Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim Granatell and Tom Murro… Uh…OK, you two…

How to be together (without really being together) on New Year’s Eve?

Host a New Year’s Eve party!…  

Just like Tom ‘the Celebrity Magnet’ Murro and the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Kim Granatell will be doing tomorrow night…

                                             Really, what’s up with these two???

Note:  For anyone attending this bash, please take some photos!   Everyone would love to see these two together at midnight…


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On episodes which aired September 15 and October 21,  Real Housewives of DC Stacie Scott Turner said she was making plans to finally meet her Nigerian father.

Well, Stacie… what happened?    We want to know!

So, I sent her a quick email this morning at 7:20 am:

“The RHODC reunion show really left me (and I’m sure millions of others) dangling.
Would you kindly let me know what happened when you met your father in Nigeria?
Your major storyline of the RHODC was just left to twist in the wind!”

Proving how efficient Ms. Stacie Scott Turner is, I received the following reply from her less than an hour later at 8:12 am:

Hello! Thanks for watching and being interested in the outcome.

I found my birth father and will be traveling to Nigeria in 2 weeks to meet him.

I plan to blog about it on my website so check in to Needless to say, I am so excited!

Happy New Year!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

NOTE:  Best of luck, Stacie!
…Wonder how Jason is doing with that dowry he has to present to his future father-in-law!?

Most Hated Housewife?… It’s no surprise

Camille Grammer, in the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has easily taken the title of ‘Most Hated Housewife‘ from her runners-up, RHONJ Danielle Staub and RHODC Michaele Salami.


According to the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, Camille Grammer jumped at the chance to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so she could finally step out from behind the shadow of her husband, Kelsey Grammer.  However, she never realized that she would become one of the most hated Housewives yet.   In fact, 52% of readers polled picked Camille as the most hated Housewife.  “I hate Camille and her bitch brigade,” tweeted one show fan.   Noted another, “Camille needs to be in a padded cell!”

But who is the real Camille? Before she touched down in Beverly Hills, Camille Donatacci was a “nice, funny” and well-liked student at Montclair State College in New Jersey, a former classmate tells Life & Style.  (Camille dancing was mentioned in a 1993 NYTimes article:  But after she met Kelsey on a blind date in 1996, a money-hungry, materialistic side emerged. “She moved to the West Coast, and no one I know kept in touch with her after that,” says the classmate.

Kelsey and Camille ‘show me the money’ Grammer

A year later, Camille and Kelsey tied the knot but Camille soon became more committed to the lifestyle than to her husband.  (More committed… THAT’s why she needs four nannies… she became totally committed to the lifestyle.) The relationship was clearly in trouble when they started filming. “Camille stopped having sex with Kelsey about a year before they broke up,” an insider tells Life & Style.

Kelsey and Kayte Walsh looking very happy…

And Kelsey now fears her next move. “He pleaded with photographers not to take his picture with his fiancée because his ‘soon-to-be ex-wife’ would see it and go ballistic,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style.  “Kelsey claims she shows pictures of the couple to the kids and blames Daddy for the mess.”   (Geez… the one time Camille talks with the kids instead of their nannies and she clobbers them with talk about their Dad!  No words, Camille… no words.)

Life & Style:

Next RHONY…Cindy Barshop

Bravo has finally made it official — Cindy Barshop is the newest “Real Housewives of New York” cast member.

Barshop, who runs the Completely Bare ( chain of day spas — clients include “Jersey Shore” dudes Pauly D. and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — will make her first on-air appearance when “Housewives” kicks off its fourth season in mid-February.

Her role on the show has been expected ever since Barshop’s name first surfaced in September. Since then, Bravo has refused to confirm and/or deny hiring Barshop — until now.

“She has an organic connection to the cast,” says Bravo programming VP Christian Barcellos. “She’s friends with [fellow New York ‘Housewives’] Ramona [Singer] and has connections to Kelly [Bensimon]. They all run in the same circles.

ONE OF THE GIRLS: Cindy Barshop (left) with fellow 'Real Housewives of NYC' Jill Zarin (center) and Alex McCord (right). 

Cindy Barshop, with fellow RHONY,  JillZarin and Alex McCord

“And she’s a very successful, entrepreneurial, self-made woman,” Barcellos says. “She’s the epitome of the go-go New Yorker who lives downtown in an absolutely fabulous West Village loft.”

Barshop, the single mother of twin girls Zoe and Jesse, born last year, “has made some really bold, daring lifestyle choices,” Barcellos says — declining to elaborate on what those “bold” decisions are.

“I think [her lifestyle decisions] are really cool and laudable and hopefully will invite watercooler conversations,” he says.

“She’s done some unorthodox things, and she owns it. She’s completely happy with her [lifestyle] decision and considered it greatly.”

Barshop, a Long Island native, opened her first spa in 1998 and has since expanded her empire to three Completely Bare spas in Manhattan and locations in Palm Beach and Scarsdale.

She’s replacing Bethenny Frankel, who left “Housewives” to star in her own Bravo reality series, “Bethenny Getting Married?” which will return for a second season.

“She brings a distinct flavor to the ensemble,” Barcellos says. “This show is about self-actualized women — and I think viewers will enjoy getting to know and see [Barshop].”

Barshop joins returning “Housewives” Bensimon, Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Sonja Morgan and Jill Zarin.

Source:  NYPost

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Kim G and Tom Murro… the ‘Celebrity Magnet’

There is something up with the relationship between Kim Granatell (Kim G), part-time housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Tom Murro, the ‘Celebrity Magnet.’  I wrote about this previously on November 22 and I’m still intrigued…

Since my November post, Tom has written additonal items for his site, including photos, re Kim G.

                                                Tom Murro, the ‘Celebrity Magnet’ and Kim Granatell… lookin’ pretty happy

Since meeting Kim on July 15, 2010, Tom has posted ten items on his site, the CelebrityMagnet.

