Real Housewives of New Jersey: What’s the Attraction to the “Celebrity Magnet?”

TOM MURRO, aka “The Celebrity Magnet”

Tom Murro, aka “The Celebrity Magnet,” has attracted a number of women; and why not… he’s an attractive man. I have been following his site since Season One of The Real Housewives of New Jersey because I thought he would have the local, inside scoop on the NJ women.


Tom has become close friends with Kim Granatell:  Franklin Lakes resident, Jacqueline Laurita’s neighbor and RHONJ wannabe cast member. Tom and Kim’s friendship has gotten to the level of gift giving and maybe beyond that. It has been reported that KimG has generously gifted Tom a red Mercedes wagon and has warmed a seat for him on her private jet.


Kim and Tom have been spotted cruising around Franklin Lakes, Montville and Paterson in her Ferrari.

thumbnail.aspx?q=282048016059&id=c5017e7c5e892ce10ff0f8e01a4e05c2& AND KIM G GARDENING…


Tom is always out for movie showings, charity events and parties; it’s his job to attend these functions and he looks like he enjoys his job!

The BIG question I’ve had pinging around in my head was, “Isn’t Tom married?” Well, yes, I found that Tom Murro is married. To a lovely woman named Kelly. Mrs. Murro finally got smart and started to escort her husband to some of his events.

                                                                         KELLY MURRO (MRS. TOM) AT THE POSCHE FASHION SHOW…

Now my NEW questions are: Is Kelly Murro attending events to make KimG go away? OR  To let people know that she and Tom are still married so KimG will look like a nasty, husband-stealing biatch if they split? OR  Is Kelly getting friendly with KimG to take part in KimG’s generosity, too?   Hmmm….I heard that Kelly likes to drive black BMWs.

I want to emphasize the importance of body language, as there is a lot of body language going on with Tom and KimG in this video… Tom keeps his arm around Kim’s shoulder, which indicates intimacy and protection:   (Scroll down to the video titled “hailey wants money” to see how close Tom holds KimG)


thumbnail.aspx?q=322623900968&id=8cf38d4d12e0465433127d30b34848c6& AND KIM G…

It is interesting that there are numerous photos of KimG and Tom Murro together; however, I haven’t come across a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Murro together.

Will KimG be the next Mrs. Murro?  Wouldn’t KimG have a better chance of becoming a castmember of RHONJ if she were married?  Just sayin….

7 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: What’s the Attraction to the “Celebrity Magnet?”

  1. Tom Murro has been cheating on his wife with Kim for the money. No one has released this yet, but I have seen them doing it in her backyard and decided to take pictures to see what magazines would like them. Just unfortunate as that wife of Tom’s seems like an ok chick.


  2. Not really. Just have to hold people accountable and it is a shame that Mrs Murro has to pay the price. I have sent the photos and the video I have of a scantily clad G and it’s not pretty. Neither is Murro’s body, but the unfortunate part is the kids will suffer because of these people. God gives and God takes away. One cannot go through life on God’s planet and act as such. It was God’s will to expose these two and I just hope they go to church and repent their sins.


    • Sally VanH: There is no way that you live near Franklin Lakes; therefore, you cannot have taken photos of Kim G in her backyard unless you are stalking her, camping out in your car and hiding in bushes to take pics. Sorry, your photo story has too many holes in it. The only way I’ll believe it is if I see them.


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