Kim…Someone Needs to Stop Her!

This doesn’t even deserve attention, because her book is gonna bomb, but Kim Zolciak of the RHOA thinks she can write a book.   About relationships.   Uh…OK, Kim.
alg_kim_zolciak.jpgKim and friends

Just because NeNe wrote (she had a ghost writer) a book and Treetrunk Joo-dice copied her book title from Bethenny and Dirty Danielle (ghost) wrote a book and, of course, the Amazon-ratings -fixer JillZarin (all one word) wrote her “bestseller” doesn’t mean that Kim should be encouraged to partake in such a cerebral endeavor.  You just know that Kim’s book will end up in the 50-cent bin at the drugstore within weeks of publishing.

Good luck with that writing, Kim!

You can read details and take a poll here asking if you would take relationship advice from Kim:|htmlws-bv-n|dl5||190219

Note to Kim: As of today, the poll numbers show that 94% of readers would NOT take relationship advice from you. Maybe you should re-think the topic of your book and change it to “The Clueless Man and How to Spot Him.”

Photo of Kim (and Pandora Boxx) just for the hell of it:

And, because it’s Christmas, a photo of Kim from HS:

1993 and her real hair!