Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciaks’ Big Poppa Shuts Down Mall

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta must have a chip in her brain that zaps her when a boyfriend is low on cash, ’cause Big Poppa is having serious cash flow indignities and Kim ran out before the money did.

Lee Najjar aka ‘Big Poppa’, who owns Union Station Mall in Union City, GA, has shoppers, store owners and workers turned away at the door because he has failed to pay over $207,000 in power bills. The GA Dept of Vehicles has an office located in the mall and because of the power outage, cannot issue GA residents their IDs or licenses. Power will be restored once the mall owner attempts to bring the bill currrent. The power bill isn’t Najjar’s only money problem. City officials said his company is three years behind on property taxes. “They owe us about $290,000 as of today,” city manager Steve Rapson.

No wonder Kim Zolciak cleaned out her storage units, trucked the stuff over to the parking lot of a burger place, made her daughters carry around ‘for sale’ signs and, with her daddy’s haggling expertise, made over $10,000 at her sale.

Without Big Poppa’s big pockets, Kim’s next source of big money is her singing career and unless Kandi can write a song in the key of Kim, her royalites from song publishing and ituneswill be dwindling quick. Kim may have to go back to bed pans and back rubs as a LPN. Oh, God help us…

News report re Union Station Mall shutdown… here.

3 comments on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciaks’ Big Poppa Shuts Down Mall

  1. You think she had that fire sale cause the furniture actually belonged to Big Poppa and she was afraid potential creditors might come after the merchandise leaving her empty handed? This way she’s got plausible deniability that she thought it was hers and, anyway, it’s gone and it wasn’t worth much anyway. Still, 10k is 10k (but I think she got more).


      • Something was up with that parking lot sale. Kim is stupid but she’s not dumb. If she really could have taken her time and gotten good money for that furniture, she would have had an auction or estate sale. Teresa almost had that bankruptcy auction and there was a lot of press for that. If Kim could have gotten attention AND more money, she would have been all over it.

        Here’s another thing to ponder: I thought she mentioned that Big Poppa’s family now lives in LA which struck me as odd. So maybe some of that stuff was from his Atlanta house and if he’s really getting a divorce, well community property just disappeared.


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