So, in five months, Tom has written two articles a month which include mention and/or photos of Kim G…there may be others that I’ve overlooked, but that’s quite a bit for that length of time.

carpet1use.jpg Tom’s wife, Kelly, Tom, Kim and Arlene Jessourian (?) … nice body language… Tom is leaning in toward KimGrannytell

Interestingly, October 14 was the first time Tom’s wife, Kelly, was included in stories along with Kim.  I guess after three months of Kim G getting Tom’s attention, Kelly finally jumped in.

Tom Murro, the Celebrity Magnet, brought his lovely wife Kelly and the always interesting Kim G along to the event…” Well, we see Tom and Kim…

I am not the body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass (, but I do recognize body language that blatantly shows romantic chemistry between two people. The top photo shows Tom and Kim clearly happy in each other’s company, arms wrapped around and holding each other at the waist. The middle photo is the same as the first, but Tom’s wife is included.  And the photo above shows Tom leaning into Kim, and she is comfortably relaxed with Tom…they are both happily smiling…again.

kimtomstairsuse-430x645.jpg                                                       Photo of Tom Murro, da ‘celebrity magnet’ taken in Kim’s house… body language shows da magnet being protective of KimGrannytell

AND…Kim G’s tweets don’t lie.  Back in August, Kim was really looking for some luv from Tom and he doesn’t disappoint:

August 20:

John (Kim’s son) fabulous apartment at U Of Ariz with beautiful furniture we bought today. on my way to Canyon Ranch tomo. Tom Murro wish u were here.

Canyon Ranch bound in Tucson AZ. The fiinest spa in the U.S. So happy to splurge & pamper myself. Not using other’s money; it’s all mine!!!

I am so loving my massage here… But Tom Murro you so do it better. What hands you have!! and thats not all!

August 21:

Massage & spa was incredible but not as incredible as the “Celebrity Magnet”.

I talked about going to Grand Canyon. Tom, please surprise me!

Oh Tom surprised me here In AZ. Going to Grand Canyon on a private helicopter & not using anyone’s money. Oh to be rich & not scam & phony!

Oh, Tom helicopter ride so so romantic!! What a wonderful time! I am loving your new Rolex & u of course.

Next stop, Martha’ Vineyard. private jet back to NJ. Refueling & dropping Tom off in Martha’s Vineyard 4 interviews with Pres. Obama tomo. see Boston Globe 08/19 online.

Oh… to live the high life, AZ, the spa, private jet, & Tom, OMG!

Kim G let Tom drive her Ferrari F430.                                                                                              Tom Murro, the ‘celebrity magnet,’ crusin’ in KimGrannytell’s  Ferrari with KimGrannytell in passenger seat…

A comment on after a post re Kim G:

“Tom Murro has a website Celebrity Magnet. A 35 year old
Married, Father of girls under 10 years old who Kim Grannatell on her numerous tweets has indicated that she is presently in a torrid sexual relationship with this Lothario. She has tweeted that she has purchased as per his request a Rolex Watch and a Mercedes Benz SUV which she tweets are waiting for him with a red ribbon for his return from Martha’s Vinyard where he had a 4 second interaction with Barack Obama. There are people in our town starting a campaign to hold our noses when we see Mrs. Grannatell or Tom Murro”     Posted at 12:16 AM on Sep 9, 2010 by MaryAnne

Kim G and Tom Murro enjoy Why Men Love Bitches 1                                                     Tom, da magnet, and Kim in Kim’s house

I know this is ‘aging’ news, but I really want to know what’s been going on with these two. I wrote to Tom via his website, asking him some very pointed questions re his and Kim’s relationship. I have yet to hear from him. This leads me to believe that they are still going strong, otherwise Tom would have replied to my email with a simple “we’re done….or something to that effect.”

SOOOO…. how does his wife, Kelly, feel about all this? Is she in on it with Tom to get whatever they (or she) can from Kim G?


Oprah v The Housewives

Oprah, queen of her own delusional mind…

Oprah Winfrey appears on the cover of Parade Magazine in a huge red tent and in a pose that makes her look bigger than she is.   Her cover also reminds us that OWN – the Oprah Winfrey Network – is coming in just a few days and will air 24/7.

And what kind of programming does she want?

None of that Real Housewives crap… (Oprah better watch what she’s saying because the Manzo’s got friends and as soon as Treetrunk Joo-dice gets over her little money issue… well, if she can spontaneously sit Andy Cohen down with a fingerflick, just imagine what Tree could do when she has a mission!)

“I think so much of television is a minefield (except her show, of course) that just zaps your energy, wastes your time,” Oprah told Parade in an interview for their December 26 issue.

“I happened to be on the treadmill one night (can you prove that, Oprah?) and passed one of the ‘[Real] Housewives’ shows—I don’t know which city—and literally my mouth was open ‘cause I thought, ‘This is on television?’ (Spoken by the person who handed out free cars (but handed tax invoices with them), brought us Rielle Hunter, Kirstie Alley’s body stocking, James Frey getting whipped, the ‘Secret’, Eckhard Tolle, Dr. Phil, Carson Kressley’s makeovers, Nate Berkus, Suzanne Somers, and all her Scientology friends.)

“I recognize that there’s a whole group of people who find that very entertaining I wonder for how long. I think that there are people who want to be fed just a little more.” (Oh, Oprah, you been ‘feeding’ us too much.  Now go away.)

Note to Oprah: You chose to trash ‘Housewives’ thereby alienating more viewers and making your already sinking ratings sink lower.  I, for one, will be smugly satisfied when you get clobbered in the ratings by ‘Housewives.’


Oprah before photo, just for the hell of it:


Camille’s Kids

Camille and Kelsey Grammer’s young children have been stuck in the middle as their parents’ divorce heats up.   Now an insider tells Star the kids want to move in with their dad!

1.jpgCamille, Mason, Jude and Kelsey…notice the protective body language Kelsey has with his kids

“The children miss their father terribly,” the source tells Star in our Jan. 3 issue, on newsstands now. “They’re begging him to let them move in with him.”

Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, have also told Kelsey they hate being on their mom’s show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the insider explains. “I don’t think they enjoy being in the spotlight at all.”

For now, Camille has physical custody of the children in L.A., while Kelsey is currently living full-time in NYC with his new young girlfriend, British flight attendant Kayte Walsh. While Kayte would be fine with having the kids move in, the source declares, “There’s no way Camille will let that happen without a fight!”

After watching Camille on RHOBH and the faint bit of interaction she has with her children, you can’t blame them for wanting to get the hell away from her.

Some before photos of Cami …

Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer from Club MTV days

RHOA’s Dwight Needs a Chauffeur… and his banged-up-grille, stuck-in-cement Mercedes

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s” super-flamboyant stylist Dwight Eubanks got himself in a sticky mess on Wednesday — after dude drove his Mercedes into a ton of wet cement.

Dwight tells TMZ, he was driving to his salon The Purple Door in ATL and accidentally plowed straight into a pool of wet cement outside the parking lot — claiming he saw the red cones and construction workers … but presumed the wet cement was covered by a metal grate.

Big mistake — because dude had to call a tow truck … which took 45 minutes to arrive while the concrete was rapidly drying.  Thankfully, the tow truck was able to extract the vehicle — but Dwight still had to fork over $209 dollars at a 3-hour long car wash to get the thing cleaned. Smooth move. Credit: TMZ

Just for the hell of it, here’s a before photo of Du-wight…
18544_1125233150807_1826517363_226501_1801156_n.jpgFrom Du-wight’s Facebook page

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Robbed…

Lisa Vanderpump Todd is having a bad run of luck.

Lisa Vanderpump was robbed of four designer handbags while staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC last month, she tells RadarOnline exclusively.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is furious about the situation and is demanding hotel management “give me back my handbags.” “I had four purses valued at just over $8,000 including two Christian Louboutins, one Louis Vuitton and one Channel (Chanel). Those were my signature bags. Boy do I feel violated,” Lisa tells us.

Lisa, known as “Pinky” to close friends, was staying at the hotel while filming scenes for RHOBH.   The reality star says she complained to management but feels she is getting the run around. “They told me I should have put my purses in the room’s safe,” she tell us. “Come on, the safe wasn’t big enough to fit a wallet inside.   The room is supposed to be safe.   Do they expect me to stick Jiggy (her dog) in the safe too?”

Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, who was with Lisa in NYC, took control of the situation and went to the hotel’s management.

dish-121310-vanderpump.jpgLisa, Ken and Jiggy

“They told me to contact their insurance department and I did,” Ken says. “The guys over there were complete morons. They told us they will not replace Lisa’s bags. I am so annoyed at this hotel and the way they treated us.” Ken says they were unable to file a police report because the bags went missing the same day they were scheduled to check out and return back to Los Angeles. “It’s just an awful situation,” Ken told us. “It’s the principle. They stole from us.” reached out to the SoHo Grand Hotel for a response but a member of the management team told us, “We don’t make comments about guests.”

As for Lisa, she says the once posh hotel has lost all her respect and “the Soho Grand is not so Grand after all.”

Most recently, Lisa was verbally assaulted at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge on Christmas Eve. Lisa Vanderpump was seated with her husband, two elderly guests and NBC Today in LA news reporter Robert Kovachik when a man at a nearby table began to attack her verbally, she told TMZ.

“‘I’ve seen the show. You’re wearing a lot more make-up now, and your eyes are darker and smokier,'” Vanderpump recalled the man saying to her, adding that he was “extremely drunk.” The man approached the booth and insulted her guests, asking, “What are you doing sitting with old people?”

At that point, Kovacik stood up and asked the man to stop–getting a punch in the jaw for his trouble, she said. The man also allegedly pushed Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, to the ground.

Kovacik declined to press charges when Beverly Hills police, summoned by the hotel, arrived at the scene. Ever the resourceful Hills housewife, Lisa took her wounded guest directly to Adrienne Maloof’s husband, Dr. Paul Nassif (who lives next door to Lisa) for stitching and mending. After getting five deep sutures and two dozen stitches Friday morning, KNBC reporter Kovacik headed to the BHPD to give a report and formally request that charges be filed against his attacker.

NeNe and Cynthia …Clubbin’ on Christmas

NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey from the RHOA plan to spend their Christmas hosting a party for The Mansion Elan ( It looks like admission is free. If you decide to make this a part of your Christmas this year, drop me a line and don’t forget the photos! Just click on ‘comments’ at the bottom of the post.

Will Greg and Peter be attending?

Note to NeNe:  Remember…no alcohol!

Danielle… in the name of John Lennon, Let It Be!

After recording two love songs (Is that what they were?), reality “star” Danielle Staub is ready to add some more upbeat tunes to her repertoire in 2011 she tells exclusively.

AP090624013620 20100604124928 320 240 AP090624013620 20100604124928 320 240Danielle answering questions about her singing ability…notice she’s not talkin’

“I’m going back in the recording studio to work on my own.  I think that is where people are going to set me aside (Huh? Aside the fact that you can’t sing?).   And it won’t be anymore slit your wrist music,” Danielle said with a laugh. “I had to do it, (Who was holding the gun to your head, Danielle?) but now it’s all about having fun.”

