Seriously, Kim???

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but the only word I can think of for this outrageousness is SERIOUSLY? Kim, maybe your LPN training didn’t go over this, but to protect your unborn baby, the mother should not smoke or drink while pregnant.

TMZ got a hold of a photo of Kim Zolciak smoking a cigarette on November 7th.

According Life and Style magazine, Kim KNEW she was pregnant since SEPTEMBER.


Thanks to and

Atlanta Falcons datin’ a tranny… Kim?

Oh, good Lord… someone found out about Kim!


That’s where my mind went when I read the headline…. but, it’s NOT Kim.

One of my very favorite sites,, just got an exclusive bit of information. There is a “girl” from Louisville named Shemiyia and she’s dating one of the Atlanta Falcons. Oh and Shemiyia is a TRANNEY!!!   First off, we should tell y’all that it is NOT AT ALL CLEAR that the NFL dude even knew that she was born a dude. You see, Shemiyia works as a bartender at a STRAIGHT bar, where most customers assume she’s a female.


Anyways, dude must be in LOVE cause he’s talking on the phone with Shemiyia for 5 HOURS at a time and he’s flying her out to the ATL this weekend for the game. So we know what you’re wondering . .. . WHICH PLAYER IS IT???    Well, Shemiyia never told her friend (who told MTO) who the Atlanta Falcon is… but she did say that Shemiyia described him as “he’s really tall, and light skinned.”

Kim’s HS photo…she’s definitely not a tranny…

CUTE! Was Kim already into wigs when she was in HS?…




Kroy looks very happy and Kim got her man… they look good together!

Real Housewives of New Jersey: What’s the Attraction to the “Celebrity Magnet?”

TOM MURRO, aka “The Celebrity Magnet”

Tom Murro, aka “The Celebrity Magnet,” has attracted a number of women; and why not… he’s an attractive man. I have been following his site since Season One of The Real Housewives of New Jersey because I thought he would have the local, inside scoop on the NJ women.


Tom has become close friends with Kim Granatell:  Franklin Lakes resident, Jacqueline Laurita’s neighbor and RHONJ wannabe cast member. Tom and Kim’s friendship has gotten to the level of gift giving and maybe beyond that. It has been reported that KimG has generously gifted Tom a red Mercedes wagon and has warmed a seat for him on her private jet.


Kim and Tom have been spotted cruising around Franklin Lakes, Montville and Paterson in her Ferrari.

thumbnail.aspx?q=282048016059&id=c5017e7c5e892ce10ff0f8e01a4e05c2& AND KIM G GARDENING…


Tom is always out for movie showings, charity events and parties; it’s his job to attend these functions and he looks like he enjoys his job!

The BIG question I’ve had pinging around in my head was, “Isn’t Tom married?” Well, yes, I found that Tom Murro is married. To a lovely woman named Kelly. Mrs. Murro finally got smart and started to escort her husband to some of his events.

                                                                         KELLY MURRO (MRS. TOM) AT THE POSCHE FASHION SHOW…

Now my NEW questions are: Is Kelly Murro attending events to make KimG go away? OR  To let people know that she and Tom are still married so KimG will look like a nasty, husband-stealing biatch if they split? OR  Is Kelly getting friendly with KimG to take part in KimG’s generosity, too?   Hmmm….I heard that Kelly likes to drive black BMWs.

I want to emphasize the importance of body language, as there is a lot of body language going on with Tom and KimG in this video… Tom keeps his arm around Kim’s shoulder, which indicates intimacy and protection:   (Scroll down to the video titled “hailey wants money” to see how close Tom holds KimG)


thumbnail.aspx?q=322623900968&id=8cf38d4d12e0465433127d30b34848c6& AND KIM G…

It is interesting that there are numerous photos of KimG and Tom Murro together; however, I haven’t come across a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Murro together.

Will KimG be the next Mrs. Murro?  Wouldn’t KimG have a better chance of becoming a castmember of RHONJ if she were married?  Just sayin….

Real Housewives of New York; Sonja Tremont-Morgan… Part I

Sonja Morgan, Part I:

Sonja Morgan of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City,” listed $19.8 million in debt and $13.5 million in assets on her bankruptcy petition, which she filed on November 11. The almost $7 million difference is the amount that Sonja lost in the lawsuit Hannibal Pictures v Sonja Productions. Morgan said she wasn’t adequately represented at the trial and has filed an appeal.      Sonja Productions lost lawsuit…

                                                                                                            Sonja and her doggie, Marley

She blamed her financial woes on a failed venture with Hannibal Pictures Inc. to make a movie starring John Travolta.   That film was to be called “Fast Flash to Bang Time,” court papers said

.                                                                                                                   The movie had a bad title…Fast Flash to Bang Time(?!)… try saying that 3 times fast!

Morgan said the movie never got off the ground because of “various conditions” that Travolta demanded and her production company, Sonja Productions, could not meet.

Morgan also pointed to her “bitter” and unresolved divorce from her husband, a man she described as “many years my senior and a descendant of J.P. Morgan and John Adams.”
                                                                                      The official Morgan portrait…

While she works to resolve these disputes and formulate a plan of reorganization, Morgan said she hopes to preserve the value of her assets and continue her career as a television personality. She said her appearances on “Real Housewives” position her to pursue potentially lucrative endeavors, like writing a cookbook and developing a clothing line.

Note to Sonja: You are intelligent enough to find a new path where you can create original projects. Please don’t insult your viewers with a cookbook titled, “The Skinny WASP Cookbook” or a clothing line “Sewn by Sonja.”

Coming up: Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Part II

Kim and Kroy…Krim are definitely pregnant!

There aren’t too many celeb names for Kim and Kroy… I’ve narrowed it down to one:

Kim + Kroy = KRIM.


This is somewhat old news, as I wrote about Kim’s pregnancy on October 31, that’s almost three weeks ago.  My guess is that Kim and Kroy wanted to grow their ‘baby bump’ a little bit bigger for the front-page photo ‘exclusive’ on L&S magazine.  Just last week, Kim was a guest of Andy Cohen on WWHL and she denied a direct question regarding her being pregnant.  Krim were probably under contract to Life and Style, but Kim could have played kinda dumb instead of denying her pregnancy. Whatever. Kim is definitely pregnant.


