Real Housewives of New York: Does Jill Zarin Have A Number One Fan?… Now We Know



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There has been much speculation about Jill Zarin’s biggest fan; someone who calls themself “Freely Vivacious.” For months, the speculation buzzing around the internet is that “Freely” was invented by JZ’s daughter, Ally, or JZ’s husband, Bobby Zarin; was conceived by another of JZ’s ‘fans’ and written with the approval of JZ; or is actually JZ herself hiding behind ‘Freely Vivacious’s’ site and tweets. Jill has been known to contrive phony names to comment on sites, the most significant is Amazongate, which confirmed that Jill commented and rated her own book on under ficticious user names. So, any of the theories about FV’s true identity seemed plausible.

JZ visited Australia this past summer and upon JZ’s return to NYC, an Aussie ‘girl’ just happened to begin blogging about the wonderful, charitable traits of Jill Zarin? Hmmm…if you, like me, are a person who has questions in your head about how and/or why a 17-year-old girl could be in awe of a 46-year-old woman, a more plausible theory is that while in Australia, JZ set up the FV site (which would show the sites’ origination as Australia) and hired someone who would blog about the greatness of JZ. Well, good for her. She needs a more positive image and by using an Australian-based site, this puts her ahead of all the Housewives by thinking globally and cultivating an international audience. But, why would JZ front the site with a 17-year-old? It just didn’t make sense to me, so I began doing some research and have discovered who is really behind ‘Freely Vivacious.’

Our ‘Free Vivacious‘ is actually a 17-year-old Australian high-school student, Malinda Gray. Malinda, from what I have gleaned from her writing, seems to be a happy teenage girl with numerous interests, who has many good friends, plays soccer and is a very compassionate person.

.IMG_3393.JPG                                                                         Jillz #1 Fan  (upper right)….Malinda is a gingy, like JZ

Once established that Malinda is a real person and not a pseudonym created by someone in the NYC area (or elsewhere), I began to communicate with her.  I was very curious about her perspective re JZ, so the following are some conversations between me and her:

How in the world did you meet JZ? I am so confused as to how an Australian girl met a 40-ish woman from the US and what the two of you would have in common. Are you friends with Jill’s daughter? Are you a fan of any other housewife?

I have never ever met Jill. I am just a fan from Australia that is disgusted about the way she was treated by others. The Gingerettes and I are supporters because we like her. Look up to her and think nothing negative of her. I do not know any of the Zarin’s personally. I like different aspects of the other housewives but Jill is my favorite.

What one trait in JZ do you admire most? least? Do your parents approve of you being a fan of JZ? Do your parents and friends also feel the same about JZ as you? Is there anything you think you could learn from JZ? Do you plan on meeting JZ?

I admire how strong of a women she is. Least? I’m not really sure. Everybody has their faults, I know I do. When my school contacted me about somebody contacting them about my blog and asking if I was a real person, she read my blog and she was fine with it, my deputy principal LOVED it, she told me she was proud about the way I addressed bullying. She has never watched the show before; she isn’t into them kind of shows. (She loves crime, same with my dad.) My dad hardly knows how to use a computer so he doesn’t have a clue about whats going on. But they support me in any decision that I make. I introduced my bff Amy to the show, and she agrees with me, she is a proud member of the Gingerettes. I’m sure there are many things I can learn from Jill, she has already taught me a lot and I can’t wait till when her book is released in Australia, it’s in March. Meeting? I’d probably faint! (:

What is it about JZ that you admire so much? Do you watch all the Housewives shows or just NY? Does JZ communicate with you? If you don’t mind, I would like to write about you being a normal girl in au. Would that be OK with you?

I admire that she is true to her self, she is human and makes mistakes and owns up to them. She never tries to be anybody she’s not and I believe you should never apologize for who you are, and she doesn’t. I have watched NY, NJ and Atlanta. New York is def my favourite. Where would you write about me? Lol

How will you react when you meet Jill?

I’d probably be in shock and just stand there eyes bulging and jaw dropping.

If you found that JZ was not as she appears on TV, how would that affect you? Well, that’s all for now. I appreciate your answers and believe that you are a real person! For being one of JZ’s biggest supporters, I hope she sent you her book! Did she?

I know that it is television show and she might be portrayed differently but the things I have seen and I have also watched a lot of interviews and I have communicated with her through the internet, she is such a beautiful women, inside and out. She LOVES her fans and appreciates us very much and we do the same to her. Thank you for believing I’m real, because trust me I’m a 17 year old teenager from Campbelltown, Sydney, nothing more nothing less. I received her autograph THAT WAS SO EXCITING and I appreciate it SOOO much, I don’t expect her book, I will proudly march to the shops and buy a copy myself :) Thanks for the questions if you have anymore feel free to ask. :

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NOTE TO JILLZARIN:    You have a darling, sweet teenaged girl who, unlike others, thinks the world of you. Please do not let her down. Perhaps you could send her a signed (by you, your sister and mother) copy of your book… just a suggestion that would make you more golden in her eyes than you are now. Treasure your admirers…clearly Malinda is one of them.

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  1. Even after reading this I have such a hard time believing this. There is something about the way she “talks”. I have to say I don’t believe her. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust Jill.


    • boston: I know we spoke about this on Lynn’s site, and she is real. You can have your reservations, just as I did, but she’s real. I was prepared to have a huge story and uncover one of JZ’s minions or JZ herself, but sorry to say, she’s a HS kid…maybe when you read her site and twitters with the knowledge that she is a naive teenager (that’s what I do) will help. She will eventually see JZ as others do, but for now I will let her still think there is a Santa Claus.


  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Jill in person. She is one of the most warm hearted people that I have ever met. She cares about everyone and is always there to help whenever she can. She is fabulous!


