As we all know by now, Vicki was hospitalized for bleeding colon ulcers and has since been released from the hospital. Yikes Vicki… that must have hurt! Having a problem with your colon causes pain and ulcers cause pain… but BLEEDING ulcers in your COLON!? Now there’s some major pain that you don’t want, but Vicki had it, the doctors fixed it and now she’s home. Excuse me? Oh, she’s not home? But she just had surgery for bleeding ulcers located in her colon. Why wouldn’t she be in bed at home? Seriously??? She’s off to Palm Springs for a business-related expo and while she’s in Palm Springs, she’s going to catch up with Michael Costello from Project Runway?  Maybe Vicki is still under the spell of that good stuff they pump you with when you’re in the hospital for serious surgery, like COLON surgery… INTERNAL BLEEDING of the COLON, caused by BLEEDING ULCERS…  hope Vicki had a great time in Palm Springs.