Kroy is 25 and Kim is at least 10 years older, even though every article I read about KimZ, her age changes. The last has her age as 31. (Kim, if you are 31, then I’m a tug boat captain!) Despite the age difference, they look very happy together and Kroy looks like a very lovable guy, so here’s to hoping they have a lovely baby and great relationship.

Oh Puh-leeze, Teresa!

Still trying to prove what a nice person she is (I’m nice, ain’t I Joe?), Teresa Joo-dice wrote a love letter on her blog to Jackie Laurita. While she’s praising Jackie, she’s wrapping a noose around her own sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga’s neck and closing it tighter with her words.


Teresa is as passive-aggressive as you can get and her jealously of Melissa shows through her writing:

Since Jacqueline Laurita is like family to me, and I get to hang out with her all day today, I thought I’d do a post on her. TREE NEEDS TO KEEP JACKIE CLOSE BY TO BRAINWASH HER. As if you didn’t already know, she is the sweetest, nicest, most genuine person you could ever meet. BUT TREE, YOU TOLD EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT YOU ARE THE NICEST, SWEETEST, ETC. PERSON EVER! She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she always has your back. UNLIKE TREE, WHO ONLY HAS YOUR BACK SO SHE CAN STICK A BLADE IN IT. She’s also so funny. We have the best time together. BUT, TREE, YOU’RE THE FUNNY ONE… “I’M FUNNY, AIN’T I JOE?” And she’s a GREAT mom! (And no, she doesn’t have a nanny either! The only person I know with a nanny is my sister-in-law Melissa. (I’m not judging if you have a nanny, that’s cool, it’s just not my style.)                            UH, TREE…YOU’RE JUDGING RIGHT THERE.

Melissa-Gorga-walks-the-runway.jpgMELISSA MODELING AT THE POSCHE FASHION SHOW…


Update on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 1:45AM by Teresa Giudice.

Dear Melissa, someone just emailed me these 2 Facebook messages:

“Lisa G. – Melissa, not sure, but I think Teresa gave you another dig about having a nanny. This is from her new website…”

“Beth A. – thats not a dig, its a statement. why does everyone look to start drama?”

I didn’t even occur to me that you might take it as a dig, because it wasn’t meant that way at all. THAT MUST BE YOUR MEAN, EVIL TWIN… I’m sorry if it seemed like an insult. I was only stating facts because people keep sending me questions on Facebook and Twitter about who of us has nannies. I know you are a great mom, and as I have said many times on my Twitter and Facebook and my website I will never say anything bad about my family. OF COURSE YOU WOULD NEVER SAY ANYTHING MEAN, ‘CAUSE YOU’RE PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE… YOU JUST IMPLY. TREE… WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STARTS THE FIGHT, BUT SNEAKS AWAY WHEN THE BLAME GETS PASSED AROUND.

I’ve also been getting people asking me this week if I delete anyone on Facebook just because they are friends with you. Of course I don’t! With 250,000 people following me on Facebook, I don’t even know how that would be possible to do. I’m happy for anyone to be friends with you. I only delete people who say mean things about me or anyone in my family, including you.HOW CAN YOU DELETE THE MEAN PEOPLE? YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING WITH NO HELP…UH, OK… I won’t stand for haters. I hope you feel the same way and don’t let people write bad things about your husband’s family on your sites either. xx

teresadavin1.jpgMELISSA WHO?

Hey Teresa… so what if your brother and his wife pay a nanny to help with their children. I guess they can’t call on YOUR PARENTS to help out with the kids because they are helping YOU and are AT YOUR HOUSE 24/7.

***last photo from

Phaedra’s Due Date Explained…Really?

Phaedra Parks of RHOA has made it clear that her baby is full term at seven months and if she requested, her doctor would have no problem performing a C-section because the baby is so developmentally advanced…at seven months.


Phaedra’s due date explanation made everyone in Atlanta do math in their heads, ’cause there is no way that an ethical physician would ‘take a baby’ at the seven month mark and there is no way that Phaedra is seven months along… if she grew any more, she would explode.

The Housewives are calling total BS on Phaedra and have figured that either Phaedra got knocked up before she got married or the baby isn’t Apollo’s or both.


And the other RHOA suspect that Phadera is lying about the conception date – because she and her family are DEVOUT CHRISTIANS.

Well, spoke with an extememly reliable insider – one of Phaedra’s family members, who helped explain to MTO the real story about Phaedra’s due date (and lack of math skills).


The insider explained, “Phaedra had a difficult pregnancy. She nearly miscarried the child twice. Actually the day before she had the baby shower, she was admitted to the hospital, for bleeding.”

MTO’s insider continued, “Because of the difficult pregnancy there was talk (between the doctors and Phaedra) that she may have had to terminate the pregnancy (a late-term abortion) for health reasons. It can be done in the State of Georgia, but there’s a huge stigma towards late term abortion. So, she figured that it would be better to just move up the date so that if tragedy struck, she wouldn’t have all of America scrutinizing her decision.”

So . . . there you have it! Phaedra’s family member cleared up all the mystery and questions surrounding Phaedra’s due date.

REALLY???….FOR REAL???…SERIOUSLY??? Nothing was cleared up!


HERE’S MY THEORY:   Perhaps Phaedra was using her attorney/client privilege to arrange very private meetings with Apollo. It’s obvious that on the RHOA she is more than seven months…she’s huge and she’s going to have a FULL-TERM BABY. Phaedra was having some pickle pushin’ in the pokey with Apollo… but who gonna check her, boo??? She could never say that, let alone admit to anything even close to that theory… her professional reputation would be ruined and as far as I know, she still has that going for her.

AND… if she were having a serious problem the day before her baby shower, enough of a problem that warrants a trip to the hospital, a medical professional (NOT Kim, but a REAL medical authority, OB/GYN…) would probably have advised her to be on bed rest from the day of her hospital visit until she delivers her child. A baby shower can be rearranged, but Phaedra proceeded with her fairy tale, ballerina baby shower the day after her visit to the ER for very serious symptoms.

AND…when a pregnant woman is asked her due date, it doesn’t take blank stares or trying to do math in your head to answer. Once your doctor tells you your due date, that is just there on the tip of your tongue and on the edge of your brain, ready when you get the inevitable question, “When are you due?” The date just flies out of your brain and deposits itself on your vocal chords for a milisecond and directly out of your mouth. Phaedra, you are a smart woman, you should have known that during your pregnancy, someone was going to ask that question.


