Dr. Paul Nassif on RateMD’s Wall of Shame

TMZ posted an interesting tidbit about Dr. Paul Nassif who is married to RHOBH’s Adrienne Maloof.

adrienne-and-paul-nassif.jpg&t=1Paul and Adrienne Maloof-Nassif
From TMZ:
“Dr. Paul Nassif is suing an insurance company for bad-mouthing him to one of his clients and accusing him of fraud. Dr. Nassif performed a septoplasty on a patient named William Dawes in June 2009. Nassif claims in the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court … Dawes’ insurance company, CIGNA, denied Dawes’ insurance claim — telling Dawes, “Dr. Nassif is committing fraud” and “we have our eye on him.”
Nassif and Dawes filed their lawsuit together. Dawes is suing for breach of contract; Dr. Nassif is suing for defamation. They are asking for unspecified damages.”
0.jpgDr. Nassif with patient

At the physician rating site, RateMDs.com, Dr. Paul Nassif is on the site’s ‘Wall of Shame’.  Physicians are added to the ‘Wall of Shame’ if they make prospective clients sign ‘gag contracts’.  It can be argued that a patient is free to choose another provider and hopefully, prospective patients will keep that in mind when choosing their physician. However, it’s what happens after the prospective patient signs a waiver, the online ‘feedback’ from the patient written on patient satisfaction sites which becomes the ‘property rights’ of a physician.  Patients that are unhappy with their procedure who signed the physician’s gag contract have gagged the patient from informing the public.

Adrienne before and Paul Nassif

At the site complaintsboard.com, there is a long complaint about Dr. Paul Nassif and the gag contracts from an anonymous individual who claims they were a patient of Nassif’s. But, that is just one displeased patient. More unhappy patients can be found at the RateMDs.com site (http://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/146739). So, why then does Dr. Nassif proudly display on his home page (http://www.rhinoplastyspecialist.com/) ‘Proud of our Reputation with Patients’ sites if he requires his patients to sign gag contracts? Just askin’…

As for the squabble between Dr. Nassif, his septoplasty patient and CIGNA, nothing further has transpired.

If you want to perform your own septoplasty, here’s Dr. Nassif’s video explaining how to do it:  



9 comments on “Dr. Paul Nassif on RateMD’s Wall of Shame

  1. I think the fact that Paul shot whatever the hell that was in to the side of Taylor’s face instead of referring her to a psychologist is a big red flag. Doctors need to say NO sometimes.
    Paul seems like a nice guy on the show, but I wouldn’t trust someone like him to cut me open. He just seems too… goofy.


    • Aaawww, Who cares what he does to Traylor? Paul could’ve given her Bozo’s nose and a face like Elsa’s. Everybody hates Traylor!


  2. Great article.
    Seems when everyone around you looks plastic, it becomes the norm.
    Dr.Paul is pouring out the plastic kool-aid for anyone who will drink it and he apparently is not alone.


  3. In my opinion, Dr. Na$$if LOVES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…and in my opinion thi$ will not lead him to succe$$ in life. In my opinion, it will not lead him to Fame but $hame!

    I know $omeone who had $urgery with him and I wi$h not to comment about the outcome and the way this person wa$ treated… and how this person’$ $$$$$ added money ended up to Na$$if’$ pocket$.

    Up$$…$orry for the $ typing but I cant type an $ so I u$ing the $$$$$$$$ button. What I $tated above is $ubject to per$onal opinion.


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  5. The poster; “Rhino Spec” and “Greedy man” are the same poster. The poster has a history of getting onto many websites using multiple accounts and frequently SPAMS many websites with the same complaint and generates new user names to support his other screen names. He is posting out of MALTA. Many of the references in this ‘article’ are actually content from the same poster using multi-IDs elsewhere. He has had many of his multiple accounts banned on Rate MDs and other sites. Not because he’s complaining about the doctor but rather because he’s misleading others by giving the appearance that he is ‘many’ people.

    So, not only have you housed 2 of his multi-IDs in the comment section here but also you housed his multi-ID complaint content from elsewhere in your ‘article’.

    Please be aware, your board has been abused in the same way and by the same individual.


    • Thanks for commenting! Will keep that info under advisement… seeing that one comment is from January and the other from February and they haven’t left any further comments anywhere on this site… thanks. SH


  6. Is this some person who has a vendetta against Paul and Adrienne? Housewife fans love Adrienne…and Paul is a give or take. He’s just a husband, not a housewife.


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