Jim Bellino did, so keep that in mind as the bankruptcy laws are not that simple and each case is different, depending on many variables.

However, the Bellinos have made it public knowledge that they have been trying to save their home several times from the bank foreclosing on it and have had difficulty coming up with the money to bring the mortgage current. Compared to the Joo-dices (Tree and Joe) from the RHONJ, the Bellino’s filing is pretty basic:

Estimated creditors: 1-49
Estimated assets: $1,000,001 to $10,000,000 (this number would include their house)
Estimated liabilities: $0 to $50,000

My interpretation of the Bellino’s bankruptcy documents is to ward off the bank from taking their house. Plain and simple. So, Jim and Alexis, why write the letter? To make it clear to anyone who gives a damn that you would not stoop to bankruptcy?   But you DID file for bankruptcy, and you did it through the back door via Global Marine, your home business.    Pathetic.

It seems like all the Real Housewives are selling real estate this year, and like most people, are finding the market an unforgiving one.  Alexis Bellino, a Real Housewife of Orange County, bought this beautiful Newport Beach home in 2006 for an undisclosed sum.  She and her husband almost lost their home to foreclosure this summer when they defaulted in a four and a half million dollar loan. The six-bedroom home has a well-appointed home theater, a gourmet kitchen, and an outdoor recreation area with a spa.  Last month the home was listed for $4,995,000, but this month the price has been slashed to $3,695,000. It sits on a large double lot near the water and some celebrity homes.  Nicholas Cage used to live right down the street, but sold his home in 2007 after finding an intruder in it.  I guess even the ritziest neighborhoods have to worry about lurkers.


Alexis Bellino, Before and After…. just for the hell of it


More on the Joo-dice bankruptcy later…very interesting stuff.   Stay tuned.

The Bellinos Wrote a Letter…


The Real Housewives of Orange County hasn’t been getting much attention lately, what with their neighbors, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, outdoing them and leaving the RHOOC holding rotting orange pulp dripping from their outstretched palms instead of their usual big, fresh, juicy, sparkly CA oranges.

One of the OC Housewives wants the world to know that she will not be clutching rotten orange pulp as a result of her and her husband’s ongoing mortgage predicament.


Jim and Alexis Bellino (above) who, during this past summer, nearly lost their twin girls on July 4th when Alexis left the children in the stroller unattended while she and her husband Jim were off  “doing something” … and the stroller with the kids rolled into a pool — this according to security at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA. According to multiple security officers on the scene, the lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with one child still in it.  Alexis’ husband dove in to save the other child. However, Jim told a slightly different story claiming, “There was no lifeguard needed or involved.” According to Jim, both of the Bellino children were fine and didn’t need medical attention.

But I digress….back to the mortgage issue….

Real-Housewives-BEV-Alexis-Bellino1.jpgThe Bellino House


Alexis and Jim have had enough of their name being tied to the “B” word (bankruptcy) and have written the following public letter to set the matter to rest:

Bellinos Bankrupt – NOT!

The schoolyard bully mentality of today’s banks has destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions of American homeowners who quite understandably feel they have no power to do battle with these financial behemoths. We certainly understand that we are just one family doing battle with one bank over one home, but we refuse to be scared into submission.

As we shared with you in August of this year, we had reached an agreement with JP Morgan Chase for a loan modification of our home. After we had agreed, the bank changed the terms, demanding twice as much up front cash, and increasing the interest rate (has this happened to any of you?). All we expect from the bank is that they live up to the original deal they made with us.

Despite the bank’s conduct in this matter, we remain willing to negotiate in good faith in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If forced to do so, however, we will not hesitate to pursue any and all legal recourse available to us under the law, and we will continue to follow the advice of our real estate attorney in this matter. JP Morgan Chase may be the Goliath in this scenario, but we will not sit by quietly and allow this financial institution to subject us to these unfair business practices without a fight.

Not surprisingly, the mass media got the story wrong. Like most families, we are just trying to live the American dream, but that isn’t sensational enough. As we all know, the media loves bad news, and will create it when they can’t find it. For example, “Housewife Hubby Files For Bankruptcy Protection” makes for a great headline, even if it isn’t true. Imagine if your hometown newspaper (like the Orange County Register) said you were going personally bankrupt when you weren’t. Our attorney has formally demanded that the Orange County Register publish a retraction and correction.