The baby will be arriving in BravoTime tomorrow night (he was born May 24 in real time) and we’ll find out what Phaedra and Apollo have decided to name their baby boy.

I think Hercules would be appropriate.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga’s Video Vanishes

Death By 1000 Papercuts ( posted interviews of Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile, the newest cast members of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The interviews were conducted by Frank Ranu.   I got to see about five seconds of the Melissa Gorga interview before the video blacked out.


Melissa Gorga

DBKP states that the interviews were mysteriously taken down and they had to revise their post, but here is what Melissa and Kathy had to say:


Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga

In a recent interview with ‘Mr. X’, Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Melissa Gorga said season three of RHONJ might air in May of 2011. Melissa may be right as Bravo aired season two on May 4, 2010. Melissa told ‘Mr. X’ she’s was born on the Jersey shore, ‘I’m a shore girl, Toms River’ and ‘officially a Benny’. Melissa has three kids, Antonia, 5, Gino, 3, and Joey, 6 months.

During ‘Mr. X’s interview with Kathy, Kathy told Frank she has a 16-yr-old daughter, Victoria, born in ‘North Jersey’ and a 14-yr-old son, Joey. Kathy is Teresa Giudice’s first cousin. Teresa’s mother and Kathy’s father are brother and sister. Kathy said she’s having a great time filming RHONJ.


Melissa and her sisters

“BENNY”… Stands for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York, which are the places bennys come from. The typical benny is usually pretty easy to spot. White or orange from fake tan in a can, jeans in the 110 degree weather. Chains, sneakers, socks, even heels at the beach; annoying people who take up locals parking beach and living spaces.

So, what happened to the videos? They are not on Frank Ranu’s website, nor are they on his YouTube channel. I asked Frank Ranu via tweet about the vanishing videos and he has yet to respond.

Update 6-21-11:  The videos have been on YouTube since the premier of the RHONJ in May.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sheree Whitfield…Who Gonna Check Her?

Who gonna check me, boo?” …someone needs to check Sheree, ’cause she’s on a downward slope and is slippin’ fast.

                                                Who gonna check me, boo???

Reportedly, Sheree hired private detective Dwayne Alexander back in 2005 to get the goods on then-husband ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield.

Bob Whitfield got Andy Cohen eyes…

The ‘She by Shereé’ designer desperately wanted to catch her ex in a compromising position with any person of the opposite sex so that she could use the proof against him in a court of law. Unfortunately, her little scheme didn’t work out… so, Sheree still owes her private eye $28,858.93.

Mr. Alexander doesn’t think Sheree’s good for the money and has gone over her head to get the money by firing off a letter to Bravo claiming he plans to garnish Sheree’s wages from her ‘starring’ role in RHOA to settle the debt once and for all (

Well, good luck with that, Mr. Alexander. When Sheree was caught speeding in early 2009,  she requested a government attorney, claiming no assets.

sheree-by-sheree470.jpg&t=1                                                                                                     Hey, Mr. Private Eye: Grab that bottle of champale…it’s not opened…you can get return it and get $10.

Sheree’s attorney (maybe he got his fee upfront) claims Alexander’s judgment is “void” claiming that dude (Dwayne Alexander) “has no idea what he’s doing in a court of law and what he’s trying to do is improper.”

Hmmm… contrary to her attorney’s statement, Mr. Alexander knows his way around the court system pretty well, as he has been convicted of two felonies, income tax fraud and obstruction of justice and 17 counts of filing false public records for selling gold jewelry (some of which police later identified as stolen) to pawnshops.                                         Note to Sheree: maybe you should do some research before you hire people.

Last week, her Aston Martin was repo’d for failure to pay two attorneys $180,000 in divorce related fees.

Atlanta-Housewives-Sheree-Whitfield.png                                                             YO! Sheree… get off the phone, they takin’ your car!

Sheree was sure that her divorce settlement would be in the seven-figure area, but she lost out. Her settlement included a lump sum of $775,000, as well as an annual $113,422 in her ex’s retirement funds and $2,142.87 in monthly child support. However, her divorce lawyers now say that her limited education and inability to earn income are a severe disadvantage compared to her wealthy ex-husband.

                                                                       The settlement did not include any spousal support, and the Georgia Supreme Court evicted Sheree Whitfield and the couple’s two chldren from their $2.6 million in Sandy Springs, GA, just north of Atlanta.

Bob Whitfield is still a little bitter a year after their divorce… he ranted:   “Quit trying to trash me and then use my damn last name. I’m feeling like I’m the mad scientist and I created Frankenstein. She didn’t have that nose; I put that nose on her! She didn’t have them breasts, I put them breasts on her. I put some electricity on that ass and now she’s sparked up and tearing up the got damn laboratory. What the f*ck. Sit down somewhere and calm it down. You forget who made you girl!”

                                                                                                      She paid someone for that nose?

On the success of RHOA, Bob Whitfield said:You get 3 million views a week. We got that and we weren’t even winning games. Atlanta is a small country ass town. It ain’t that much Hollywood in Atlanta that you can do.”

Well, Sheree DID blame Atlanta for She by Shereé‘s failure: “You can’t do it by yourself. It takes a team. And being in Atlanta it’s very hard. If I was in L.A., if I was in New York, if I was in Paris, you have those type of like-minded people. I can’t find people with the same business sense that I have.”   Sheree blamed the entire city of Atlanta.  Does Atlanta know?


Sheree, Du-wight was helpin’ out..did you forget?

Mr. Whitfield then mentioned that he’s tempted to leak a sex tape and nude pics of Sheree adding, You see what it did for Kim Kardashian.

We beg of you, Mr. Whitfield, please do not leak any of your tapes or pics …

GIUDICE BANKRUPTCY WANTS SYMPATHY has an interesting take on the Joo-dice bankruptcy. The Joo-dice’s attorney, James Kridel, wants the US Bankruptcy Court to accept the Joo-dice’s bankruptcy filing. Mr. Kridel says that if the bankruptcy is denied, it will rip the Joo-dice family apart and that some of the people involved have no knowledge of some of the claims.

Oh puh-leeze, Mr. Kridel. If there is any ripping apart of the Joo-dice family, it is their own doing and we all know that Teresa is the ‘innocent’ party you speak of.

