Earlier today, I (B-SIDE BLOG) got a chance to participate in a conference call with Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The two answered questions from me and other media outlets about a wide variety of subjects — some more interesting than others — all in an effort to promote the show’s new night, Sundays at 10 PM starting this very Sunday.

After the jump, check out what the women had to say about other Housewives from other cities as well as Kandi’s thoughts on Kim’s singing career, Cynthia’s impressions of Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad, and yet another tip from Kandi Coated Nights…

On Phaedra Parks’ pickle photoshoot:

CYNTHIA: As soon as I saw Phaedra come out with the jar of pickles, i knew that that was either gonna be really cute or it was gonna go really wrong. And I was like ‘Oh boy. I don’t know about this pickle shoot… It did make me wanna go out and get a pickle. I haven’t had a pickle like that since I was younger.

On Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad’s Hair:

CYNTHIA: No, I don’t think that’s sexy. [she referred to his receding hair pattern a “train track”]

On other Housewives:

KANDI: I used to watch Jersey on that first season. I followed them the first season… I really love Jacqueline. Actually, I really like a lot of them on the Jersey cast… I just started watchingBeverly Hills, and i just love the whole fact that they have that RIDICULOUS money.

CYNTHIA: I love the fact that [the Beverly Hills] women have so much money that nothing that they do has to be pointed out… I love how they’re just so nonchalant about it… I like that older lady… the one with the really cute dog.

KANDI: I think [Lisa VanderPump] and her husband seem like they really do love each other and have a great relationship.

CYNTHIA: Like, if i were to go to Beverly Hills and visit a rich housewife, it would be her… I watch the New York girls as well… I really like Bethenny a lot.

On her husband talking about Nene’s troubled marriage:

CYNTHIA: I… definitely had a word with him after [the brunch]. Like I said in my blog, there were no Pop Rocks… candy yams… raw sugar, powdered sugar going on in our bedroom that night after our brunch.

On allowing Kim Zolciak to take all the royalties for “Tardy for the Party”:

KANDI: Basically what happened was prior to her putting the song up for sale on iTunes… the guy who did the track for me… I asked him to have a conversation with her about, you know, the business of the song and how we were going to split the money or whatever because, I don’t know, she and I had just started being friends and I just thought it would … keep things cool between us for her to have the conversation with somebody else.

So the agreement was that we were supposed to split the royalty from the record three ways, right? …When she got the first check or whatever, she split it three ways; so it was understood. But then I guess she had a meeting with her attorney, and he was like “No, you shouldn’t have to give them a third of the money you made off the, you know, song. You should just only have to give them their portion of the publishing which is a writer’s royalty or whatever, but the overall royalty from the song… you should be able to keep that yourself.”

Now, mind you, we didn’t put it in writing… about splitting the song three ways or whatever. You know what I’m saying?… It was no type of producer’s agreement or anything… So when she came at me, she was just like “I’m so upset! My lawyer said that I shouldn’t have to pay you this this and that!” And the way she came at me I kind of felt like it was, like, she was trying to say I took advantage of her or something, you know what I mean? And so it kind of pissed me off. And she asked me for her money back, and so I gave it back to her because I don’t want anyone to ever say that I took advantage of them, or I don’t want people to ever feel like, you know, I ever did them wrong in a situation… There’ll never be anyone that will come back and say I did bad business with them or anything like that…. Although, there’s no way she could say that because first of all, I didn’t charge her for anything up front. She used my studio; I was the one that found all the people that made the song happen, like, I did all the work. I mean, the only thing I didn’t do was, you know, BE HER and sing it… At that point, just to keep things cool… I just gave her the money back.

Going forward before I let her put a song up on iTunes… we would definitely have to have an agreement in writing.

On whether or not Kim has a viable shot at being a pop star:

Well… this is my thing: I’ve seen a lot of artists over the years who weren’t necessarily thebest singers in the world just have great music. For me it’s all about you having the right producer, the right songwriter, and the right promotion team behind you, you know? … Kim already has a following just from people watching her on the show everyday, you know? So if she has the right company behind her, backing her, pushing her, she could sell the records if she has the right song…. There are a lot of artists out there who have hot songs that are not necessarily great singers.

And lastly, another bedroom trick from Kandi:

KANDI: If you use Halls, like if you take a Halls and put it in your mouth and let it melt… and give oral sex, it is the BOMB. It is the best, like, for real. It gives like this extra tingly sensation. I don’t know what it is about it, but it is great, and it goes for if you’re doing oral on a woman or oral on a man. Like, for me, when a guy does it to me… it is GREAT. And as a woman, if you do it, put it in your mouth before you give oral, it’s great too.