To set the record straight, we have not filed bankruptcy. I have been buying and selling residential and commercial properties for more than two decades. I have been working since I was 13 years old, and have made sure that our investments are diversified – we own multiple companies, properties, securities and other assets. Thankfully, our financial future is secure. The bank’s actions, however, forced the entity that holds title to the home to file Chapter 11 re-organization bankruptcy protection for the purpose of protecting this asset while we continue to work towards resolution. This is commonly done.

Our deepest thanks go out to so many of you who have expressed your concern for us. We cannot tell you how touched we have been by the outpouring of love and support during this challenging and frustrating experience. Please know that we are all healthy, happy and very well. At this time of year, we are reminded of how very, very blessed we truly are. We wish you and your families abundant love and joy during this holiday season.

Jim and Alexis

How interesting that the Bellinos have gone to such measures to make it clear to anyone interested that they are not bankrupt (as of December 14, there has been nothing filed under their name in the Southern CA bankruptcy courts… I’ll check again next week), as if anyone cared enough about their mortgage dilemma and are just waiting to hear from them that their house is saved from the big bad bank.  If their letter is truthful and they are knowledgable in real estate and financial matters, why keep playing games?  Why haven’t the Bellinos used their stated real estate knowledge and their professed financial experience and do some shuffling of their holdings, get their mortgage current and go about their lives.  No letter necessary.

It’s interesting that the Bellinos would go to this extent to prove that they are financially stable.

Alexis and Jim would have gained some respect, showed some of their ‘Christian’ character that they talk about on RHOOC and connected with viewers as responsible parents had they written a letter to the public regarding the near loss of their two girls in the swimming pool fiasco.  Instead, they have swept that ’embarrassment’ under the rug.

What a shame that they care more about what strangers think of their financial reputation rather than their reputation as good people who put their children first.   Sad.


A before and after of Alexis… just for the hell of it!


Grandma NeNe?

NeNe Leakes‘ eldest son, Bryson Bryant, has decided it’s time to make NeNe a grandma….

NeNe and Bryson

Bryson and his girlfriend, Ashley, are expecting…20-year-old Bryson is neither in school nor does he have a job and at last check, he was still living with NeNe.

Earlier this year Bryson was arrested for possession of marijuana while visiting an inmate at the Gwinnett County Jail in Atlanta.

Now NeNe is trying to come to terms with the news that she’s going to be a grandmother at only 42!

NeNe threw a ‘real hissy fit’ when she found out and she really laid-into Bryson.

Not only does she hate the idea of becoming a grandmother in her forties she believes that she will be left picking-up the tab for the baby because her son still lives at home and does not have a steady income.

Bryson is still dating the girl, who is a local from Atlanta, but by no means is it a steady and secure relationship.

NeNe believes that neither of them is mature enough to be parents but it’s understood that the girl is definitely going ahead with the pregnancy.

Note to Bryson:  I hope your Mother smacks you silly.

The RHOC Shell Game

They are really shuffling it up over at RHOC.

The newest RH will be a part-timer, somewhat like Kim G….a part-time pot-stirrer, who happens to be 33-years-old and a bisexual.

Fernanda Rocha

Rocha said in an interview with The National Enquirer that she aspires to appear in a well-known magazine. “My dream is to be in ‘Playboy,'” Rocha said. “There has only been one other openly lesbian centerfold, and I would love to be the second.”

By the end of the fifth season, the friendship between Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson, the remaining original Real Housewives cast member from season one, seemed to be in jeopardy.  With rumors of Tamra Barney bringing onto the show her new ‘love’ Eddie Judge.  Judge is several years younger than Tamra and he also happens to be Simon’s ex-friend.

Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney

According to Eddie Judge’s sister, Shalimar Torres, Eddie Judge is originally from Mexico.  Eddie arrived in America at a young age after Eddie’s mother took off from her family in Mexico, taking Eddie with her.

“When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,”  Shalimar disclosed.  “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge.

Eddie’s sister made the following claims about Tamra’s relationship with Eddie, including how Bravo inadvertently initiated the relationship between Tamra and Eddie.

How did Tamra and Eddie meet?