This was a big year for the reality star who released two singles, Real Close and Cry, (her singles were so bad that Billboard doesn’t even list her on their site hosts Wealth TVs Social (no airtime has been set), is packaging her own reality show and now has record labels vying for her (Wayne and Garth records).

waynes+world.jpgWayne and Garth of Wayne and Garth Records in their studio

“For me, it’s about connecting with the club scene (how old are you, Danielle?) and being happy and bringing a great vibe,” revealed Danielle. “I’m ready to give a message of happiness and it’s going to be great. It’s going to be house [music] and I’m definitely a pop artist.” The sexy housewife will also be penning her own lyrics. “I’m writing my own music too, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. I will probably have a co-writer or two in the future. (Duh! Danielle can’t sign a check without help) I will be putting up the first few as my own.” (Just to prove she needs a co-writer)

danielle_staub_071310_splash_m.jpgLooking very sexy

And she doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. “My daughter Gillian because she is a pop rock artist (she’s not on billboard, either),” she said. “Before I can put hers out I have to pave that path for her (yeah..about her ‘singing’…). And she is my inspiration and she helps to keep it real and young. Then there is Christine (who was forced into a ‘modeling’ career by mommy dearest), who is 17, and she will make sure I’m appealing to her audience age too.” (The only way that could happen is if she’s handing out ecstasy to the audience)

christine-staub-186x200.jpgChristine Staub…looking very unhappy, as usual, that her mommy made her model

With a new sound may come collaborations. So who is on Danielle’s wish list?

“I love 50Cent (he’s busy with Chelsea). Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Kayne (keep dreamin’, Danielle), who wouldn’t want to collaborate with Usher (how many times a day do you halluncinate, Danielle)? All those names just to say, ‘yeah, I’ll lay down a line or two in a song for you.’ That is my dream and goal. (Let me tell you a little story about disappointment, Danielle…).

large_merrillmug.jpgMaybe Fiddy will give Beverly/Angela/Danielle props for bein’ gangsta

“The one female artist I would love to have in any of my songs is Rihanna.   She is the s**t!” Danielle exclaimed. “She takes the stage and everyone is looking.” (Uh… very good reasoning, Danielle!).

tvrhousewives1.jpgRihanna is the s**t… here’s Danielle Staub, lookin’ like s**t

And even though other housewives like Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Kim Zolciak have also showed the world their vocal stylings (which the world didn’t want), don’t look for any co-star collaborations.”No. There is no reason to,” Danielle confessed. “I’m friends with some of them privately. We keep it that way.” (None of them want to own up being your friend, Danielle).

But first things first, Danielle will ring in the New Year as host of’s Touch party in New York City. (About that… I searched all over joonbug’s site and cannot find anything about Danielle…if you find something, let me know:

Was checkin’ out Danny Provenzano just for the hell of it… looks like he’s no longer ‘friends’ with Danielle:

collage-0.jpgDanny Pro

He has his own “official” website:

Kim…Someone Needs to Stop Her!

This doesn’t even deserve attention, because her book is gonna bomb, but Kim Zolciak of the RHOA thinks she can write a book.   About relationships.   Uh…OK, Kim.
alg_kim_zolciak.jpgKim and friends

Just because NeNe wrote (she had a ghost writer) a book and Treetrunk Joo-dice copied her book title from Bethenny and Dirty Danielle (ghost) wrote a book and, of course, the Amazon-ratings -fixer JillZarin (all one word) wrote her “bestseller” doesn’t mean that Kim should be encouraged to partake in such a cerebral endeavor.  You just know that Kim’s book will end up in the 50-cent bin at the drugstore within weeks of publishing.

Good luck with that writing, Kim!

You can read details and take a poll here asking if you would take relationship advice from Kim:|htmlws-bv-n|dl5||190219

Note to Kim: As of today, the poll numbers show that 94% of readers would NOT take relationship advice from you. Maybe you should re-think the topic of your book and change it to “The Clueless Man and How to Spot Him.”

Photo of Kim (and Pandora Boxx) just for the hell of it:

And, because it’s Christmas, a photo of Kim from HS:

1993 and her real hair!

NeNe’s Pregnant…WHAT!?

Thanks to for this never-saw-this-coming story about NeNe Leakes. NeNe’s pregnant… can you just picture NeNe and KimZ being pregnant together??? This has to be a dream come true for Bravo…

1292943550nnene_preggers.jpgNeNe Leakes

From has some EXCITING news, NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives is PREGNANT . . . and guess who the dad is. Actually we DON’T KNOW.
(NeNe will be showing up on the Maury Show…)

Well we’re not the only ones. Cause a well informed snitch tells that NeNe doesn’t know either. The insider, who told us that NeNe is TWO MONTHS PREGNANT explained, “NeNe suspects that it’s her husband’s child, but she’s been with that man [NFL BALLER CHALES GRANT] too. . . She told her husband that its his, I think they’re going to keep it quiet until they get some kinda DNA test.” New scientific breakthroughs allow a woman to test for PRENATAL paternity between 10 and 13 weeks.”

1292943551nnene_preggers1.jpgGreg and NeNe Leakes…weren’t you two divorcing?

1292943552nnene_preggers2.jpgNeNe’s jump-off, NFLer Charles Grant

Note to NeNe: How’s this news going over with Bryson?

Casting For New BH Reality Show

The BH Housewives success has prompted a new reality show for a documentary style mini-series about “real” women in Beverly Hills.   Now that the RHOBH is a smash, reality show producers are going for the ‘real thing’.   This time, the show will be a shorter documentary-style show and not scripted (gasp! yes, the RHOBH is partially scripted).   So, if you’re thinking of applying for the show, keep us updated…


“A LA-based reality TV production company is now casting a new documentary-style television show for a MAJOR CABLE network that gives an inside look into 90210′s most FABULOUS moms as they balance demanding personal lives, and their kid’s busy school calendar! If you a charismatic, affluent mother (25-40), living in Beverly Hills, and are extremely active in your children’s school activities and social events, we want to meet you! Please email your: name, age, a bit about you, where you live, a current photo(s) and a contact number to”

Dr. Paul Nassif on RateMD’s Wall of Shame

TMZ posted an interesting tidbit about Dr. Paul Nassif who is married to RHOBH’s Adrienne Maloof.

adrienne-and-paul-nassif.jpg&t=1Paul and Adrienne Maloof-Nassif
From TMZ:
“Dr. Paul Nassif is suing an insurance company for bad-mouthing him to one of his clients and accusing him of fraud. Dr. Nassif performed a septoplasty on a patient named William Dawes in June 2009. Nassif claims in the lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court … Dawes’ insurance company, CIGNA, denied Dawes’ insurance claim — telling Dawes, “Dr. Nassif is committing fraud” and “we have our eye on him.”
Nassif and Dawes filed their lawsuit together. Dawes is suing for breach of contract; Dr. Nassif is suing for defamation. They are asking for unspecified damages.”
0.jpgDr. Nassif with patient