Anthony Shorter, the party planner who tried to mix it up with Sheree, but lost, is shopping he own reality show. What else does he have to do since business went down after his shot on RHOA? “We’re shopping it around to networks,” Shorter said. While no deal has been made, he and his lawyer have a full calendar of meetings with networks (CW, Logo, Scify, G4) who have expressed interest. The pilot has already been shot.

The show will be “one hundred percent” based on his life though he is willing to invite the Atlanta Housewives onto the show. He’s willing?? He’d love to have any of the RHOA on his show, otherwise no one will watch.

“Everything that was shown on the Real Housewives about me was accurate. Uh, the nasty fight with Sheree that took all of three minutes? I am headstrong and I have a take no mess attitude,” he added. Great… we need another reality person with that type of attitude. “I look at him [himself on the show] as a character. So my show will pick up with the same character and follow his event planning skills from inception to implementation.” Isn’t that original!? The tentative title for the series is Anthony The Party Planner. That is a catchy title for a show and very original.

Also, Shorter will use the show to promote is music career. He’s one step ahead of the game… usually you get the reality show first and then your musical talent blossoms. You can listen to his song, PARTY PLANNER (another original idea of his) here:




There may be a reason why Kim Richards’ seems to be an introvert on RHOBH. On October 28, 1991, Kim Richards was talking on the phone with her securities broker boyfriend, John Collett, just before he was shot and killed in broad daylight on a California street. According to Mr. Collett’s mother, Kim has never gotten over John’s brutal murder. Sometimes the grieving process never ends…



My favorite ‘urban’ website, www.mediatakeout.com, has an interesting take on Phaedra and Apollo’s photo shoot:


I got nothing to add…


Sheree Whitfield didn’t pay her divorce attorney $110,000, so he took her wheels. Why don’t people pay their attorneys? The attorneys know the law and know how to legally go after your stuff. According to TMZ.com, Sheree’s not too worried about the car seizure… she’ll just buy another one. I would love to see Sheree tooling around Atlanta in a Smartcar… oh, just the vision is hysterical…



When will JillZarin give it up and trash those warehoused copies of her ‘Jewish Mother’ book? The book bombed, Jill. There is no shame in quietly letting the book die its quiet death. But JillZarin is shameless. Instead of letting her book, which is ranked on Amazon as #301,798, just go away, Jill is putting her own Jewish mother to work. Yes, Gloria Kamen will be shilling ‘the book’ on November 14 in Boca.

The following is from JZ’s website. Please note: if you purchase a book, you will receive a raffle entry. To get the raffle entry, you have to take your recepit to the book fair desk and show them your receipt, ’cause I’m sure no one would believe that you actually bought it. The lovely ladies at the book fair desk thought the book was in the clearance bin at BigLots, so a receipt would be necessary to get that raffle ticket. IMO, that’s an unusual amount of work just to get a raffle ticket. Ah, the raffle! The winner of the raffle will receive a gift basket filled with JillZarin’s favorite things (just like Oprah!). Included in the basket will be 3 unsigned copies of “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” JZ’s chicken soup recipe, random photos of JillZarin and a coupon for 5% off zippers at Zarin Fabrics.

Tue, Nov 2, 2010

I’m very proud to announce that my mother, Gloria Kamen will be making her first solo speaking engagement and book signing for Secrets Of A Jewish Mother, Sunday, November 14 from 2:00pm – 3:30pm at Barnes & Noble in Boca Raton, Fl. See details below.

Gloria will be glad to give you advice, talk about the book and sign your copy of the book. She is very excited about meeting you so I hope all of you in the area will show her your support!

Barnes & Noble

1400 Glades Road  Boca Raton, FL   561-750-2134

*If you purchase Secrets Of A Jewish Mother while there, be sure to take your receipt to the Book Fair info table and you will receive a raffle entry for each copy of the book purchased.”


According to RadarOnline.com, the Posche Fashion Show held at Caroline’s home away from home, The Brownstone, took place on Tuesday and nothing happened… except the fashion show. What’s the deal? When these people get together, there’s always someone who distracts from the main attraction. Usually the distraction has to do with a hand hitting skin, and I’m not talking about clapping for a dress on the runway at the show.

Two weeks ago, the Gorga-Joo-dices went at it during a party for Melissa and Joe Gorga’s baby boy. Teresa showed up with Joe and their four Joo-dettes. The Joo-dettes are easily recognizable by their headgear… unflattering elastic headbands on which a handi-crafter glued humongous floppy flower decorative ornaments. Mrs. Joo-dice, Teresa (aka Treetrunk), insists her little Joo-dettes wear these disasters to daze and confound observers, thereby diverting attention from the girls’ misfortune in the beauty department. Tree (allegedly) bid Melissa and Joe good wishes when fists started flying, names were called and the party atmosphere flattened.