  3. I am a little gobsmacked by this girl’s love of JZ, but in a way I have to admire her. She handled her questions very well, was articulate and polite, and for some reason, known only to her, JZ strikes a chord in her.

    I like how she said she wsn’t looking for a book from Jill tha she would “march to the shops” to purchase it herself.

    As far as these ridiculous reporting comments from I’m watching- you are actually doing Jill a huge marketing research favor. If she could replicate whatever she did to get this girl to adore her, she would be far more popular than she is now.


  4. TO ‘I’m watching:’ I did not ‘con’ anyone. I don’t intend to ‘con’ anyone. I would never ‘con’ a teenage girl. You can ‘report’ me to whomever you like. I stand by my post.


  5. If you read my blog, you will notice that I stated that I did my research, some of which is confidential. If you don’t care for my post, that’s your perogative. I will state again, I did not, will not and will never ‘con’ anyone, in particular a teenage girl. No one was “violated.”


    • In actual fact, your ENTIRE ‘interview’ (if you want to call it that!) was conducted under stealth through Malinda’s Formspring account. Behaviour such as this can have no possible defence. You have taken advantage of the open-heartedless of a 17 year-old girl … and all to satisfy your grievances with Jill Zarin.

      I don’t know how you can look yourself in the mirror with any sense of pride after having done something like that … it’s a sad indictment on your sense of values!


  6. It’s wrong on many levels to post personal information, contact name and PICTURES of a minor without her parents’ consent. Please…take down your blog- you are violating this girl’s privacy and safety. ~R.H.


      • Okay, so let’s see you post YOUR real name and YOUR photos — or don’t the same rules apply to you?

        I am so incensed by this illegal violation of Malinda’s rights, that I will consult with lawyers here in Australia first thing in the morning on her behalf!

        Shame on you!


  7. How silly to pick at your story, to say the girl was ‘conned’ or ‘violated.’ Again, we cheapen those words (ask someone who’s REALLY been violated how they feel about this little fluffy story!) every time we use them foolishly. There is nothing tawdry, it’s a sweet story about a girl that I was convinced was fake. And, darn it, now I have to admit I was wrong and Jill does actually have admirers besides family members. And I bet the girl is thrilled to death to have someone in another country write to her about her favorite person. Don’t look for drama in a sweet blog – there’s plenty on tv for us all to fuss over.


      • You don’t know Malinda — you have no idea how this impacted upon her. Imagine having a phone call from your school principal stating that people where looking for you. We have VERY strict privacy laws in Australia — and if you wrote this blog here, using the ‘research methods’ you have employed, there would be serious legal consequences for you.


  8. Go to hell, Michelle!!! This is such an old post, why are you starting this now? I bet Jill Zarin put you up to this. MS. SH. has done nothing wrong! Hell, that girl is probably 18 by now. Go to some other post, like the “I Hate Jill Zarin!” We’re just all shocked that anyone could like Jill Zarin.


    • Go to hell? Oh my, hate bloggers really do attract followers who are also full of hate, don’t they? You and I may not agree, but I would never tell someone to go to hell simply because they have a different opinion to mine …

      As for finding something better to do — I’m a teacher of Psychology and Law here in Australia, and as such, protecting kids is my #1 priority — so no, I can’t think of anything better to do than guarding the welfare of minors … in this case, Malinda. Can you not think of something better to do other than to attack someone merely for supporting a child who was manipulated?! I guess not …

      You will notice that I made absolutely no commentary about Jill Zarin. She is an adult and can stand up for herself. I will, however, stand up for Malinda. As for whether or not her legal rights have been infringed, we’ll leave that up to the lawyers to decide … perhaps criminal charges will be pending or perhaps Malinda will be able to sue and gain a lovely compensation payment that would finance a trip for her to go to NYC and meet Jill Zarin … now wouldn’t THAT be ironic??


      • Michelle: Thanks for commenting! What was ‘hateful’ re this post? That would be lovely if you could look into how Malinda’s privacy was breached… as everything written was written by Malinda herself and posted on internet sites… hardly private! If you would like to attempt to press criminal charges (exactly what would those charges be, as there has been NO crime committed here), please proceed. As I have mentioned previously, my husband is a head-spinning attorney, so knock yourself out… my attorney is in-house. Also, I am very aware of my rights regarding how and what to publish within the laws of the US and there is nothing here that would warrant even a speeding ticket. If you feel that Malinda was wronged, I suggest you take a look at Malinda’s postings, written by her, on facebook, formspring, twitter, etc…maybe you’ll find your answers there and you will see that there is nothing on this site that hasn’t been posted elsewhere by Malinda herself. Good luck…SH


  9. We are not haters! We just love and enjoy MS. Stoopid Housewife. Have you even watched the shows? This is all done in fun, and you should see the humor in all this. If you’re a teacher of law, then why would you need to contact a lawyer, “first thing in the morning.” The vast majority of us like and dislike the same housewives. Do your research and you will find that nobody likes Jill except Malinda. She may have matured and has grown to see Jill Zarin for what she is. And fly to New York to see her…she would only give Malinda time with her, if cameras were there and it was somehow going to benefit her in someway. By the way, do you know Shana, Hughes, Ford, Taylor, Armstrong?


  10. And if you are so uppity, Michelle, and all about protecting children, then go to “Absurd to Sublime” and solve this mystery. George Peterson’s 14 year old daughter has been missing since Jan. 6, 2011. He is the husband of an ex-housewife, Lauri Peterson. You will see that I’m all over that cause and now they are saying that someone posted sexual explicit photos of her. Heard of child pornography? Malinda was 17, and this child is only 14.


  11. I read this interview with Malinda months ago..I didn’t know you had written it. Did you post this a long time ago under a different name? Anyway, because it is old, have you revisited her to see if her views have changed?


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