At the physician rating site,, Dr. Paul Nassif is on the site’s ‘Wall of Shame’.  Physicians are added to the ‘Wall of Shame’ if they make prospective clients sign ‘gag contracts’.  It can be argued that a patient is free to choose another provider and hopefully, prospective patients will keep that in mind when choosing their physician. However, it’s what happens after the prospective patient signs a waiver, the online ‘feedback’ from the patient written on patient satisfaction sites which becomes the ‘property rights’ of a physician.  Patients that are unhappy with their procedure who signed the physician’s gag contract have gagged the patient from informing the public.

Adrienne before and Paul Nassif

At the site, there is a long complaint about Dr. Paul Nassif and the gag contracts from an anonymous individual who claims they were a patient of Nassif’s. But, that is just one displeased patient. More unhappy patients can be found at the site ( So, why then does Dr. Nassif proudly display on his home page ( ‘Proud of our Reputation with Patients’ sites if he requires his patients to sign gag contracts? Just askin’…

As for the squabble between Dr. Nassif, his septoplasty patient and CIGNA, nothing further has transpired.

If you want to perform your own septoplasty, here’s Dr. Nassif’s video explaining how to do it:

NOOOOO!….The Salamis Were Invited To The “White House”

Just checking up on the premiere scammers of the entire RH franchises, the Salahis 100805Tareq-Michaele-Salahi1.jpgThe Salami’s typical head-cocked, grinning pose

Salamis of RHODC and almost choked when Missy Michaele wrote on her facebook page ( that she and hubby Tareq Tarmac were invited to the White House Christmas party.   After reviving myself, I read closer that they were invited to “White & Partners” Christmas party…  White & Partners is a marketing and advertising agency located in Herndon, Virginia outside of Washington DC.

Here’s their video invitation: cocked-head usual pose

While at the party, the Salamis were asked what they would do if an unexpected guest turned up at their party.

Here’s the video of ever-happy-ever-smiling Missy Michaele explaining while her obnoxious husband, the ever-happy-ever-smiling, always a stupid grin on his face, Tareq Tarmac, watched:

Salahi.jpgIn same dress worn to the opening of a bowling alley, usual pose

After Thanksgiving, the Salamis made a trip to Chicago to attend a charity event for MS (sorry, still don’t believe it) where brunch with the Salamis was auctioned off.  (Wonder who bid on that goat rodeo?)

Unbelievably, while in Chicago, Michaele ran into Desiree Rogers while shopping. (How many evileye darts were thrown by Desiree at Michaele!?)       Here’s the entire story, written by ChiLebrity:

“I am a huge “Real Housewives” fan and had the pleasure of catching up with Michaele & Tareq Salahi while they were in town for an MS Benefit at the Hard Rock Hotel. Not only does this couple adore the city, but Micahele found a touch of DC here too.

“Wow! I love Chicago! The people in the Midwest are so real, loving and friendly. Plus, the city has a great energy and style. Brunch at Fred’s at Barneys was the best for the auction winners that bid to have brunch with us, and running into former White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers at Fred’s was a surprise not only for us, but definitely for her too. What were the odds?!  Love Chicago!”

Note to ChiLebrity:  Use spellcheck…

Before and After Photos of Missy Holt aka Michaele Salami just for the hell of it:
500x salahi 2up 300x202 Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahis Yearbook Photos!

***SH EXCLUSIVE*** JIM BELLINO…Scammer Pro: Banned From EBay… “Authentication” Business Shut Down… Feds Gave Jimbo One-Year Probation… Jimbo’s Craigslist Ad… “Creative Financing”… How Bellino’s Got On RHOC…


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UPDATED 6-7-2011

                                                   Da Bellinos… before Jimbo’s chin implant and neck lipo

After reading the letter the Bellinos sent earlier this week to their close friends (and, of course, several media outlets) in regard to their soon-to-be foreclosed Laguna Beach home (letter:–-not/), SH became curious as to why someone would feel they needed to explain their financial standing so publicly.

                                                     Freshly implanted chin and neck lipo… with Alexass and Wretched **BLEEECH**

SH began to look into Jim Bellino to get some insight as to his character, his personality and his business dealings to understand why he would publish such a defensive letter.

From what has been found, he’s a professional scammer and already knows his way around bankruptcy court.

Bellinosandhouse-300x225.jpg                                                                                       Jim and Alexis Bellino and the home they are desperate to unload in Newport Beach

By all accounts, 47-year-old Jim Bellino got a very lucky break in 2000 as the FBI had him on their radar for years.  He should be in jail for his knowing participation in a fraudulent national sports memorabilia business.

                                                                                     Jim Bellino actually forged ‘Mother Teresa’s’ name on a baseball and sold it!

Instead of jail time, Jim received a slap on the wrist and had to pay $30,000, along with serving one year’s probation and told by the Feds to stay out of the memorabilia business:

FBI’s Operation Bullpen hooks network

SAN DIEGO – The FBI’s Operation Bullpen has infiltrated and dismantled a network of 20 forgers, authenticators, wholesalers, and retailers who are responsible for the creation and sales of up to $100 million of forged memorabilia, items that are both sports and nonsports-related. Twenty individuals, all from California, are cooperating with federal officials in pleabargaining agreements on a variety of fraud and tax charges.

The operations of the J. DiMaggio Company have been shut down.  In addition, a significant number of items that were known forgeries carried a certificate of authenticity attributed to Don Frangipani; and Robert Proudy and Jim Bellino of Forensic Document Services (FDS). Forged items were supported by fake or misleading authentication documents. However, no charges have been brought against the latter authenticators.