The same people who attended the christening party were at the Posche show and nothing happened!? I’m very disappointed, but they must be in a weakened state from the christening melee. The next time these biatches are within 15 feet of each other, there better be something to report….and I’m talking police report.


Real Housewives of New York: JILLZARIN… $15,000 Appearance Fee … At The University of South Florida

November 2, 2010  10:42 am

 Jill Zarin…Testing the new “Head Tazer”…

Kristie Gerber, Director of Student Affairs at the U of South Florida, is the person responsible for booking JillZarin. But Kristie doesn’t have the authority to pick and choose the people that she books.

So, how did JillZarin make $15,000 from USF? Well, Jill and Carole Rome are BFFs. And WHO is Carole Rome? Carole Rome ran a very profitable novelty business and was married to Todd Rome who owns Blue Star Jets. Carole divorced Todd and moved to Florida. While in Florida, Carole met Charlie Crist and they married in 2009.

Charlie Crist is the Governor of Florida, and he is running for Senator as an Independent.

This may be a more direct way to explain how JillZarin got that $15,000 USF speaking engagement:   JZ and Carole Rome have been BFFs from way back …Carole is married to the Governor of FL …JZ gets $15,000 as a payback for all the fundraisers she and Bobby held in the Hamptons for Charlie Crist.

SH contacted Kristie Gerber at USF via email:

Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 2:05 PM

To: Gerber, Kristie
Subject: Question

Dear Ms. Gerber:

I am writing this email out of curiousity. I am a big fan of the Housewives franchise on Bravo TV and just read an article re Jill Zarin lecturing at the University of South Florida. Your name was listed as the person who arranged Ms. Zarin’s appearance.

Would you mind sharing with me the reason you chose Ms. Zarin to speak with your students? I thought of the many ‘housewives’ who would have the best life experience and business acumen and Jill Zarin falls near the bottom of the list. Kandi Burress, Lisa Vanderpump, Bethenny Frankel and Vicki Gunvalson have far more life and business success than Jill Zarin. I just don’t understand why and how her appearance came about and I hope you don’t mind sharing your logic as to your choice.

I am not a media person nor connected or affiliated with an organization that is for or against the ‘housewives’ or Jill Zarin. I am just a housewife (really!) who goes to the source when I have a question and not one who relies on rumors.

I appreciate your time in responding and look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


UPDATE:  I received an email from Kristie Gerber at USF re the choice of JillZarin.  It’s a very non-answer, but at least she replied:

Thank you for your inquiry.  The ULS student committee selected Jill Zarin for a number of reasons:     They believed in her philanthropy work.  They believed in her perspective on owning and running a successful business.  They believed in her “brand marketing” of herself, and they wanted to hear more about the development of her TV show and where she thought that may be headed.

Additionally, we work with an agents to secure said talent.  There are a number of factors that come into play when selection entertainment for a college community:   Who is currently touring, what their availability is, what our availability is.  Cost and additional contract requirements.

Given all circumstances, this was the Jill Zarin was the best selection for the event that we were hosting.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Kristie Gerber,

Director of the Center for Student Involvement

University of South Florida


While DJ Tracy Young was with Kim Zolciak, Kim bought several pregnancy tests and each one tested positive (see photo in link). Tracy doesn’t understand why Kim is denying her pregnancy when the photo says it all:



Bed Bath and Beyond is true to their word and now has the JillZarin line of bedding in stock and for sale. I know she has nothing to do with the actual manufacturing of the sheets and she’s not sweating over a monsterous commercial sewing machine to get one last comforter made before the shop shuts done for the night and I know that she’s not responsible for hiring the 9 and 10-year-old Chinese kids that make her duvet covers. It’s just that when I would look at the sheets, I would envision JillZarin and I know the picture of JillZarin would stick in my mind. Since I couldn’t get the picture of JillZarin out of my mind, the next to invade my brain would be her voice… that shrill voice! I would never get a peaceful night’s sleep if I was enveloped in the JillZarin line of bedding…not only would her face by swirling around in my head, but I would hear her voice calling, “Bawby! Bawby! No, Bawby, I told you I wanted the 12-carat ring, Bawby.” Who is the brains behind this debacle of pairing up JillZarin with sleep products? No, I will not be buying the JillZarin line of bedding…I would like to keep my sanity for as long as possible…



“TheREALhwOfNJ” posted this message on RCH’s blog (http://realcityhousewife.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/dina-manzos-big-fat-italian-embarrassment-of-a-wedding-dina-manzo-is-a-bitch-on-twitter/). It was posted today, November 1. The blog on which it was posted is dated September 28, 1020. Whomever posted this didn’t want it seen right away as the September posts were archived. Thoughts???