Mr. Kridel, did you see your cilent’s documents? The documents that Teresa signed? Who is the innocent party Mr. Kridel speaks of???


Radar’s story:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Six Degrees of Separation




Rick Hilton is the Chairman and co-founder of Hilton & Hyland Real Estate, the leading exclusive boutique real estate firm in Beverly Hills. As Chairman, Rick can hire any family members he wants and nobody can say nothing. Rick and his wife Kathy were married in 1979 and they are the proud (most of the time) parents of four children who keep getting arrested for bullshit charges.

1227216464.jpg Mauricio Umansky(310) 858-5464


Mauricio was born in Mexico City and moved to Bel-Air in 1976. He is married to his beautiful wife Kyle, who got him his job because her sister, Kathy is married to Rick, and has four gorgeous daughters that are not permitted to wear hotglued jumbo flower/mesh headbands. Mauricio is considering a full-time position as a reality TV star offered to him by Sir Andrew Cohen (knighted by JillZarin after her visit to Great Britian’s territory, Australia, and Andy fell for it after JZ promised him a sash). God, Andy is so easy…
1267147061.jpg Eduardo Umansky310.278.3311


My insatiable curiosity and passion for research (the bulk of my research is in correct shaving techniques) provides me with the necessary tools to stay on top of current market conditions in order to represent my clients. I’m committed to provide my clients with the highest degree of excellence and Heroic Customer Service. I will throw myself into burning buildings to save your iPad; I will find runaway brides; I will grab onto the handle of a car that lost its brakes and suffer third degree dragging burns… really, any kind of heroics you want, I’ll do… just name it… anything for a sale, that’s my motto. And I can get Kyle to call you on your birthday.

Christy Hilton


A combination of Christie Brinkley and Paris Hilton, Christy Hilton was a total unknown before walking into Rick’s office and giving him a totally made up name. She also told him that she is definitely related to him by Uncle Terry. Well, there could be an Uncle Terry because Rick has met Uncle Jerry and before Christy could think of another story, Rick said, “You’re hired!” because Rick Hilton is Donald J. Trump in reverseworld.

1227217881.jpg Susan Andrews(310) 278-3311 Ext. 485


Susan Andrews/Taylor Armstrong has been a recognized and respected top producing real estate agent since early in her career, right after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered. Dedicated to her profession because motherhood is so last year, Susan/Taylor quickly established an impeccable reputation for representing her clients’ best interests by throwing Alice in Wonderland open houses.

1227293460.jpg Trista Rullan(310) 858-5476


Raised in Acapulco, her father kept her twin sister, Alex, in New York to experiment first-hand the nature versus nurture theories. Alex and Trista have never met.
1251847994.jpg Chad Rogers(310) 858-5417

(Million Dollar Listing)

Chadsworth vonEichhorn Rogers was born and raised in ‘The Bu.’ Chad steadfastly upholds the motto, “Give clients what they want, whenever they want,” is what has catapulted Chad Rogers into one of the most successful and sought after real estate experts (as advertised in the Pennysaver) and Realtors in Southern California.Yo, Chad, I want some pierogies and chocolate milk. Right now. Oh…wow! Thanks, Chad. Chad, how about a satchel brimming with bundles of fresh cash? Well thank you, Chad.

Chad is not related, but Rick makes him uphold his motto everyday.

1280885682.jpg Rodrigo Iglesias310-699-3435


Noted by the Wall Street Journal as being number 37 in the year 2007 (yeah… that’s like three years ago or 42 years in real estate years) of the top real estate agents for size and number of transactions in the entire nation (the entire nation of Marouk, pop. 37,048).
1252615929.jpg Coleman Laffoon310.278.3311


Coley Laffoon is an entertainment industry veteran who produced documentary films and managed talent (mainly helping Anne Heche through her ‘alien’ period) before joining Hilton & Hyland just to talk with normal people.
1269043847.jpg Gersh213-359-0328


1227208471.jpg Frank Jackwerth(310) 858-5460


Frankie J, as he’s known, has represented many clients from the motion picture industry and sports world and represented the former home of Frank Sinatra in Palm Desert, CA known as “Villa Maggio.” Frankie J never met Sinatra, but he has personal knowledge of his house. When he swaggered into Rick Hilton’s office and said “Sinatra,” Rick Hilton did the reverse Trump and said, “You’re hired!” Plus, Rick likes saying his last name, Jackwerth.

Real Housewives of New York: Does Jill Zarin Have A Number One Fan?… Now We Know



Jill-Zarin.jpg                      Bobby, Ally and Jill

There has been much speculation about Jill Zarin’s biggest fan; someone who calls themself “Freely Vivacious.” For months, the speculation buzzing around the internet is that “Freely” was invented by JZ’s daughter, Ally, or JZ’s husband, Bobby Zarin; was conceived by another of JZ’s ‘fans’ and written with the approval of JZ; or is actually JZ herself hiding behind ‘Freely Vivacious’s’ site and tweets. Jill has been known to contrive phony names to comment on sites, the most significant is Amazongate, which confirmed that Jill commented and rated her own book on under ficticious user names. So, any of the theories about FV’s true identity seemed plausible.

JZ visited Australia this past summer and upon JZ’s return to NYC, an Aussie ‘girl’ just happened to begin blogging about the wonderful, charitable traits of Jill Zarin? Hmmm…if you, like me, are a person who has questions in your head about how and/or why a 17-year-old girl could be in awe of a 46-year-old woman, a more plausible theory is that while in Australia, JZ set up the FV site (which would show the sites’ origination as Australia) and hired someone who would blog about the greatness of JZ. Well, good for her. She needs a more positive image and by using an Australian-based site, this puts her ahead of all the Housewives by thinking globally and cultivating an international audience. But, why would JZ front the site with a 17-year-old? It just didn’t make sense to me, so I began doing some research and have discovered who is really behind ‘Freely Vivacious.’

Our ‘Free Vivacious‘ is actually a 17-year-old Australian high-school student, Malinda Gray. Malinda, from what I have gleaned from her writing, seems to be a happy teenage girl with numerous interests, who has many good friends, plays soccer and is a very compassionate person.