To date, Wayne Bray of SCAA and James Bellino of FDS (FDS was banned from Ebay) have agreed to cease doing business in sports and celebrity memorabilia. Jim DiMaggio also is no longer authenticating memorabilia. FBI agent William Gore displayed a baseball forged with Mother Teresa’s name on it, which was accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the J DiMaggio company. Of the four authenticators, only Bray has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

A deferred prosecution agreement was reached with Jim Bellino.  No charges have been brought against the others.

A must-read detailed story about FDS and Jim Bellino:

BEFORE the authentication business:

In 1997, Jim Bellino founded AAA Wholesale Billiards, renamed it Wholesale Billiards in 2003, and then renamed the company Rectivity Inc./ Pool Tables USA in 2005. All of these businesses share the same address: 2714 S Grand Ave, Santa Ana CA.

742366969_441_Bellino-Main-Cherry                                                The Bellino Collection

Rectivity, Inc./ Pool Tables USA, Inc., operated as an online vendor of pool tables, poker tables, and matching game room collections. On December 10, 2008, an involuntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 was filed against Rectivity, Inc. in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California.

The state of California had listed Rectivity’s business status as “forfeited”:  The business entity’s powers, rights and privileges were suspended or forfeited in California 1) by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to file a return and/or failure to pay taxes, penalties, or interest; and/or 2) by the Secretary of State for failure to file the required Statement of Information and, if applicable, the required Statement by Common Interest Development Association.

817211329_441_Alexis_pool_Table_Main                                                 The “Alexis” Pool Table

According to Newport Beach’s Daily Pilot, Jim Bellino “used to own the now-closed Margaritaville restaurant on West Coast Highway. He juggles numerous business endeavors these days, including pawn loans and house flipping.”

The Bellino’s other properties can be seen here:

UPDATE 6-7-2011:  The Bellino’s sold their Newport Beach house at a short sale in March 2011 for $3 million… here.

Jim-Bellino-and-Alexis-Bellino.jpg&w=150&h=150&t=1The Scammers Bellinos… Jim and Alexis Bellino

While looking for Jim Bellino’s pawn shop and/or loans, SH found an ad (written in all caps) he placed for his “financial services” on Craigslist in February 2010, in which Jimbo states that he’s using his own money:













                                                                Alexis Bellino pictured … with photos of Jim and Alexis Bellino’s Newport Beach house that they are desperately trying to unload.  Detailed info regarding the Bellino’s Newport Beach house at Real Estalker here.

On September 9, the Bellino’s home was pictured in Celebrity Real Estate News with this description (more “creative financing” with Jim Bellino):


According to several sources it wasn’t by chance the Bellino’s got on “The Real Housewives of OC,” they tried very hard to get on the show and eventually it worked out for them.

“Alexis and Jim did everything they could to get on this show. They bought a house from Jeana (Keough) and befriended her.

They bought a car from Simon (Tamra’s ex-husband) and befriended him.

Alexis joined Gretchen’s gym (Fernanda’s) and befriended her.

They watched the show every week since it’s been aired and tried to get as many connections as possible. I do have to say, it worked. Though it was expensive! Fancy houses and luxury cars aren’t cheap. Hope they feel it is worth it.”

With such a can of worms to open when looking at their past, why would anyone such as the Bellinos TRY to get on a reality show?

“Before” photos of Alexis just for the hell of it…

   Yes… this is Alexis Bellino


It’s Camille’s Party…And She’ll Be A Bitch If She Wants To


Camille Grammer showed her bitchy, small-minded, passive-aggressive personality on last night’s RHOBH.

Camille thinking of all the crap she’s gonna stir up at her dinner party while on speaker phone

Camille personally called the other RHOBH and invited them to her home for cocktails and dinner. I mention “personally,” as normally she would have had her house manager press those dirty phone buttons, but she was being filmed and she wanted to prove that she’s somewhat normal and can actually make a phone call herself.

Camille’s actual fingers

After inviting Kyle, Kyle mentions that she has a previous engagement with a friend and if she cannot cancel the engagement asks Camille if her friend can join the dinner party. Camille has to compute how many people can fit around her table that seats 10; after her mind almost explodes from too much math, Camille tells Kyle to bring her friend. It turns out that the guest Kyle is bringing is Faye Resnick.

Camille, her best friend, D.D. (the ‘best friend’ that Camille keeps in one of her homes)

and friend Allison DuBois (self-proclaimed medium, on which the show “Medium” is based and the Grammers produce)

are drinking cocktails from gallon-sized stemware before the party,

Allison the “psychic” gettin’ her drink on

while 40-foot limos go from house to house picking up the rest of the dinner guests.

NOT their limo…

Camille sets the scene for the dinner table by placing herself at the head of the table with D.D. and Allison seated on either side of her. Camille told the rest of the guests to sit anywhere they wanted.

Camille… her trained  guard dogs always seat themselves before their master

I knew right there that Camille had placed guard dogs next to her and Camille was going to attack. Everyone is enjoying their cocktails and appetizers when Camille asks Kyle how she knows Faye. Kyle explains that Faye is a close family friend and she considers Faye ‘like a sister’ to her, crushing her only ‘real’ sister, Kim.

Kim and Adrienne, the only sane RHOBH (forgot…Lisa’s also sane)

Camille looks at Faye and thinks she knows her…oh, you look so familiar.
Faye-Resnick-Playboy-photo.jpgFaye Resnick’s Playboy cover

Camille then goes on full passive-aggressive attack: “I saw you naked in Playboy, that’s how I know Faye. You posed for Playboy right after the OJ trial.” “You posed for Playboy and I thought you looked amazing.” Camille carries the insults further by saying that Faye was ‘morally corrupt.’ WOW. Talk about setting the mood for your own party…

Faye and her new half-sister, Kim

Camille acknowledges that she herself posed for Playboy, but unlike naked Faye, Camille posed in lingerie. How deviously passive-aggressive of Camille to smile politely at her guest, Faye Resnick, before bringing up a crushingly personal time in her life (I may be a bit sarcastic with that sentence).