Shalimar says it was originally staged by the Bravo production team of Real Housewives of Orange County.   “When everyone was having a hard time because of the economy the show wanted to make it look like Tamra was trying to downsize so they met through her realtor,”  Shalimar said. “They came and asked if they could use our house to make it look like Tamra was interested in buying it.

The Bravo production company would have to had permission from the home owner and the realty company to film Tamra viewing the house.  According to Shalimar, “they” was the Bravo production company.

“Soon Tamra started coming over to have lunch with Eddie and then they pretty much started dating. When she met my brother she was still married,” Shalimar concluded.

Eddie Judge, 37, is from Ladera Ranch, with Tamra stating Eddie’s “firm funds a shelter for teens.”  Perhaps when RHOC begins airing this fall, Tamra will give more clues to what Eddie’s occupation is.

In the next season of Real Housewives of Orange County you can expect a major shift in the storyline and the dynamics with the addition of Alexis Bellino’s pal Peggy Tanous and her husband Micah.

Peggy, Micah and kids

Here’s the link to Peggy’s site, which contains a full screen photo of Peggy, Micah, and the couple’s two daughters (I already did this for you…above).

I can’t recall seeing Peggy and/or Micah in prior episodes. Maybe they were in the episode where Alexis and Jim went to church?

When checking out Peggy’s husband,  Michah Tanous’  W5 Internet’s site, I discovered the W5 Internet virtual salesperson, Peggy Tanous.  W5 Internet includes website development, online marketing and other assorted internet services.

In a video, Peggy tells potential customers about her and her husband’s company, W5 Internet. “By the way,” says Peggy, “if you happen to need a virtual salesperson for your site, then click on my picture.” Peggy’s virtual sales ad pitch answered questions of the type of “infomercials” Peggy may have appeared in.

With all of the changes that have taken place since last season…Vicki and Donn’s divorce, Alexis and Jim’s foreclosure, etc… it will be interesting to see what storylines Bravo will be fitting these two new players into on RHOC.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? It’s Faye Resnick!

If you don’t know who Faye Resnick is, she became known after her ‘best’ friend, Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered by blatantly cashing in on their friendship.  Faye authored a book, made as many appearances as possible speaking about Nicole and doing just about anything to make a buck from Nicole’s death.  Apparently, the friendship circle is small in Beverly Hills and Faye will appear as a dinner guest at Camille’s house on the upcoming RHOBH, the episode that Bravo is promoting as the “upcoming dinner battle with drama as its main course.”  The uproar that Bravo is promoting is that Camille called Faye out on her profiteering on Nicole’s death.


Faye is a close friend of Kyle and Kim Richards and Kyle invited Faye to Camille’s dinner party.

Nicole Brown Simpson ‘pal’ Faye Resnick shows up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

‘I recognized during the dinner it was the hair, I think it was the extensions and the blown up fake lips, and then I realized, oh my God, that’s who it is, it’s Faye Resnick, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick,’ said Camille Grammer.

Here’s the link to a preview video at Bravo:

Camille: ‘She posed naked in Playboy after the OJ trial, that’s how I know her. I think you looked amazing.’

Lisa VanderPump: ‘I don’t know if it was a calculated sentence on Camille’s part, I find Camille difficult to read, but I do know, as a host of a dinner part I wouldn’t have said it.’

Based on Faye Resnick’s actions in the past, related to Nicole Brown Simpson, was Camille a ‘bad’ dinner host for outing Faye?

According to Kyle Richards, Camille, ’threw a big stone’ at Faye Resnick. Both Kyle and Kim Richards were ‘horribly’ upset with Camille.  While Camille may be a flake, she did put what she said about Faye into context.  Faye Resnick did pose for Playboy after Nicole was murdered, Faye’s claim to ‘fame’ was her ‘friendship’ with Nicole.  Faye’s posing for Playboy was just part of Faye Resnick’s profiting off of the murder of her supposed friend, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Time for a trip down Nicole Brown Simpson’s, ‘best friend’ Faye Resnick Lane:

Orlando Sentinel, Feb. 7, 1997:

Faye Resnick, who has made money off her friendship with the late Nicole Brown Simpson with two books and countless appearances, has found yet another source of revenue and happiness – posing for Playboy.

”I had lost my sense of joy,” Resnick says in the magazine. ”It (posing) was part of my reawakening.”

Word is Resnick got six figures for a 10-page spread in the March edition.

