The RHOC Shell Game

They are really shuffling it up over at RHOC.

The newest RH will be a part-timer, somewhat like Kim G….a part-time pot-stirrer, who happens to be 33-years-old and a bisexual.

Fernanda Rocha

Rocha said in an interview with The National Enquirer that she aspires to appear in a well-known magazine. “My dream is to be in ‘Playboy,'” Rocha said. “There has only been one other openly lesbian centerfold, and I would love to be the second.”

By the end of the fifth season, the friendship between Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson, the remaining original Real Housewives cast member from season one, seemed to be in jeopardy.  With rumors of Tamra Barney bringing onto the show her new ‘love’ Eddie Judge.  Judge is several years younger than Tamra and he also happens to be Simon’s ex-friend.

Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney

According to Eddie Judge’s sister, Shalimar Torres, Eddie Judge is originally from Mexico.  Eddie arrived in America at a young age after Eddie’s mother took off from her family in Mexico, taking Eddie with her.

“When Eddie was a teenager he met this man who gave him odd side jobs and he eventually took Eddie in and became his foster dad,”  Shalimar disclosed.  “That’s when he changed his last name to Judge.

Eddie’s sister made the following claims about Tamra’s relationship with Eddie, including how Bravo inadvertently initiated the relationship between Tamra and Eddie.

How did Tamra and Eddie meet?

Shalimar says it was originally staged by the Bravo production team of Real Housewives of Orange County.   “When everyone was having a hard time because of the economy the show wanted to make it look like Tamra was trying to downsize so they met through her realtor,”  Shalimar said. “They came and asked if they could use our house to make it look like Tamra was interested in buying it.

The Bravo production company would have to had permission from the home owner and the realty company to film Tamra viewing the house.  According to Shalimar, “they” was the Bravo production company.

“Soon Tamra started coming over to have lunch with Eddie and then they pretty much started dating. When she met my brother she was still married,” Shalimar concluded.

Eddie Judge, 37, is from Ladera Ranch, with Tamra stating Eddie’s “firm funds a shelter for teens.”  Perhaps when RHOC begins airing this fall, Tamra will give more clues to what Eddie’s occupation is.

In the next season of Real Housewives of Orange County you can expect a major shift in the storyline and the dynamics with the addition of Alexis Bellino’s pal Peggy Tanous and her husband Micah.

Peggy, Micah and kids

Here’s the link to Peggy’s site, which contains a full screen photo of Peggy, Micah, and the couple’s two daughters (I already did this for you…above).

I can’t recall seeing Peggy and/or Micah in prior episodes. Maybe they were in the episode where Alexis and Jim went to church?

When checking out Peggy’s husband,  Michah Tanous’  W5 Internet’s site, I discovered the W5 Internet virtual salesperson, Peggy Tanous.  W5 Internet includes website development, online marketing and other assorted internet services.

In a video, Peggy tells potential customers about her and her husband’s company, W5 Internet. “By the way,” says Peggy, “if you happen to need a virtual salesperson for your site, then click on my picture.” Peggy’s virtual sales ad pitch answered questions of the type of “infomercials” Peggy may have appeared in.

With all of the changes that have taken place since last season…Vicki and Donn’s divorce, Alexis and Jim’s foreclosure, etc… it will be interesting to see what storylines Bravo will be fitting these two new players into on RHOC.