Camille posed for the Playboy ‘lingerie’ edition

From what is known about Faye Resnick, she was viewed as a close friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, who totally took advantage of their friendship by writing a book about Nicole weeks after her murder. Faye’s reputation at the time (1994) was one of an opportunist, pouncing on any venue to make money off of the situation by appearing on any TV talk show that would have her, doing as many radio interviews as possible, writing books and, of course, posing for Playboy. Faye made a mint. Kyle comes to Faye’s defense by stating that Faye posed three years after the double murder; HOWEVER, Faye would not have been asked to pose had she not gained notoriety by her association with Nicole. Sorry, Kyle, that boat doesn’t float.   But, so what… Faye posed for Playboy, why bring it up?  Camille went on to say that she also recognized Faye by her ‘blown up lips and her bad hair extensions’. Camille was loving shooting verbal daggers at Faye and clearly was loving the fact that she was making her guests squirm.   What’s wrong witchu, Camille?

Camille shooting daggers at Faye… and loving it

Attempting to change the subject, Kyle became interested in Allison’s profession as a psychic. Allison had previously mentioned to Lisa Vanderpump, while on her fourth gallon-sized cocktail, that she’s “off the clock,” but told Kyle, who she ‘head tapped,’ that she wouldn’t like what she had to tell her anyway.

Adrienne tolerating the ‘head tapper’

Now, who in their right mind would let that slip and not at least try to get more detail? Kyle asked Allison what she meant and after some reluctance, Allison told Kyle that her husband will never emotionally fulfill her and after her children are grown will have nothing in common with her husband, Mauricio Umansky. Ouch! Don’t say anything to Kyle about her family. Allison went on to tell Kyle that she is much more comfortable with men than women, which Kyle totally rejected.
mauricio-umansky1.jpgKyle’s husband, Mauricio with Giggy Vanderpump

Camille then “innocently” interjected by telling anyone within earshot that women are very catty with her and that’s why she is much more comfortable surrounding herself with men.  Camille, someone needs to check you, Boo!  You as catty and backstabbing as they come.  Someone other than those on your payroll need to check you.  Just sayin’…

Camille… as catty as they come

The New York catastrophe was brought up by Kyle, who said that maybe Camille’s preference for men collided with Kyle’s wanting to be around women and maybe that’s why Camille became defensive and the New York trip was a nightmare.  I still think Camille dreamed up Kyle sayingNo One Would Be Interested In Camille Without Kelsey’… ’cause maybe IT’S TRUE!!!

kelsey-grammer-1.jpgCamile and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kelsey

A side fight began when ‘blowfish’ Taylor told Kim to stand up and say ‘enough’ and Kim refused; ‘blowfish’ Taylor told Kim she was nuts and Kim told ‘blowfish’ to get her lips blown up more… and then Taylor stood up and yelled, “ENOUGH!”

Calm before Taylor erupts

Psychic Allison took it a step further when she told Faye that she has two legs, and to use them to walk out! Allison starts throwing Camille’s guests out of the dinner party…first Faye and she then used the ‘you have two legs’ line on Kyle… while under her breath calling the walkers ‘bitches’ and throwing some gang sign by pumping her closed hand. How classy!  I guess the word ‘classy’ is not in a psychic’s job description… just sayin’…

What a class act! Maybe Adrienne’s good manners will rub off on the ‘head tapper’

The psychic’s daddy told her to live life large and make no apologies.   Hmmm… people with that shitty life philosophy are called bullies and I don’t like them.

Here are some of her lines from last night:

Kyle’s every girl in high school who made somebody kill themselves.

I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her children. I love that about me.

I’d love to shove this (her electronic cigarette) up her f***ing ass just to prove a point, except she’d need a bigger one to even feel it.

Bitch is a one syllable word for a reason, it’s all they understand.

Camille’s smiling all the while and just sitting back in her seat at the the head of the dinner table eating up this stirred-up crapfest up that she arranged, while her bounced guests scattered to their limos after they were caught under the sprinkler system.

We’re outta here

Kim took a private limo home, while everyone else decided to go for a nightcap at the BH Hotel Polo Lounge.

Kyle waving off Kim into her own limo and off…

…to the Polo Lounge

Kim all alone in her limo, calling Kyle…Kyle ignores her phone

Oh yeah, Lisa drives fast and Paul’s nose was broken by his four-year-old son and he whined a lot.

Big baby, Paul (Adrienne’s husband) Nassif

My take on Allison, the head-tapping psychic: Despite her television appearances and being studied for years by some university hack, IMO Allison couldn’t psychically find her way out of a lit broom closet.  Her ‘head tapping’ skills are mediocre.  She generalizes her readings (typically, women in the RHOBH age group have been married at least once, someone in the group will have ‘daddy issues,’ as well as children issues…puh-leeze!).   Allison claims that she’s been called in to use her abilities to assist law enforcement in profiling serial killers…where? in Mayberry?  Did Otis get loose?  Allison is a joke as a psychic and she’s mean spirited…maybe that’s why she and Camille get along so well.

UPDATE:  Kyle was a guest on Andy Cohen’s WWHL, which aired right after the RHOBH.  Camille called in to apologize to Kyle for the dinner party and Kyle kind of accepted.  Neither Camille nor Kyle sounded genuine, but they sounded as best as they could, especially Kyle, who was really put on the spot by Camille’s call.  Kyle also mentioned that Kim was in her own limo to avoid a two-hour traffic detour as there was major construction taking place en route to their homes.

WWHL Spoiler alert:  For those who would have liked to have seen Kyle (and Denise Richards) for the entire half hour of WWHL, the show is hi-jacked by, of all people, Marie Osmond… Andy photoshopped a photo of Marie with Romona Singer’s bug eyes, which apparently ticked off Marie and she popped in to promote her Broadway show straighten things out with Andy. It took Marie quite a while to even acknowledge Kyle and Denise’s presence on WWHL and, although Marie is ok with me, she came across as quite annoying.  Marie should really call first before deciding to pop in…

The Manzo Show…meh!