A 1997 Faye Resnick signed and framed Playboy cover for sale at Amazon starting at $93.92.

At Amazon, the publisher review for Faye Resnick’s book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted:

This much-publicized and highly sensational ‘instant’ book by one of the closest confidantes of O.J. Simpson’s slain ex-wife may well leave readers wondering, ‘With friends like that, who needs enemies?’ Dedicated by Resnick (a self-proclaimed serious substance abuser) to ‘the most wonderful friend I have ever known, and to women everywhere who are trapped in corrosive and humiliating relationships like the one Nicole did not survive,’ this tabloid tell-all seems to dish as much dirt on Nicole as it does on her ex-husband (OJ), whom Resnick appears convinced murdered her best friend and Ron Goldman. Co-written by Walker, who works for the National Enquirer, the book is chock-full of details about the doomed couple’s lives: O.J.’s uncontrollable temper, ego and possessiveness; Nicole’s physical yearnings for tequila, Kansas City Chiefs football star Marcus Allen (who is a longtime friend of OJ’s) and slain waiter Ron Goldman, who Resnick insists did not have an affair with her murdered girlfriend, but whom she felt certain Nicole was`inevitably ‘going to do.‘   The book, which includes a brief chapter chronicling the night shortly before the murders when Resnick and Nicole fell into each other’s arms and experimented with lesbian sex, altruistically concludes with a section offering a state-by-state listing of Help Line phone numbers for female victims of domestic violence. Photos.

A couple reviews on Amazon of Faye Resnick’s book:

Review: This woman considered herself to be Nicole’s best friend. Poor Nicole. Because if that was true, and this woman was Nicole’s best friend, then I wonder what her enemies were like? If the revelations in this book are true, then Nicole was nothing more than a bisexual man-leach. What kind of friend would write such a trashy and expoitative book, whether true or not, mere months after a friend’s brutal murder? What kind of friend would want to cash in on this terrible tragedy? The money that Resnick was paid for writing this book is, in my mind, blood money. I hope she’s happy. If this woman was a true friend, she would have fought for justice for Nicole with dignity, love, and compassion, and NOT write this garbage, which serves nobody and does nothing but bring more pain and sorrow to the unspeakably victimized.

Review:   “Lovely” Faye jumped on the bandwagon after the murders to publish this trash as soon as possible to gain notoriety and profit.  She sure did not do her so-called best friend Nicole any favors.  Part of this narrative is spent in praising herself, at the same time she paints a picture of promiscuity, lesbian encounters, drugs and party, party, party. Where are their kids when these damaged and selfish women are out partying, sleeping around and drinking, and she has the nerve to paint herself as a good mother.   This book is disgusting and so is Faye Resnick.

The upcoming RHOBH episode of the dinner party at Camille’s should be great viewing!!!

Everbody’s Getting Their 15 Minutes…

Kim D of the RHONJ, owner of the famous Posche Boutique where all of the housewives purchase or borrow their clothing, is now branching out on her own. Even though the partay is tonight, I’m sure if you wanted to attend and had an extra $125, you could still get tickets at Novellis Restaurant…

Kim D. from Real Housewives of NJ Exclusive Holiday Party at Novellis
December 12, 2010.

Tickets are limited, demand is high, media is welcome!

Kim D from Real Housewives of New Jersey hosts Posche’s holiday party at Novellis restaurant in Wayne, NJ on December 12, 2010 from 5-9pm.

Limited seats are available.

Tickets are $125 and can be purchased by calling Posche at 973-406-7675.

Tickets include entrance, dinner, wine, light fashion show, gift bags, celebrity appearances and so much more. If you missed the last event, you won’t want to miss this one.

“You won’t want to miss this event” – Kim D. (Great quote, Kim!)

On December 12, 2010 everyone who attends will enjoy a night out at one of the best Italian Restaurants in Jersey. Novellis will open exclusively for Kim D of Real Housewives of New Jersey and her exclusive guest list. To be a part of this celebration, can be purchased at Posche.

Posche is “THE” store that all the girls shop at from NJ Housewives. Kim is mastermind behind the style that everyone falls in love with at POSCHE! Kim D has been in the fashion world for over 20 years. Hence the reason why Posche is a household name to anyone that knows fashion! This is a holiday party you WILL want to be a part of!

