Oh Puh-leeze, Teresa!

Still trying to prove what a nice person she is (I’m nice, ain’t I Joe?), Teresa Joo-dice wrote a love letter on her blog to Jackie Laurita. While she’s praising Jackie, she’s wrapping a noose around her own sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga’s neck and closing it tighter with her words.


Teresa is as passive-aggressive as you can get and her jealously of Melissa shows through her writing:

Since Jacqueline Laurita is like family to me, and I get to hang out with her all day today, I thought I’d do a post on her. TREE NEEDS TO KEEP JACKIE CLOSE BY TO BRAINWASH HER. As if you didn’t already know, she is the sweetest, nicest, most genuine person you could ever meet. BUT TREE, YOU TOLD EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT YOU ARE THE NICEST, SWEETEST, ETC. PERSON EVER! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she always has your back. UNLIKE TREE, WHO ONLY HAS YOUR BACK SO SHE CAN STICK A BLADE IN IT. She’s also so funny. We have the best time together. BUT, TREE, YOU’RE THE FUNNY ONE… “I’M FUNNY, AIN’T I JOE?” And she’s a GREAT mom! (And no, she doesn’t have a nanny either! The only person I know with a nanny is my sister-in-law Melissa. (I’m not judging if you have a nanny, that’s cool, it’s just not my style.)                            UH, TREE…YOU’RE JUDGING RIGHT THERE.

Melissa-Gorga-walks-the-runway.jpgMELISSA MODELING AT THE POSCHE FASHION SHOW…


Update on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 1:45AM by Teresa Giudice.

Dear Melissa, someone just emailed me these 2 Facebook messages:

“Lisa G. – Melissa, not sure, but I think Teresa gave you another dig about having a nanny. This is from her new website…”

“Beth A. – thats not a dig, its a statement. why does everyone look to start drama?”

I didn’t even occur to me that you might take it as a dig, because it wasn’t meant that way at all. THAT MUST BE YOUR MEAN, EVIL TWIN… I’m sorry if it seemed like an insult. I was only stating facts because people keep sending me questions on Facebook and Twitter about who of us has nannies. I know you are a great mom, and as I have said many times on my Twitter and Facebook and my website I will never say anything bad about my family. OF COURSE YOU WOULD NEVER SAY ANYTHING MEAN, ‘CAUSE YOU’RE PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE… YOU JUST IMPLY. TREE… WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STARTS THE FIGHT, BUT SNEAKS AWAY WHEN THE BLAME GETS PASSED AROUND.

I’ve also been getting people asking me this week if I delete anyone on Facebook just because they are friends with you. Of course I don’t! With 250,000 people following me on Facebook, I don’t even know how that would be possible to do. I’m happy for anyone to be friends with you. I only delete people who say mean things about me or anyone in my family, including you.HOW CAN YOU DELETE THE MEAN PEOPLE? YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING WITH NO HELP…UH, OK… I won’t stand for haters. I hope you feel the same way and don’t let people write bad things about your husband’s family on your sites either. xx

teresadavin1.jpgMELISSA WHO?

Hey Teresa… so what if your brother and his wife pay a nanny to help with their children. I guess they can’t call on YOUR PARENTS to help out with the kids because they are helping YOU and are AT YOUR HOUSE 24/7.

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