RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Robbed…

Lisa Vanderpump Todd is having a bad run of luck.

Lisa Vanderpump was robbed of four designer handbags while staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC last month, she tells RadarOnline exclusively.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is furious about the situation and is demanding hotel management “give me back my handbags.” “I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one Channel (Chanel). Those were my signature bags. Boy do I feel violated,” Lisa tells us.

Lisa, known as “Pinky” to close friends, was staying at the hotel while filming scenes for RHOBH.   The reality star says she complained to management but feels she is getting the run around. “They told me I should have put my purses in the room’s safe,” she tell us. “Come on, the safe wasn’t big enough to fit a wallet inside.   The room is supposed to be safe.   Do they expect me to stick Jiggy (her dog) in the safe too?”

Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, who was with Lisa in NYC, took control of the situation and went to the hotel’s management.

dish-121310-vanderpump.jpgLisa, Ken and Jiggy

“They told me to contact their insurance department and I did,” Ken says. “The guys over there were complete morons. They told us they will not replace Lisa’s bags. I am so annoyed at this hotel and the way they treated us.” Ken says they were unable to file a police report because the bags went missing the same day they were scheduled to check out and return back to Los Angeles. “It’s just an awful situation,” Ken told us. “It’s the principle. They stole from us.”

RadarOnline.com reached out to the SoHo Grand Hotel for a response but a member of the management team told us, “We don’t make comments about guests.”

As for Lisa, she says the once posh hotel has lost all her respect and “the Soho Grand is not so Grand after all.”

Most recently, Lisa was verbally assaulted at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge on Christmas Eve. Lisa Vanderpump was seated with her husband, two elderly guests and NBC Today in LA news reporter Robert Kovachik when a man at a nearby table began to attack her verbally, she told TMZ.

“‘I’ve seen the show. You’re wearing a lot more make-up now, and your eyes are darker and smokier,'” Vanderpump recalled the man saying to her, adding that he was “extremely drunk.” The man approached the booth and insulted her guests, asking, “What are you doing sitting with old people?”

At that point, Kovacik stood up and asked the man to stop–getting a punch in the jaw for his trouble, she said. The man also allegedly pushed Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, to the ground.

Kovacik declined to press charges when Beverly Hills police, summoned by the hotel, arrived at the scene. Ever the resourceful Hills housewife, Lisa took her wounded guest directly to Adrienne Maloof’s husband, Dr. Paul Nassif (who lives next door to Lisa) for stitching and mending. After getting five deep sutures and two dozen stitches Friday morning, KNBC reporter Kovacik headed to the BHPD to give a report and formally request that charges be filed against his attacker.