Things I Found While Looking For Other Things…

I was on Facebook researching a local improv group when a link to Kim G appeared on the right column.

No, this could not be THE Kim G of RHONJ… but it was and included was this photo of her and someone named Matt Martin:


Kim… you are so classy!

UPDATE (Jan 3, 2011):  Matt Martin has a website ( dedicated to Real Housewives tweets… Now we all know who the guy is with KimG in the photo…

Camille Wants a a Huge Pile or Else!

Apparently, Camille is threatening to release sex tapes of the couple (yuck!) to the public if Kelsey doesn’t pay her big bucks. “Camille fully intends on staying a very rich woman,” a “friend” of Camille’s tells Star. “She wants a ton of money in the settlement.”


Can you imagine a sex tape starring the two of them? Doesn’t her serious problem with irritable bowel syndrome have an effect on her sex life?

Camille’s Reality

Camille Donatacci Grammer was mentioned in a 1993 NYT‘s article “Vegas On the Green.” At the time, Camille was a student at NJ‘s Montclair State College studying English lit.

Tavern on The Green was going through changes from it’s reputation as a conservative restaurant to an updated eatery by bringing in bright lights and dancing girls, Ms. Donatacci being one of them.

To read the entire article:

According to people who knew her when, Ms. Donatacci hasn’t changed much from 1983:

I lived in Manhattan Beach for a long time and knew Camille as a shady girl, who wanted to nab a rich man, (like most of the girls at that time and around our ages) she was transparent, stupid, gauche, basically a real pig by her actions and behavior. There was a big high end club called H2O, where loads of Hollywood’s and sports guys hung out, so naturally Skank was there being so desperate and “willing” it would have been sad had it not been Camille who garnered much ill will from both men & women, she was truly horrible. At the time Kelsey was around regularly, it was when he was drinking heavily – a guy who should have been so happy, everything was going right for him but he was one of the saddest men I’d ever met. Tragic is the word that leaps to mind, but a nice, nice man.

Anyway, Camille scooped in on him like a vulture on carrion, she fit his type stripperish, with a touch of gold digger and cruel sociopath mixed together. I’m sure she was as surprised as the rest of that circle when he started dating her and it wasn’t a one night stand. Some of us thought at the time she might be turning tricks/escorting to supplement that MTV dance money but I don’t remember her being a Playboy model either, and she would have been screaming that at the top of her lungs with pride, so I’m guessing it was their online gallery, as she was not very attractive more average than anything, she’s had loads of work done. Brassy blond with over processed hair that was broken off in chunks, tanned to the point of looking like leather… Kelsey’s stripper low class type he was drawn to, he likes them crazy I guess. I think most people never dreamed his people would allow THAT to marry him, and boy did they sanitize her to the public!

Another email:

“…as someone who knows both parties, let me respond to Camille. First, let’s keep this in mind: when Kelsey met Camille, she was a Playboy model, a soft core porn actress in such films as “The Naked Detective,” and a prostitute in the Arab world, which is where she made most of her money (by the way, ask her about Prince Jefri’s trial, and watch her jaw drop).   Despite this – maybe because of it – Kelsey married Camille, and they were fine. But then Camille seemed to feel Kelsey owed his success to her; she also decided that she needed more attention, and in her 40’s, decided to go back to modeling her plastic surgery, and appearing on TV. Kelsey was worried that the new attention on Camille would cause attention to her past, particularly her on and off stints in Brunei as one of the Sultan’s prostitutes. How would the kids feel about this? So when he was in New York, he thought that maybe his relationship with Camille had run its course. He did the best he could. He helped her with her irritable bowels, looked past her past, and brought her in as a mother and a partner. But it seemed as if she was looking to become famous at the expense of her family, and that was a bit too much for Kelsey. So his former wife should just let it go, and move on with her life, too. Hopefully she will get the fame and credit she wants.”

before-Camille-4.jpgCamille’s Dancing Days

Camille in ‘The Naked Detective’

Jefri-Bolkiah.jpgPrince Jefri of Brunei, Camille’s ‘friend’

closeup19.jpg&t=1Nick Stabile, Camille’s ‘friend’ while married to Kelsey

‘Allegedly,’ Camille picked up Nick in Hawaii and private jetted him to her home to keep her company when Kelsey left for NY to do La Cage au Folles…