.IMG_3393.JPG                                                                         Jillz #1 Fan  (upper right)….Malinda is a gingy, like JZ

Once established that Malinda is a real person and not a pseudonym created by someone in the NYC area (or elsewhere), I began to communicate with her.  I was very curious about her perspective re JZ, so the following are some conversations between me and her:

How in the world did you meet JZ? I am so confused as to how an Australian girl met a 40-ish woman from the US and what the two of you would have in common. Are you friends with Jill’s daughter? Are you a fan of any other housewife?

I have never ever met Jill. I am just a fan from Australia that is disgusted about the way she was treated by others. The Gingerettes and I are supporters because we like her. Look up to her and think nothing negative of her. I do not know any of the Zarin’s personally. I like different aspects of the other housewives but Jill is my favorite.

What one trait in JZ do you admire most? least? Do your parents approve of you being a fan of JZ? Do your parents and friends also feel the same about JZ as you? Is there anything you think you could learn from JZ? Do you plan on meeting JZ?

I admire how strong of a women she is. Least? I’m not really sure. Everybody has their faults, I know I do. When my school contacted me about somebody contacting them about my blog and asking if I was a real person, she read my blog and she was fine with it, my deputy principal LOVED it, she told me she was proud about the way I addressed bullying. She has never watched the show before; she isn’t into them kind of shows. (She loves crime, same with my dad.) My dad hardly knows how to use a computer so he doesn’t have a clue about whats going on. But they support me in any decision that I make. I introduced my bff Amy to the show, and she agrees with me, she is a proud member of the Gingerettes. I’m sure there are many things I can learn from Jill, she has already taught me a lot and I can’t wait till when her book is released in Australia, it’s in March. Meeting? I’d probably faint! (:

What is it about JZ that you admire so much? Do you watch all the Housewives shows or just NY? Does JZ communicate with you? If you don’t mind, I would like to write about you being a normal girl in au. Would that be OK with you?

I admire that she is true to her self, she is human and makes mistakes and owns up to them. She never tries to be anybody she’s not and I believe you should never apologize for who you are, and she doesn’t. I have watched NY, NJ and Atlanta. New York is def my favourite. Where would you write about me? Lol

How will you react when you meet Jill?

I’d probably be in shock and just stand there eyes bulging and jaw dropping.

If you found that JZ was not as she appears on TV, how would that affect you? Well, that’s all for now. I appreciate your answers and believe that you are a real person! For being one of JZ’s biggest supporters, I hope she sent you her book! Did she?

I know that it is television show and she might be portrayed differently but the things I have seen and I have also watched a lot of interviews and I have communicated with her through the internet, she is such a beautiful women, inside and out. She LOVES her fans and appreciates us very much and we do the same to her. Thank you for believing I’m real, because trust me I’m a 17 year old teenager from Campbelltown, Sydney, nothing more nothing less. I received her autograph THAT WAS SO EXCITING and I appreciate it SOOO much, I don’t expect her book, I will proudly march to the shops and buy a copy myself :) Thanks for the questions if you have anymore feel free to ask. :

My Photo

NOTE TO JILLZARIN:    You have a darling, sweet teenaged girl who, unlike others, thinks the world of you. Please do not let her down. Perhaps you could send her a signed (by you, your sister and mother) copy of your book… just a suggestion that would make you more golden in her eyes than you are now. Treasure your admirers…clearly Malinda is one of them.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice Advice for Under 50!


Tree Joo-dice is ‘teaching’ all she knows at The Learning Annex from 7 to 9 pm in midtown Manhattan on January 12, 2011 for $44.95!


Tree will be ‘instructing’ attendees how to:

  • become a reality star
  • be a faithful wife,
  • know the difference between marble and onyx,
  • be a dependable friend,
  • walk the red carpet,
  • avoid jail time,
  • lift recipes,
  • hide stacks of cash in a Fendi clutch,
  • pose cockheaded,
  • live your entire life with abnormal eyes,
  • throw away cookies given by your relatives,
  •  cover your hairline,
  • make your children look better with humongous headbands,
  •  scream,
  • attack your boss,
  • make millions with a stucco company,


  • fake your degree,
  • get free trips to It-ly,
  • sign real estate documents,
  • avoid court-ordered auctions,
  • make your husband think he’s handsome,
  • get free clothes,
  • believe your husband’s DUI stories,
  • sprint in a country club,
  •  hide your parents in the basement,
  • know your tanning machine settings,
  •  make pizza dough,
  • accept a canary diamond ring,
  • scam the federal government,
  •  make your friends babysit,
  •  try to speak I-talian,
  • avoid bill collectors,
  •  drive an architect insane,
  • get discounts for paying cash,
  •  find hideous door ornaments,


  • cheat a business partner,
  • smile while your car is repossessed,
  • be your sister-in-law’s worst nightmare,
  • know the exact time of the month to crush tomatoes,
  • hide a canary diamond ring,
  • get your ‘fans’ to buy anything,
  • max out credit cards,
  • deny knowledge of owning property,
  • start a fight,
  • lie through your teeth on a daytime talk show,
  • let your friend take the blame for starting a fight,


  • build an ugly house,
  • keep calm when your 6-ft vase shatters,
  •  push out a baby by saying ‘ouch’,
  • think you can model clothes,
  •  copy another reality star’s book title,
  • make your friends walk up Mt. Vesuvius,
  • dress your children in distasteful but expensive clothing,
  • correctly walk into a courthouse,
  •  show off your designer dinner plates,
  • announce that you will be appearing on Dancing With the Stars (but you know you won’t)
  • …and much more.


Tree’s seminar will be moderated by Rob Shuter of Popeater, Tree’s personal PR puppy. I’m sure Tree needs a ‘moderator’ to ‘evaluate’ the questions before presenting them for Tree to answer… you know, all the really good stuff that you would pay almost $50 to ask Tree, like what’s going on with the bankruptcy, is Joe drunk all the time, did he like jail and does he have a love child?… those types of questions will be tossed out by the ‘moderator’. However, she WILL be sharing some details about what goes on behind the scenes of RHONJ….WOO-HOO!

According the The Learning Annex, “Teresa is a hero to modern women because of her fabulous style, her positive attitude, and her effusive love for her family. Even in the chaos of childrearing, working, and filming a television show, she still makes time to make homemade meals.

Well, Tree must have some brain for time management, because I cannot understand how she will do all this in a 2-hour period! If anyone can shed some light on how she does all this, please share.