The sons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo have been offered their own reality show.   Albie and Chris Manzo were offered a reality show abut living the bachelor life in Hoboken NJ.

A production company approached Albie and Chris to do their own show and the pair approached Bravo to get approval, and to confirm that Bravo was not interested in pursuing the same project.    They are waiting to hear approval from Bravo…

manzos-431x445.jpgCaroline, Chris and Albie Manzo

I guess this means that Albie won’t be bothered with any further law school applications…

Will you be watching???


Great Acting, Tree! (Courthouse Update)

Teresa Giudice Joo-dice told Federal Judge Morris Stern that she had no clue she declared bankruptcy until well after papers were filed – and her husband admitted he forged her name on everything from their mortgage to his business documents.

dish-101204-teresa-giudice.jpgTree had no idea what she was signing (’cause Joe would have told her if they were important papers)

I’ll sign my name right now; it’s not my signature,” said Giudice Tree Joo-dice after being questioned about her signature on numerous documents.  Tree claimed in her testimony that she had no knowledge of signing mortgage documents for either her custom-built mish-mash house (below) or their second home at the NJ shore.

teresa houseTheir custom-built house in Towaco, NJ

gorillaheadbankrupcy.jpgTree caught totally unaware that she’s signing her cookbook

Tree left all matters up to her husband, Joe, who admitted that he and others stuck her name on all kinds of documents that she claims she knew nothing about.

23svuqb.jpgTeresa “I’m too pretty to work” Gorga

Tree even had to ask Joe for help when the lawyer asked her what year they got married. “1999?” she said, looking at her husband. “I’m drawing a blank.”

RHONJ Teresa Juicy before marriedThe Joo-dices before they married in 1999… right, Joe? Are we married, Joe?

As mentioned in a earlier post today, outside the courtroom during a break from testifying, Giudice’s temper flared at the wife of Joe’s ex-business partner’s lawyer…. who happens to be an attorney herself.  Tree accused Monica Ciccone of spreading rumors about her.

You’re violating ethnics!” screamed Giudice, who has no idea she butchers the English language with such precision.

Her husband’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, sued the Giudices and accused them of forging his name on mortgage documents in order to pocket $1 million. Mastropole testified that he didn’t believe Teresa Giudice was ignorant of her husband’s machinations and called her a “good actor.”

Tree lounging in Neiman-Marcus pajamas. They stiffed N-M for $5,196.07.

A defiant Joe Giudice took the stand and took a bullet for Tree by blatantly admitting to a slew of forgeries.  “Everybody does it,” he said, adding he “didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Tree believes that she is not in the same scammer league as her RHONJ castmate, Danielle Fraud Staub; Tree also believes she is miles apart in the scamming department than the RHODC yet-to-be-documented MS sufferer, Missy Holt Michaele Salami.

As testimony continues in the NJ courtroom, it is my opinion that Tree will be exposed as a much, much better scammer than Missy or Danielle could ever attempt to be.

Note to Joe:  Ethnical Ethical business people DO NOT forge documents and IT IS a big deal to forge another person’s signature on any document.  Just sayin’…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Giudice Bankruptcy Hearing… Teresa Erupts

During a break Wednesday afternoon in a New Jersey courtroom where Teresa and Joe Giudice, and their former lawyer were scheduled to testify in a fraud case brought against Joe by his former business partner, Joe Mastropole, Teresa incited a yelling match in the hallway with the wife of the plaintiff’s attorney.

teresa-and-joe1.jpg                                    Teresa and Giuseppe Giudice

Mastropole claims that the Joe forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document in order to take out another loan and kept $1 million for himself.

While in the courtroom before a short break, Teresa turned and pointed to Monica Ciccone, the wife of William Saracino Jr., the lawyer representing Mastropole, saying, “You and me gotta talk!”

While in the hallway, as the plaintiff’s attorneys were talking about the previous testimony and as Monica was engrossed in a conversation with another person, Teresa interrupted saying adamantly to Monica, “I need to talk to you!

Monica, also an attorney who previously represented Mastropole in the case, denied her request saying, “I don’t have to talk to you, we both have lawyers,” which made Teresa irate.

Tree jumped in Monica’s face, pointing her finger and yelling, “You need to stop telling people my business!” Monica retorted: “I’m not talking to you, you’re a bully!

                                                                                                                You’re not getting away with your crap, Tree!

As words continued back and forth, Joe pulled her away to get in the elevator. As the doors closed, he was overheard saying in frustration, “I’m f**king tired of this TV sh*t!”

Before Teresa took the stand to testify in the trial, the Giudices’ attorney told her to calm down. “I’m calm!” she responded. “But I don’t know nothing!”

Judge Morris Stern dismissed claims against Teresa based on information given in court that proved she was not connected to her husband’s business dealings and although her signatures were on the mortgages she was not a business partner in her husband’s real estate ventures.

However, according to Judge Stern, this may not fully exonerate Teresa as there still may be a breach of contract issue.   The judge refused to dismiss fraud and willful and malicious injury claims against Joe Giudice, who was hurt by testimony from his former attorney Joe Testa.   The attorney was treated as a witness in this case.

The judge is now deciding whether the debt will be considered dischargeable based on the bankruptcy.

Kandi Koated Implants?

Kandi Burruss‘ new album ‘Kandi Koated’ dropped yesterday…

Kandi appeared on BET’s 106 and Park yesterday promoting ‘Kandi Koated’ and everyone noticed that something about her was a little different… and it wasn’t her hair.

Kandi on 106 and Park

What happened to Kandi’s be-hind??? Can you say ‘booty implants’?

kandi-burruss-big-booty.jpgKandi before…

Note to Kandi: Finally, there is a HW who can really sing! We appreciate you for your entrepreneurial ventures, your intelligence and your talent.    No need for the booty enhancers.

*****Thanks to