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On episodes which aired September 15 and October 21,  Real Housewives of DC Stacie Scott Turner said she was making plans to finally meet her Nigerian father.

Well, Stacie… what happened?    We want to know!

So, I sent her a quick email this morning at 7:20 am:

“The RHODC reunion show really left me (and I’m sure millions of others) dangling.
Would you kindly let me know what happened when you met your father in Nigeria?
Your major storyline of the RHODC was just left to twist in the wind!”

Proving how efficient Ms. Stacie Scott Turner is, I received the following reply from her less than an hour later at 8:12 am:

Hello! Thanks for watching and being interested in the outcome.

I found my birth father and will be traveling to Nigeria in 2 weeks to meet him.

I plan to blog about it on my website so check in to Needless to say, I am so excited!

Happy New Year!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

NOTE:  Best of luck, Stacie!
…Wonder how Jason is doing with that dowry he has to present to his future father-in-law!?


  1. Hey, Girlfriend:::::::::::::::::
    While you’re in Nigeria, give a shout out to any one or all of the thousands of dem Nigerian homeboys that could be Barack’s daddy. Oh and please tell your birth daddy to quit sending me those letters asking for my bank account numbers so he can hide all that excess cash he accumulated while being the finance minister. And don’t forget, that just like in Obama’s case, those birth records can really get misplaced and mixed up, so hold onto your checkbook since things might not be as they seem. And make sure you get vaccinated against every disease known to man, because they got ’em all in Nigeria.
    Oh, and bring toilet paper because they never heard of it there.
    World traveler, Miles


    • Miles, sweetheart –
      What a world traveler you must be! The fact that Kenya and Nigeria are across the continent from each is no doubt a minor detail too small to warrant attention from someone with your vast experience. But how thrilling that you found your way here! I know all the visitors to this blog have been waiting with bated breath for someone like you to post such thoughtful, unbiased, well phrased observations here.


  2. Skogsstig: (what sort of handle is that???)

    Wow, now everyone knows that Kenya and Nigeria are across the continent from each other, thanks to you and your vast knowledge of African geography. From your reply it sounds like you might be a teacher, or perhaps you’re just lonely with nothing better to do. So, for your information, I have traveled to many areas of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and most of the lower 48 states. I wasn’t just visiting as a tourist, but doing my job, which will remain confidential, and that required me to live in these places for months at a time so I know what I’m talking about. What I wrote earlier was intended to be tongue in cheek, but also to give fair warning to Stacie of what to expect in Nigeria. If you haven’t been there, you should go so you can experience, first hand the wonders of a third world country with few of the comforts of home.
    Miles Perkins, World Traveler


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