Tree’s Learning Annex class… here.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciaks’ Big Poppa Shuts Down Mall

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta must have a chip in her brain that zaps her when a boyfriend is low on cash, ’cause Big Poppa is having serious cash flow indignities and Kim ran out before the money did.

Lee Najjar aka ‘Big Poppa’, who owns Union Station Mall in Union City, GA, has shoppers, store owners and workers turned away at the door because he has failed to pay over $207,000 in power bills. The GA Dept of Vehicles has an office located in the mall and because of the power outage, cannot issue GA residents their IDs or licenses. Power will be restored once the mall owner attempts to bring the bill currrent. The power bill isn’t Najjar’s only money problem. City officials said his company is three years behind on property taxes. “They owe us about $290,000 as of today,” city manager Steve Rapson.

No wonder Kim Zolciak cleaned out her storage units, trucked the stuff over to the parking lot of a burger place, made her daughters carry around ‘for sale’ signs and, with her daddy’s haggling expertise, made over $10,000 at her sale.

Without Big Poppa’s big pockets, Kim’s next source of big money is her singing career and unless Kandi can write a song in the key of Kim, her royalites from song publishing and ituneswill be dwindling quick. Kim may have to go back to bed pans and back rubs as a LPN. Oh, God help us…

News report re Union Station Mall shutdown… here.

Bravo’s “The Fashion Show”: A Fashion Disaster

Twelve people were living under the subway. The ‘twelve’ kept their distance from each other, but each contributed to their daily survival. Great food scavenged from fine restaurant’s trash cans, heat from a wood fire that was always tended to and electricity from a circuit that was tapped into. They watched the scratchy picture of the 12-in black and white TV and they saw the life that went on above them. They were curious if they could live above ground, not just go above to retrieve what they needed for the day, but if they could stay and fit in.  Would their life above be any better than the grey pictures of their TV? They had to try.

They each departed with only the clothes on their backs and one extra change of clothes. Once above ground, they scattered and each wandered the city. Unbeknownst to one another, they each met a man with brillo-textured hair who rambled on about how he hated the color brown. This unusual man gave each a card on which was written an address…

Each of the “twelve” found the address and one by one they entered a curtained room.   They were instructed to choose a sewing box, which contained a number. The number corresponded to a model and they were given the task of dressing their model in the best representation of their work, which luckily they had brought with them from their subwayworld.

The numbers were used to divide the ’12’  into teams of six each: The House of Nami and The House of Emerald Syx. The design houses are to design a cohesive collection based on international model/cosmetics creator/icon/wife of David Bowie… IMAN. One member of the winning house will be crowned ‘the winner’ and one member of the losing design house will be sent back to the underworld.

After each design house has briefly discussed their strategy, they were taken to an area by the man with the brillo hair who hates the color brown, Isaac Mizrahi, to explain their vision. Their collections were presented on the runway to the judges, Isaac, Iman, Laura Brown and guest judge, Rachel Roy for review. After the judges deliberated, the House of Nami was announced as the winner and a member of the House of Emerald Syx was shown the door, but not before they took back the sewing kit and her number.

The Fashion Show is Bravo’s second try and they need to keep trying.  If Bravo cannot devise their own formula for a fashion reality show, they need to gracefully bow out of this genre until they find a unique blueprint that will challenge Project Runway. Iman has replaced ho-hum Kelly Rowland as co-host, but she’s no competition for Heidi in the co-hosting spot. Iman is a fashionista from way back, but she went to the Camilla Alves (Shear Genius) school of TV hosting… we could use subtitles, please. Laura Brown has been added as the ‘editorial judge’ ala Nina Garcia. Rachel Roy was the guest judge, recycled from guest judging on this season’s Project Runway. Then there’s Isaac Mizrahi. Tim Gunn is the gold standard and Isaac is…well, Tim Gunn is Tim Gunn and Tim Gunn hasn’t a prejudice toward any color.

There are more comparisons at which TFS flatlines: Project Runway shops at Mood and The Fashion Show at Zarin fabrics; Project Runway’s designers are ensconsed at the Atlas and The Fashion Show designers are stowed somewhere on NYC’s West Side; Project Runway’s designers are themselves stylish and The Fashion Show designers haven’t looked in a mirror lately.

The Fashion Show wants to be fashion forward, but ends up on the clearance rack.

Bravo, please go back to Andy’s place or wherever all the Bravo producers hang out and conceptualize an innovative formula for a fashion reality show that would excite and engage your viewers.

Back to the episode… the remaining designers dropped their scissors in unison, grabbed their extra change of clothes, abandonded the workroom, exiled from The Fashion Show, and dropped back into their underground lives.

They made sure they took their sewing boxes.


The sold-out fourth annual Fashion Forward cocktail reception and fashion show, hosted by New York’s Gay Men’s Health Crisis, took place on Monday, November 8th at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  Tim Gunn from “Project Runway” returned to his role as the host. Of course, RHONY were present, but Tim Gunn takes center stage anywhere he goes (love you, Tim Gunn!).


Love you, Tim Gunn….



Wendy looks wonderful…

Did you know that LuAnn de Lesseps is a nurse? Well, she is! LuAnn is speaking out for the New York Organ Donor Network, the second largest nonprofit organ procurement organization in the United States. The organization has partnered up with Pace University to encourage New York’s young residents to become organ donors.

LuAnn says, “As a nurse, I believe that organ donation is the most generous gift anyone can give, and it’s incredibly easy to give this gift and become a donor.” Classy, LuAnn!


Wendy Williams is a huge fan of all The Housewives and I’m a huge fan of Wendy’s and MTO ( Wendy loves her eats (toasted Slim Jims is one of her creations) and is constantly battling the weight game, but looks like she’s winning. Thanks MTO for the photo of Wendy in her LBD… she looks fantastic…


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong and Husband Invest in Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Russell Armstrong, Managing Director of Crescent Financial Partners, Inc., a Los Angeles based private merchant banking firm, and his wife Taylor Armstrong, co-founder and President of eImplement, Inc., a management consulting firm, and Crescent Financial Partners have announced the purchase of an equity stake in the Malibu Beach Recovery Center… here.

“Taylor and I are dedicated to using our business experience and personal relationships to support organizations we know are truly making a difference,” remarked Russell Armstrong, who in 2009 encouraged a family member suffering from substance dependency to seek treatment from the Malibu Beach Recovery Center and who has since made a full recovery.