Camille DM’d the following on March 30:

Hi, I was just reading a old post you out out about my past. Tag Archives. A person quoted that they new me.. I doubt that highly
10h 10 hours ago
Camille Grammer
I read what they stated and it is false. I never heard of a H20 Club. Swear on my children this person is lying. This story is false
10h 10 hours ago
Kelsey agent Jeremy Zimmer an agent introduced us at a Italian restaurant In midtown. Please feel free to call UTA and ask Jeremy about
The introduction
Camille Grammer
Who is this person that has made us such BS about me?
10h 10 hours ago
I also was never a prostitute in the Arab world.. Lol
Who would write such BS
Kelsey haha
Nor was I ever spoke dancer or topless dancer.
That was his second wife
Camille Grammer
And ex fiancé was rumored to be an escort in Vegas
10h 10 hours ago
Camille Grammer
Can you please take this down. I will have my lawyers look into this. It’s nasty and defamation
10h 10 hours ago
That person who sent the emails wrote nasty stuff.. Sounds like somebody that was very a grey at the time and had an agenda
I’ll tell you the truth about things.
You have been cool with me
I’ll let you know the real.
Camille Grammer
10h 10 hours ago
Camille Grammer
So for typos.. Most auto correct
10h 10 hours ago
As I read it it really sounds like an angry Kelsey or a nasty female friend of his.. He was using the show to get rid of me
He couldn’t loss his public.. He knew he was cheating and didn’t want the fallout from fans
Camille Grammer
Sounds exaggerated and a bit contrived
10h 10 hours ago
Camille Grammer
Maybe the emails came from Faye Hahaha 😁😜
10h 9 hours ago
Stoopid Housewives
Camille: I’ll be happy to take it down. No need to do the atty threats. But, don’t know which item it is. It must be a REALLY old one!
7h 7 hours ago
Stoopid Housewives
How did you come across it? General search or specific search of SH items??
7h 7 hours ago
If you look up Camille and the Prince
Camille Grammer
It comes up
1h 1 hour ago
I guess people have been looking up Camille and the prince after the finale episode because I kissed that so called fake Prince
Camille Grammer
So now it shows up
1h 55 minutes ago
I would like to get IP address from these email to my lawyers. I will keep you out of it. But whom wrote this stuff out of malice should
Get a letter from my attorneys.
Camille Grammer
Thanks for your help
1h 50 minutes ago
The post was dated back in 2010
Camille Grammer
If you ask me the truth about things I will tell you. Promise
59m 48 minutes ago
Camille Grammer
No attorney treats to you.
43m 33 minutes ago
Camille Grammer
It’s still up on the internet
36m 26 minutes ago
Camille Grammer
You said that you would take it down. My parents are reading it now.

Nene Leaving Divorce Lawyer’s Office With… gets all the inside info:

It’s official NeNe is getting divorced. According to a snitch, she OFFICIALLY filed for divorce.

And she had one of her friends go with her. Her friend is the INFAMOUS Diana Gowins. She made the jumpoff hall of fame last year when she successfully sued prominent Florida attorney Willie Gary for $28K a month in child support payments for their twins. Willie was happily married when they met, and some insiders suspect that she used FERTILITY DRUGS to conceive.

Diane ended up initially WINNING the large child support payment from Willie. The payments were later REDUCED to $5K a month, when the court learned that she was using the money for PLASTIC SURGERY, vacations and high end fashion.

That’s some legenday jumpoff behavior. NeNe . . . take NOTES. She can teach you a WHOLE LOT!!!



Conversation with Sonja Tremont-Morgan

After reading Sonja’s bankruptcy documents, I emailed her questions regarding details of the documents. The most interesting questions asked were not answered; I would have been shocked if she did address them as they pertained to specific information regarding John Travolta’s involvement.

Also, the original questions cannot be posted as I submitted them via “info” on Sonja’s official website (

So, here are the questions that Sonja did answer:
Q: You are the NY housewife that does not take herself too seriously. What makes you laugh?


Q: You also seem the most compassionate. What gives you the ability to see what others don’t? (Ex: Had you not been with KKB, she may have been worse had you not interceded on her behalf.)


Q: Do you picture yourself married again?


Q: Which one trait in a man can you not live without?


Sonja also included photos of herself with her cute dog, Marley.

sonja marley sh wm