Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sheree Whitfield…Who Gonna Check Her?

Who gonna check me, boo?” …someone needs to check Sheree, ’cause she’s on a downward slope and is slippin’ fast.

                                                Who gonna check me, boo???

Reportedly, Sheree hired private detective Dwayne Alexander back in 2005 to get the goods on then-husband ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield.

Bob Whitfield got Andy Cohen eyes…

The ‘She by Shereé’ designer desperately wanted to catch her ex in a compromising position with any person of the opposite sex so that she could use the proof against him in a court of law. Unfortunately, her little scheme didn’t work out… so, Sheree still owes her private eye $28,858.93.

Mr. Alexander doesn’t think Sheree’s good for the money and has gone over her head to get the money by firing off a letter to Bravo claiming he plans to garnish Sheree’s wages from her ‘starring’ role in RHOA to settle the debt once and for all (

Well, good luck with that, Mr. Alexander. When Sheree was caught speeding in early 2009,  she requested a government attorney, claiming no assets.

sheree-by-sheree470.jpg&t=1                                                                                                     Hey, Mr. Private Eye: Grab that bottle of champale…it’s not opened…you can get return it and get $10.

Sheree’s attorney (maybe he got his fee upfront) claims Alexander’s judgment is “void” claiming that dude (Dwayne Alexander) “has no idea what he’s doing in a court of law and what he’s trying to do is improper.”

Hmmm… contrary to her attorney’s statement, Mr. Alexander knows his way around the court system pretty well, as he has been convicted of two felonies, income tax fraud and obstruction of justice and 17 counts of filing false public records for selling gold jewelry (some of which police later identified as stolen) to pawnshops.                                         Note to Sheree: maybe you should do some research before you hire people.

Last week, her Aston Martin was repo’d for failure to pay two attorneys $180,000 in divorce related fees.

Atlanta-Housewives-Sheree-Whitfield.png                                                             YO! Sheree… get off the phone, they takin’ your car!

Sheree was sure that her divorce settlement would be in the seven-figure area, but she lost out. Her settlement included a lump sum of $775,000, as well as an annual $113,422 in her ex’s retirement funds and $2,142.87 in monthly child support. However, her divorce lawyers now say that her limited education and inability to earn income are a severe disadvantage compared to her wealthy ex-husband.

                                                                       The settlement did not include any spousal support, and the Georgia Supreme Court evicted Sheree Whitfield and the couple’s two chldren from their $2.6 million in Sandy Springs, GA, just north of Atlanta.

Bob Whitfield is still a little bitter a year after their divorce… he ranted:   “Quit trying to trash me and then use my damn last name. I’m feeling like I’m the mad scientist and I created Frankenstein. She didn’t have that nose; I put that nose on her! She didn’t have them breasts, I put them breasts on her. I put some electricity on that ass and now she’s sparked up and tearing up the got damn laboratory. What the f*ck. Sit down somewhere and calm it down. You forget who made you girl!”

                                                                                                      She paid someone for that nose?

On the success of RHOA, Bob Whitfield said:You get 3 million views a week. We got that and we weren’t even winning games. Atlanta is a small country ass town. It ain’t that much Hollywood in Atlanta that you can do.”

Well, Sheree DID blame Atlanta for She by Shereé‘s failure: “You can’t do it by yourself. It takes a team. And being in Atlanta it’s very hard. If I was in L.A., if I was in New York, if I was in Paris, you have those type of like-minded people. I can’t find people with the same business sense that I have.”   Sheree blamed the entire city of Atlanta.  Does Atlanta know?


Sheree, Du-wight was helpin’ out..did you forget?

Mr. Whitfield then mentioned that he’s tempted to leak a sex tape and nude pics of Sheree adding, You see what it did for Kim Kardashian.

We beg of you, Mr. Whitfield, please do not leak any of your tapes or pics …