Great Acting, Tree! (Courthouse Update)

Teresa Giudice Joo-dice told Federal Judge Morris Stern that she had no clue she declared bankruptcy until well after papers were filed – and her husband admitted he forged her name on everything from their mortgage to his business documents.

dish-101204-teresa-giudice.jpgTree had no idea what she was signing (’cause Joe would have told her if they were important papers)

I’ll sign my name right now; it’s not my signature,” said Giudice Tree Joo-dice after being questioned about her signature on numerous documents.  Tree claimed in her testimony that she had no knowledge of signing mortgage documents for either her custom-built mish-mash house (below) or their second home at the NJ shore.

teresa houseTheir custom-built house in Towaco, NJ

gorillaheadbankrupcy.jpgTree caught totally unaware that she’s signing her cookbook

Tree left all matters up to her husband, Joe, who admitted that he and others stuck her name on all kinds of documents that she claims she knew nothing about.

23svuqb.jpgTeresa “I’m too pretty to work” Gorga

Tree even had to ask Joe for help when the lawyer asked her what year they got married. “1999?” she said, looking at her husband. “I’m drawing a blank.”

RHONJ Teresa Juicy before marriedThe Joo-dices before they married in 1999… right, Joe? Are we married, Joe?

As mentioned in a earlier post today, outside the courtroom during a break from testifying, Giudice’s temper flared at the wife of Joe’s ex-business partner’s lawyer…. who happens to be an attorney herself.  Tree accused Monica Ciccone of spreading rumors about her.

You’re violating ethnics!” screamed Giudice, who has no idea she butchers the English language with such precision.

Her husband’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, sued the Giudices and accused them of forging his name on mortgage documents in order to pocket $1 million. Mastropole testified that he didn’t believe Teresa Giudice was ignorant of her husband’s machinations and called her a “good actor.”

Tree lounging in Neiman-Marcus pajamas. They stiffed N-M for $5,196.07.

A defiant Joe Giudice took the stand and took a bullet for Tree by blatantly admitting to a slew of forgeries.  “Everybody does it,” he said, adding he “didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Tree believes that she is not in the same scammer league as her RHONJ castmate, Danielle Fraud Staub; Tree also believes she is miles apart in the scamming department than the RHODC yet-to-be-documented MS sufferer, Missy Holt Michaele Salami.

As testimony continues in the NJ courtroom, it is my opinion that Tree will be exposed as a much, much better scammer than Missy or Danielle could ever attempt to be.

Note to Joe:  Ethnical Ethical business people DO NOT forge documents and IT IS a big deal to forge another person’s signature on any document.  Just sayin’…