Added Taylor Armstrong:

“While helping victims of domestic violence through my work with The 1736 Family Crisis Center, I witnessed the devastating role substance abuse plays in destroying families. Through our partnership with Malibu Beach Recovery, we offer families a vital tool for stopping the cycle of addiction-related abuse. We are extremely grateful for our ability to provide visibility and resources to a local organization that has made such a positive impact on countless lives.”



Andy Cohen’s SundayFunday Clubhouse with Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey started with Andy’s poll question: What is the bigger problem, Kim’s voice or Kandi’s song? Really Andy? We know how that’s gonna go…

Nene in a black one-shoulder short dress and Cynthia Bailey in hot red looked fabulous and Andy noticed their individual fabulousity….

The first question was for Cynthia: “Why are you afraid to marry Peter?” before Cynthia answers, you can hear Nene say, “Don’t give nothin’ away.” Cynthia proceeds to answer the caller’s question and goes into why she’s hesitant to marry Peter… blah, blah, blah. If you are a stone RHOA fan, then you already know that Peter and Cynthia married on July 27, 2010 and that Nene was 45-minutes late to the church and barged into Cynthia’s bridal area demanding that her hair and makeup be done. But thanks for the answer anyway, Cynthia…

Coming back from break, ‘Tardy for the Party’ is heard the background and Nene suggests that Andy get a new song, like ‘Buttercup Rollin,’ which highly amuses Andy… but Andy seems to be highly amused by Nene in general…Bloink!… and he also seemed to know the ‘Buttercup Rollin’ song. Maybe he was listening to it here…

Q for Cynthia: “Did you have any regrets telling Peter about Nene’s marriage situation and then having him confront her at the Mother’s Day dinner?” Cynthia says she was about to die when the whole scene happened and was ticked at Peter for bringing up the subject…. While giving Cynthia the stinkeye, Nene assures her that it was all OK.

Salacious Southern Hospitality on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Q: “Is Sheree shallow?” Nene reluctantly says that Sheree isn’t shallow, but she got the side-eye and little grin goin’.


Q: “Was Cynthia offended when Fakedra told Noelle (Cynthia’s daughter) to be a lawyer instead of a model?” Cynthia is still modeling and has probably made more money than Fakedra. Perfect chance for Andy to plug ‘The Fashion Show’ with Iman and Cynthia knows Iman. Andy’s impressed. Nene doesn’t go for the book sense that everybody thinks is so important, ’cause book sense don’t mean you have common sense… yeah, Nene’s talking ’bout you Fakedra. Hey!!! There’s another Andy Cohen!!!

Q: “Nene, how could you have been a stripper, but claim to be not a very sexual person?” Nene explains that being a stripper has nothing to do with being sexual… and that anybody can be a good teaser and why are we talkin’ about this again that was over 20 years ago when she was in college and dumb, but she made good money, sweetie. Bloink!


Q: “Is Cynthia’s short hair her own?” Really? How does Andy choose these questions? Yes, that is her real hair. Andy actually tweeted Star Jones complimenting her on her beauteous weave and Star got all offended. Andy, why are you tweeting StarJones about her weave? You are a white boy and you think StarJones won’t be gettin’ up in your grill about that??? Come on now… but everyone discusses weaves these days, so step back, Star!
Cynthia Bailey

Q: Any plastic surgery, Cynthia? She’s had her boobies and a little tummy lipo. Pretty tame compared to… oh, let’s say Taylor “Blowfish” Armstrong…

Taylor… before… way before.

Q: What’s the reaction to Nene’s rhinoplasty? Nene only had her nostrils reduced. Nene, if you like your nose and Andy, who signs your paychecks, likes your nose, then there should be no further discussion.
Reality star Nene Leakes

Q: What’s the word around town about Apollo? Nene luvz Apollo and Andy calls him the heartthrob of season three. OK… we have the love doctor, Gregg, Bryce, Peter and Apollo in the heartthrob category to choose from. Who’s it gonna be, boo?
Apollo Nida mugshot

Andy must have a genius game specialist on staff, ’cause he came up with another fantastical wheel game called ‘DWHEELBREAKER.’ Why is it called ‘DWHEELBREAKER’? Easy…’cause Andy luvz him some D-wight, duh!
Nene immediately wants to know how much she’s winning. Good question, Nene. Cash was flowing for Ben Weiner… where’s the cash for Nene, Andy??? So what would be a deal breaker in a relationship? Andy spins dwheel… all the situations on the dwheel are dealbreakers. Except…the Uni-Ball and a non-circumcised guy are the only things they can both live with. The wheel lands on OJ… that’s a dealbreaker for Nene, but Cynthia wants to know why he killed someone before she decides. Uh, Cynthia…


Q: “Was Phaedra’s baby shower over the top?” Nene and Cynthia both agree that a baby shower should be for close family and friends who really care about you and the baby… Kandi, Phaedra and (Phaedra has no idea who this person is, but she’s a close friend).
Kandi and Phaedra and a Crib in Episode 3.4, "Petty Boughetto"

Q: “What do they think of Sheree’s love doctor?” Nene knew of him and Andy mentions that the S hits the F on an upcoming RHOA. How do we all know he’s a famewhore fake and Sheree doesn’t???

Q: “Was Cynthia offended when Phaedra made a comment about where Cynthia lives?” Cynthia is a Pisces and takes Phaedra’s comments like a fish takes to water… really no big deal. Cynthia goes by the golden rule and she’s cool…. and she can actually speak in full sentences! Nice, Cynthia! Here’s an interior shot of Cynthia’s home. Wonder if Cynthia had the picture made for herself or if all the RHOA have one…
A Dining Room Full of Georgia Peaches

Andy’s WWHL Sunday show will now have 3 wishes for the week. This week: He wants Aretha Franklin to feel better. For everbody to watch The Fashion Show. Andy wants the Prez and his wife to bring the country together by having a weekly televised dance party.

The Poll Question Results:
Kim’s Voice 97%
Kandi’s Song 3%

Thursday: Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) and Brad Goreski (Rachael Zoe’s ex-assistant)
Sunday: Kristen Chenowith and Molly Shannon


I love They said that they are going to hell for this post and I’ll be going straight there with them.




Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey must have accepted boyfriend Peter Thomas’ proposal because Cynthia wed Peter last summer in late July.