TheREALhwOfNJ says:

November 1, 2010 at 9:22 am

Oh, Dina Dina Dina. Such a sad little story. Yes, I know this family, our family has known the family for some years now. Indeed, everything in this video rings absolutely true. Tommy has a less than sterling reputation, and was well known to be a player, in Jersey terms. Dina and Tommy dated for a few years, with Tommy cheating on her numerous (not just a couple of) times. In the beginning, she was told that the relationship wasn’t that serious, and she had to deal with it. You know, the old Tommy isn’t ready to settle down thing. However. Being that Dina is Caroline’s sister, and Tommy is Al’s brother, Tommy was basically strongarmed into marrying her as a reward for putting up with the cheating and embarrassment that IS Tommy Manzo. Now, in Tommy’s defense, he is what he is. Everyone knows he is a player, and he will probably always be a player. Dina or no Dina. She just got the wedding, trust me, there’s not much of a marriage there. And of course Dina did not dress nicely or look as polished before RHONJ. She was married to George, who owns a nail salon, it’s not like she was a classy broad or anything, just a typical Jersey girl, with bleached hair, tanning, and fake nails. She only started thinking she was classy after being cast. She was wrong, of course. Dina is always going to be controlled by men because she allows it to happen. Her first husband was a controlling Greek, and now she married a controlling Italian. There’s no mystery here. Her father was the same way. Caroline may appear to be in control, but this is an illusion. I’ll explain: in Italian families, (i grew up the SAME way) when the husband/father owns a business that requires all his attention, and he gets his whole family of men involved in it, there is little time for the wife and kids. She has to learn to do all and be all- cook, clean, go to little league, be in the PTA, iron the clothes, do the gardening, manage everything, have birthday parties, christmas dinner, and basically the man doesn’t know anything. Picture those women in Goodfellas, and you’ll have an idea. So, Dina was basically a marriage of convenience – a woman to make Tommy a ‘home’ – someone to take care of him. Trust me, Caroline was doing a lot of Tommy’s caretaking before Dina got divorced from the Greek (who, by the way was also a cheater), and in our culture, you have to get married to look good. Especially Tommy, who runs a business, he needed a wife. Dina played it right, also, you know, she didn’t seem to be all about the money at first, she NEVER dressed like anything special at any family functions, TRUST ME! She had bad highlights, and tanned too much and to me, looked older than she was. I thought she looked way older than 36 at her wedding- more like 45, but hey… and the wedding was NOT over a million bucks. Tommy and Al own the place, and call in a million favors, it’s Tommy’s wedding after all. Even the florist bill wasn’t what it was, The Brownstone gives all these people business, do you not think that they all gave Tommy the compadre rate? Of course they did. Their house didn’t even cost that much, so don’t think the wedding did either. People who spend a million plus on a wedding typically would spend more than 8k on their wedding dress, ok? Tommy is not the romantic, nor the attentive hubby, she needs her charity to keep busy. Unfortunately, Tommy didn’t want any part of this show, (rhonj) nor did the Greek want Lexi in the show. So, poor Dina’s bubble was burst. It had SO little to do with Danielle Staub, who by the way, didn’t know these women from a hole in the wall before the show started. Her and Jackie were ‘acquaintances’ at best. At BEST, and Teresa’s family knew the Laurita’s, and yes they knew them, but weren’t best buds, so don’t even think that’s close to the truth. All casting, and all crap.

As far as Dina’s personality goes, you hit the nail on the head with Lexi ending up with a controlling man…. Amen. The Greek was pretty damn controlling and from what I know about him, still has his hand in there pretty firmly. Tommy has NOT adopted her, nor does he want to. George has a LOT of control over Lexi. She still spends summers in Greece like all good greek girls do. The Greek (sorry but it’s what we call him- everyone in the family does) is a real tool, and much older than Dina- and now has a new young wife, lol, younger than Dina anyway. Here is a link to his salon, and photo of The Greek and his new wife…http://www.nishaspa.com/ab.html Dina really thought she hit the lottery with The Greek lol – anyway. Dina is the way she is, and is as you said, a special kind of doormat. She has the Daddy didn’t love me blues. I do kind of feel sorry for her but she puts herself in these situations and always has. Tommy didn’t like the show, and didn’t want her involved. Period. Dina does not want another divorce under her belt. Aside from the fact that she didn’t give Tommy a baby, she may not last too long as it is, so she had better listen, if you get my drift. She is no spring chicken, at 40 now. Ehhh. Anyway. Sad story, as I said. Money does NOT buy you class OR brains.