Based on a report from Straight From The A, the Real Housewives of Atlanta third season spoiler, Cynthia Bailey married Peter Thomas, came from Cynthia’s publicist.

Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Cynthia Bailey married her fiance’, entrepreneur Peter Thomas at a private ceremony held at the Fernbank Museum Natural Museum of History this past weekend. Bailey’s new hubby is owner of Atlanta’s Uptown Restaurant and Lounge.

In a press release sent Friday, Bailey’s publicist “accidentally” let the cat out of the bag about the wedding, in what Bravo says was supposed to be a surprise ending to their 3rd season.

Cynthia and Peter’s Bravo nuptials made the New York Post:

The wedding of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” newcomer Cynthia Bailey started and ended in drama. The Saturday nuptials in Atlanta to restaurateur Peter Thomas was held up for 45 minutes by castmate Nene Leakes, who barged into Bailey’s bridal suite and demanded her hair and makeup be done. Kim Zolciak then got into a tiff with her blond boy toy, who “was checking out a hot redhead while puffing a cigar. Kim caught him in the act,” said a witness. Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks attended, but not Lisa Wu Hartwell, who we hear is being axed. Bravo had no comment.



The weekends are slow and I was wondering what’s going on with the Joo-dice’s bankruptcy case and found this gem… WOW! Bringing in the Justice Dept is big:

Joe and Teresa Giudice of the Real-housewives of New Jersey alleged bankruptcy fraud is nothing new to Roberta A. DeAngelis just as the new publicity photo’s are surfacing online for season three of The Real housewives of New Jersey Reality Show. So too is information on the Giudice’s up-coming bankruptcy pre-trial next month on accusation’s that Joe and Teresa lied on their bankruptcy petition and hid a $250,000 book advance.
The bankruptcy Trustee bringing the US Justice Dept. in-to investigate their petition was a rare move, but, a necessary one, as they found numerous errors on the Giudice’s bankruptcy petition. And now has accused the couple of fraud.

af4a38bd07bb1e7d1 186x300 Joe and Teresa Giudices alleged bankruptcy fraud case goes to pretrial in Dec!Joe & Teresa Giudice 

The Justice Dept. lawyer  found several counts of fraud and has asked the Court to just kick out the Giudice’s bankruptcy petition all together. But  Joe and Teresa will have their chance to address the allegations in open Court on Dec 12th in  the Newark Bankruptcy Court.
If the Giudices bankruptcy is thrown out and the protection is lifted it could lead to huge problems for them, according to a rep at the Trustee’s office everything is on hold  until the up coming pretrial than trial on the fraud allegations. It could be a waste of the Courts time if they proceed with a Auction of the Giudice’s items if their petition is thrown out all together. So with the Justice Dept. bringing the allegations all of that must play out in the Courts.
The   Trustee’s office brought in a hard hitting attorney and this type of case is right up Roberta DeAngelis sleeves, his office has  worked on similar cases in the past one in which involved ”  a criminal conspiracy to cover $300 million in Fraud and confessed acts of Perjury”.
When  Bravo’s  Joe and Teresa  Giudice filed for bankruptcy in the second season of the Reality Show, they must have thought it would be easy  to wash away over 10 million dollars of debt, but it has been anything but. However if you watched the Show you would never know they were having any financial issues at all. The reality show never followed the Giudice’s on any of their bankruptcy hearings or even the filing.
But despite the show pumping  the couple up as having it all it has been a financial night-mare, with Teresa confessing to running out of money.
Now the couple in-addition to money problems is dealing with possibly going to jail and prison.
The up- coming trial is serious and the out- come may not be good for the Giudice’s at all, filing a fraudulent bankruptcy petition is serious and can lead to going to Federal Prison if found guilty.
In the complaint the Giudice’s confessed to  almost all the allegations as set forth by the US Justice Dept, so the trial may be open and shut.
When Joe went to jail for his DWI he stated “it was a vacation perhaps if they are convicted on the Justice Dept’s complaint they can have a vacation together in the same jail cell.  And write a book about the experience.
62302841 Joe and Teresa Giudices alleged bankruptcy fraud case goes to pretrial in Dec!Teresa Giudice 

Pre-Trial hearing to be held on 12/14/2010 at 09:30 AM at MS – Courtroom 3A, Newark.) filed by Michael A. Artis on behalf of Roberta A. DeAngelis. (Artis, Michael) (Entered: 09/08/2010)



Dear Kim,

I like you.

Maybe it’s because I can see your depressive gene slipping through the forced smile. I can spot someone who has the tendency to get depressed a mile away and Kim, you are one of them. When you are saddled with depression, you want to enjoy things, but for some reason you just can’t. I can see that you try, Kim, but I get the feeling that you would rather be home than going to Sacramento for a basketball game or to a restaurant. When you’re home you feel protected and you can just be yourself. I get it.

Did you agree to become one of the Beverly Hills Housewives to help you get over the slump that you constantly find yourself in? I have a feeling that your decision to participate was not yours alone. Your sister, Kyle, probably had a hand in your coming on board. From what I see of Kyle, she truly loves you and promised your mother that she would take care of you. I don’t know how old you were when your mother took her last breath, but that is a very heavy burden to put on anyone at any age. Kyle is keeping her promise to your mother and she should be given props for that, but it’s a difficult role to take on. Kyle is your sister, who, in some instances, is trying to advise you as your mother would. When the RHOBH opportunity opened, I have a feeling that Kyle (as a loving sister) told the producers that she would be on board only if you were also involved. You were reluctant, but signed up because of Kyle’s participation.


People who tend to be depressed take losses very hard; you’ve lost your mother and your fiance was murdered in front of you. Kim, these are two very difficult losses. There are people who have gone through more and have no one to lean on. You are very lucky. You have your children and your sister.

Kim, just go along for the ride and try to enjoy what the producers envision for you as long as they have the numbers to your bank account correct!

And Kim… let us in on how you view the RHOBH. There are many of us waiting to read your blog on Bravo.


PS: If I am wrong about my assumptions above, please let me know.

QUOTE FROM SHEREE WHITFIELD: “I’m too dumb to work.”


Sheree Whitfield was in divorce litigation for years and she tried to get as much money as possible out of the divorce settlement. Among the statements she made, the best one was she’s uneducated and “too dumb to work”.